100 things about Jenni

Disclaimer: Some of this is way out of date, being written as it was, in 2003.

1. I am the youngest of three children.
2. I have a big brother and a big sister. I have never felt like I missed out on anything sibling-wise. I have never wanted a younger sibling. Being youngest is just fine.
3. My Mum and Dad started dating when they were 14! They got married when Mum was 19 or 20.
4. I live with Lee, we’ve been together since 1999. We own an apartment in Thorndon.
5. From the very first moment I was given a camera to play with I have been snap-happy.
6. I drink herbal tea and turkish apple tea because caffienne is bad for me.
7. I own property and a car. Weird.
8. Four of my friends from high school got married in 2003. We were all around 23 years old, their dresses were all white and strapless, they all had veils. If I ever get married I will not wear white or have a veil.
9. I saw 37 movies in the 2003 Wellington Film Festival, 29 in the 2002 one, 36 in 2004.
10. I like dressing up. I don’t normally need prompting to assemble or make a new costume.
11. I am a roleplayer. I am currently in these games: Gamer Boyz love to experiment. Inspectres rocks! ….and a Buffy game.
12. I like Root beer better than Ginger beer. Bundeberg brand is the best for both.
13. I have four neopets. Benton, Meepo, Princess Sparkler and Spiku_Speigal.
14… is the date of my birthday! In October.
15. I have too many crafts. I sew dolls and teddy bears. I patchwork, I scrapbook, I write, I paint, I make the odd piece of clothing, I draw. I want to make movies as well. Scrapbooking is *cool*.
16. My music taste is eclectic. I have Britney Spears, Tom Waits, Evanesence, counting crows, Kenny Rogers, Beatles, Harry Belafonte, Lisa Loeb, Mighty Wind soundtrack, lots of soundtracks. Plus heaps more.
17. I have mild intermittent asthma.
18. I love comics, but I prefer to call them “Graphic Novels” even though that’s more pretentious.
19. My favourite female singer is Tori Amos, my favourite male one is Leonard Cohen.
20. I have a big crush on Orlando Bloom, and a slightly smaller but longer lived crush on Johnny Depp.
21. For my 21st birthday I had dinner at the Genghis Khan restaurant. I’d bought this PVC strapless top for the night a few weeks before and then was sick all the week leading up to my birthday. I had no appetite and lost all this weight, plus I was on antibiotics, so couldn’t drink! I had to keep adjusting at my birthday, and one of my friends asked why I hadn’t bought a top that fitted me. Despite all that I had a pretty good night.
22. I like cake.
23. My life is based around food, it’s a trait of my family. For example, I can tell you the best food I had in any place I’ve been. It’s the way we remember things. (“Remember Turangi that time?” “Yeah, we had fresh smoked trout, delicious!”)
24. Morally I’m vegetarian, but I’m slack. It’s easy and convenient to eat meat. If I had to kill the animals myself, I’d be vegetarian.
25. Pizza is my favourite food, then chocolate. Chocolate pizza is OK, but I prefer them seperate.
26. I like cutesy Gothic stuff. Like Tim Burton, the tshirts I can get from the “switch” section of Farmers, Lenore and Neil Gaiman’s Death.
27. If I had gone to a mufti high school and not Welly Girls, I would almost certainly have had: a goth phase, a punk phase and an I-can’t-be-bothered-dressing-nice phase.
28. When I was 15 I intended to go to Hollywood and become a successful director of Action Thrillers.
29. When I was 7 or so I wanted to be a truck driver because they got to have lunch whenever they liked. No, really.
30. When I was 12 I decided to be a psychologist. This kept up right until I failed STAT 193 for the second time and gave up PSYC at Vic.
31. I picked up women’s studies in my third year. It was cool.
32. My BA is in English Literature, my favourite courses were Modern Poetry, Shakespeare, Literary History of the Engligh Language and the How to Write poetry course that Greg O’Brien runs.
33. One of my acquaintances asked me what womens’ studies was because she didn’t know. I said “feminist theory, mostly” and she went “Ew! Feminism! Yucky!” I just couldn’t comprehend how to answer that.
34. I want to see America, Canada, Italy, England and Ireland. I could be convinced to travel other places too.
35. I avoid conflict where I can.
36. I hate to be yelled at.
37. When there’s confrontation my heart rate speeds up and my face goes red. I hate that everyone can tell how I’m feeling then.
38. I like board games, esp. Settlers Of Catan, Apples to Apples, Princes of Florence. I like Oxford too, because I’m good at it.
39. I like to customise Barbie dolls. I have so far made a Death Row Barbie and a Romantic Novel/Erotica heroine Barbie. I have big plans for the future.
40. I have a fantastic memory for movie lines and lyrics of songs. My memory for names and faces is less impressive.
41. I do preschool storytime at work. Observers welcome.
42. I have only been out of New Zealand once, to Melbourne.
43. I am a little superstitious, but not much. I’ll walk under a ladder, it doesn’t bother me. People all have differing opinions why you shouldn’t anyway. Obviously I’m not going to walk under a rickety ladder with pots of paint stacked precariously on top, but if it’s a mystical ‘breaking the sacred triangle’ issue I don’t care.
44. I believe in ghosts, I’ve never seen one, but I think I’ve come close twice. I’ve heard lots of spooky stories from people I believe.
45. I don’t like organised religion. I think the closest I’d ever get to being religious is Hollywood-style Wicca like Willow and Tara do.
46. I have encouraged no less than three people to watch Buffy. They have each become addicted.
47. I watch anime, I like girly anime such as “Cardcaptor Sakura” and “Angelic Layer” and more mainstream stuff like “Cowboy Bebop”. I don’t like “Dragon Ball Z” or hentai.
48. I only swear in my head, except for when I’m driving and someone is driving dangerously, or hasn’t looked…then it’s open season.
49. I don’t get headaches, unless I’m sick or I am exhausted. Whenever a stress headache threatens, I breathe deeply until it goes away. I taught myself that trick as a teenager.
50. Pants with pockets are good. The more the better.
51. I buy a lot of toys. When My Little Ponies were re-released I bought one called “Sweetberry”. I have a new Care Bear too.
52. In Napier my favourite thing is the National Aquarium. I bought a fluffy soft toy sting ray there, his name is Scat. (Short for Skate Hat).
53. When I turned 2 my brother gave me a pink dog toy which I called Punsy. I’ve never managed a better toy name.
54. I am scared of clowns. I am getting better now, but as a child I’d scream and cry if one came near me. Santa too, and people dressed as animals. I think I nearly died when Wally Weta came near me one christmas parade.
55. Can’t stand wetas, stick insects or spiders bigger than a 20c piece. I’m Ok with rodents though.
56. For two years I carried a “little book to keep things in” which I wrote quotes and thoughts and cartoons in. Then at Varsity I just stopped needing to do it. I think my blog is my contemporary equivalent.
57. I hate doing the dishes but I don’t mind vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom.
58. Laundry is good to do frequently but there are too many steps. I miss having a washing line. Damn apartments!
59. I am allergic to some cats. It gives me hayfever. Living also gives me hayfever. I suspect it’s actually an allergy to dust.
60. I should do more excercise.
61. I have a soundtrack. There’s always something playing in my head. It’s very companiable.
62. I go through cd fads. I’ll only play one cd for weeks on end and then I drop it and replace it with another which I play endlessly. I have some old reliables too.
63. I have a shelf full of books of poetry. I also collect books by Francesca Lia Block and fantasy novels about strong women.
64. I love to order things by mail or internet, but I always worry that it will somehow get lost or stolen. Consequentially I am overjoyed when I recieve what I ordered. It’s a vicious circle.
65. When I was a kid we had a casio electric keyboard. I made up wild symphonies on it about a girl and a horse, possible called wildfire. I’ve never been that into horses except in casio compositions 🙂
66. Websites I check everyday: my email, neopets, stonesoup, livejournal.
67. Growing up in Wellington has made me paranoid of earthquakes. Whereever I am, I think “what would happen in an Earthquake?” This would fall down, I’d have to get under the desk, away from the window…because of this I am uncomfortable underground or in the Mt Vic Bus tunnel.
68. I used to work with the guy who played the Ring Wraith that stabs Frodo on Wethertop. He is nearly 7 feet tall.
69. I can recognise at least 4 people I know, either friends or friends of friends in the LOTR movies.
70. I do this thing where I worry that it will be the last time I ever see someone when we say goodbye. I worry about this most with Lee because I love him. So whenever we part I make sure to say I love you and other nice things so that if something happens at least I’ll never go “But the last thing I said to him was ‘get more toilet paper'” and worry that he didn’t know how much I cared.
I’m less over the top about it with my friends.
71. Giffy has been my best friend since fourth form at Welly Girls. We met in Graphics class, where we made a robot arm together with M. M and I built the robot arm out of lego and Giffy programmed it on an ancient computer.
72. My favourite fruits are raspberries, rockmelon and a really good ripe pear.
73. I really like seafood, but I can’t eat white bait anymore because it looks at me. I won’t eat tentacles either. They’re oogie.
74. If I don’t get enough sleep my knees ache.
75. If I don’t eat enough I get lightheaded. Sometimes if I only have carbs for lunch, I get lightheaded.
76. I like Dr Phil. I am so pleased that he isn’t a quack and is in fact reasonable. What he teaches is common sense, and I’m glad so many people listen to him.
77. at the end of sixth form I did a TV drama type course and part of it was we had to sit in front of the camera and say what we liked and didn’t like about our bodies. Me and one other girl out of the 20 there actually liked our bodies. The only thing I wanted to change was my height (taller please!) and maybe cut my hair.
78. I can recite The Princess Bride and a lot of Disney movies.
79. When I was little Dad read The Hobbit to me and Gollum was my favourite character. The copy we had was full of pictures from the cartoon and Gollum looked like this sad frog guy. I used to go around saying “what has it got in it’s pocketses?”
80. I hate rubberneckers, so I get the passengers to do it for me while I drive past at a regular speed. Then they report back.
81. I am a member of the Jacqueline Wilson fanclub. Her books are mostly popular with tween-age girls (8-12), but I took the ones I own on holiday with my girlfriends in 2003 and they all loved them too.
82. I am a believer in roots. That is if I’m going to write poetry, I should read the classics. Same with movies. You have to know the roots of things before you start something new.
83. I don’t want to work for a living. I want to be left alone to learn more things and visit people and do my crafting.
84. I have a lot of “brilliant” small business ideas.
85. My best dreams feature the beach and swinging very high. I almost never fly in dreams.
86. In my teens I went through a phase where my nightmares were about being in situations where I had to sacrifice others in order to save myself. Not literally sacrifice, but leave them behind with the monster kind of thing.
87. When my dreams get too gory or scary I wake myself up.
88. I believe in a soul. I don’t know if it’s immortal or not, but I picture it as a golden glow that follows the line of the spine but rests in your chest.
89. I learnt a card game called “beanie” in Auckland. I have taught it to lots of people in Wellington. It rocks.
90. Whenever I say “it’s up to you” I use the sing-song inflection Mabel used for that phrase in The Pirate Movie.
91. I love sing-alongs, which is totally lame. But there you go.
92. I said “How Bizarre” before the song came out. Like a year before it came out.
93. Regs and I coined the term “Styley” after I misspelt it on a Dead Pen cartoon.
94. The Dead Pens are me and Regs. We wrote lots of cartoon adventures for them which we found hilarious but very few other people agreed. We wrote them in class in third form.
95. The Smiley faces is a cartoon Giffy and I made in fourth form with help from Chelle.
96. I was obsessed with Batman after Batman Forever came out. Since then I’ve toned it down to buying Nightwing trade paperbacks. (Comics…)
97. I like Simon Holst’s 30 minute spagetti bolognaise recipe.
98. I prefer canned tomato puree to canned tomatoes. Always use tomato paste.
99. Lush products furnish my bathroom. I am especially fond of Back for Breakfast shower gel, Buffy the Backside slayer and Dreamtime bath melts.
100. I want to be a superhero. The powers I’d like are: flying, invulnerability or regeneration, superspeed and strength. SuperJenni!