I wrote this in an ENGL 231 lecture: (so…2001)
Rupert Brooke Haiku

Known to write poems
of ill repute. He dies
at a good moment.

It’s still like the best haiku I’ve ever written I think.
here’s a poem I wrote in a dream (well, the first two stanzas, the rest I wrote on waking):

The truth about spagetti
is that it hangs from your mouth
like the worm from the beak
of the blackbird on the dewy
lawn of the early coffeebird morning.
Children can throw spagetti
like that devil-child on the
television ad, or they slurp it
into their mouths with a messy,
albeit effective suck-ship technique action.
Spagetti makes a nest in your
bowl and is too slippery for a fork,
it requires winding and fast
relexes. People can commit crimes
with spagetti, like putting it on pizza
or cold in a sandwich.
Thr truth about spagetti is that
is it too difficult and undignified
but very easy to cook and
sometimes comes with good sausages.


Obviously, I haven’t been blogging long. So, my blog entry about blogging will have to be about my first steps.

Serendipity. One Saturday a few weeks ago I was at a party talking to my friend R about blogs. Neil Gaiman’s blog in particular, and I said how I’d like to have a blog, but I didn’t think I was interesting enough and no-one would read it.
For the next few days I thought “yet, I’d really like a blog, it’s be so much fun. I want to blog!”

Then Morgue sent a group email about what he’s up to and at the bottom he put “Read this blog” with a link to chinashop. Now, I’m not one who would argue with Ben (Morgue) so I dutifully clicked, and read and liked it a lot.
I read a lot of chinashop and then I went to look at the other stonesoup blogs and I liked them too.
Then I saw the bit saying “want a stonesoup blog?” and I freaked out and went and did something else.

That little invite haunted me for a day and a night and then I finally got up the courage to ask Iona and Lo! She said yes!
So here I am. I have already got more visitors than I had expected, and that makes me all warm and happy. I’m still not sure how interesting I’m being, but people do comment, so that’s a good sign.

I’ll put up some more poetry, since that went down well, and I’ll continue to put up pictures, because I’m photo-obsessive. I’ve hit a wall around number 60 of my 100 things, but I’m still thinking, I haven’t given up. (I know there’s more things to me than 60!)

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow, I promise to keep trying as hard as I can to be interesting.


I watched episodes of season four Absolutely Fabulous last night. (Lee said “I didn’t know you liked this” and I realised how long it’s been since I watched any). There was one about Patsy modelling, and it had sixties flashbacks where the photographer got her to say “Thursday” because it made her mouth all round and her face all surprised. It was funny and now I want to say “Thursday” in the same soft tones and vaguely surprised way she used. But that would worry people, so I won’t do it. Yet.

I also booked via the internet tickets to Flight of the Conchords next week. for info on the band.

I left it too late so I have to make do with back row seats way up high. Well, if I hadn’t also been booking for 6 friends, I could have had front row, I had an eeeee-vile moment when I thought “I could just get myself the good seats and my friends can fend for themselves…” Then I realised that was an eeeee-vile thing to do since I told them I’d get them all tickets, so I didn’t.

I have been a FOTC fangirl since their very first stage performance. In 1999 I used to go to comedy night at Indigo with my friends. It’s be a Tuesday night and we’d stay right through and then go to J’s place and stay up talking. I’d quite often miss my 9am lecture on the Wednesday. FOTC started out there, and we’d cheer them and woop and offer to be their groupies. (Not in a sex way, but we did offer to dance on stage with them. They said no.)

FOTC are hilarious, and this show has all new songs! Yay!

Lovely day, feeling better

Despite still being sleep deprived, I am quite happy today. All the pro-costume support from yesterday’s entry improved my spirits, thanks guys!

Plus, I spent the day at my parent’s place, we walked on the beach and I had lemon/lime ice cream with strawberry sauce in a waffle cone. Mmmmm waffle cone….

I did scrapbooking with my Mum, which is always fun, and then I came back into Wellington and went to The Italian Job and out for dinner with good friends. I was so sleepy I “rested my eyes” during the tacked-on romance in the movie, but got rather giggly at dinner. Good fun.

Italian Job was OK. It isn’t crap, although aspects of it are. I am a bit beyond being impressed by car chases, but the hero/criminal stereotypes were all well done. Yay for Seth Green’s hacker! (The REAL Napster). It had some great lines and plot devices, I just wish I hadn’t seen the trailer so many times and picked up so much of the story from it.
Didn’t sleep as much as I needed to, but went to a meeting this morning and came away with a lovely long reading list. I picked up two films of photos which always makes me happy, and it’s a gorgeous sunny day.
La la laaaaa! *happy dance*

All I have to do is make it through work and roleplaying tonight and then I can sleep again.

Me so sad, but I look *kewl*

Well, despite all the long hours of effort and meticulous attention to detail. I didn’t even rate in the top third of cosplayers accordng to the judges. I am annoyed about this, and not just in a sour grapes kind of way.
Me and my friend constructed this outfit with no pattern, and managed to pull off all the weird details and made it look pretty darn good. The woman who won the contest was wearing black pants, black jacket, white shirt, a wig and a hat that she had clearly not made and some wings and face paint that she can be credited for. She looked good, sure, but where is the skill?
I intend to write a letter. That’ll show them!

My outfit was very popular with the audience and the cosplayers and the general Armageddon going public, but not the judges.
*sigh* it is very disheartening. Not sure I’ll enter again next year, if I do it will be in a jokey costume. I got some pretty darn cool photos though.


This is the character I’m gonna dress up as. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me, because it’s taking longer than me or my talented friend anticipated….
*image removed…check out cosplay lab…*
Her name is Hikaru and she’s from Angelic Layer, a wonderful Japanese Anime about a game. You make an “angel” doll like Hikaru which come alive on the “layer”. You control them with your thoughts and fight other angels in competition.

It’s very exciting and also emotional as it goes into the character’s motivations and why they play. The primary character is Hikaru’s owner Misaki who plays it for the first time on the first episode and quickly rises through the competitions. Obviously it’s much more complex than all that, but that should give you an idea.
An interesting thing is that it is almost entirely girls who play Angelic Layer.
So, costume wise; the red, white and gold bits are PVC and the black is lycra. I’ll post up a pic of me in it when it’s done. (Fingers crossed for Saturday.)

She’s got a head fulla learnin’

Today is the two year anniversarry of 9/11. This made me think about where I was when I found out about the World Trade Centre, and consequentially flashbulb memories.

Flashbulb memories are cool. Basically it’s when everyone remembers vividly where they were at a certain time. E.g. 9/11, JFK’s assassination. A lot of these memories are accurate, but sometimes people tell them again and again and change them subtley each time until they believe something totally different to what really happened. Here’s some reading I found through google, and a farside cartoon about them.
So, when I found out about 9/11 I had made it all the way to work without knowing. My flatmate had got a phone call at 6am, and had been watching TV with the lounge door closed all morning. I started work at 11am, and didn’t try to enter the lounge. My workmate told me about ten minutes after I started and I didn’t believe her just at first.
I had never heard of the World Trade Centre before that day, although that’s nothing amazing as I know bugger all about geography. We spent the day at work checking the BBC website and mumbling how awful it was to the customers.
I remember how everyone I met that day was very sad.

So that’s my flashbulb, I can remember finding out that Princess Di was dead too, I wrote a sonnet about it. Mostly about how I didn’t really care…

In the February of the following year I was doing a ‘welcome to the library’ class visit. We have to cover emergency procedures, so I did what to do in a fire and an earthquake. This little girl sitting up the front put her hand up and said “what should we do in a terrorist attack?”
I said there wasn’t a very high chance of Karori library being targeted and moved on. I’ve laughed about it since, but it’s a little scary that little girls are worried about it in suburban Wellington.

Mum and food

Yup, I have had it proved all over again about my family and food. Most especially my Mum. My parents are on holiday in Sydney right now and I got a postcard. After listing all the places they’ve been, including the aquarium (the postcard has a really big shark on it…cool!), Mum tells me that they’ve had gelati, Chinese food for tea and got some food for breakfast from a Chinese supermarket!

The best thing is that the only time I’ve been to Australia I remember we found a really nice Chinese restaurant and ate there a few times.

I love my Mum.

Something interesting

Or something borrowed, or maybe blue? This is my first blog entry ever! It’s very exciting. Well, for me at least.
My blog is named Talula after a Tori Amos song, it’s on “Boys for Pele” and is a very upbeat dancy kind of happy song. I get the chorus stuck in my head and then I have to sing it and dance along. Oftentimes I do this at work and people look at me funny.
I’m gonna do a “100 things about Jenni” thing so you guys get a feel for me, so to speak…as soon as I figure out how…
Uhm, that’s all for now, I am terribly excited and making many typos (now removed). I may well update talula heaps. In between Neopets anyway 🙂