I wrote this in an ENGL 231 lecture: (so…2001)
Rupert Brooke Haiku

Known to write poems
of ill repute. He dies
at a good moment.

It’s still like the best haiku I’ve ever written I think.
here’s a poem I wrote in a dream (well, the first two stanzas, the rest I wrote on waking):

The truth about spagetti
is that it hangs from your mouth
like the worm from the beak
of the blackbird on the dewy
lawn of the early coffeebird morning.
Children can throw spagetti
like that devil-child on the
television ad, or they slurp it
into their mouths with a messy,
albeit effective suck-ship technique action.
Spagetti makes a nest in your
bowl and is too slippery for a fork,
it requires winding and fast
relexes. People can commit crimes
with spagetti, like putting it on pizza
or cold in a sandwich.
Thr truth about spagetti is that
is it too difficult and undignified
but very easy to cook and
sometimes comes with good sausages.


3 thoughts on “Lyricism

  1. “suck-ship technique action” kills me. Brilliant.
    How much have the dream stanzas been edited? Because they read differently to the last two stanzas, but I don’t know if that’s me bringing the knowledge of th dream-origin or if they’re really different. I’m curious.
    Re: being interesting: don’t try. You don’t need to. Just be you.

  2. Dream stanzas not at all edited, the second two I wrote after waking. It’s supposed to be suck-whip not suck-ship…but you seem to like it, so I won’t change it…

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