new theory

I did the gender writing thing from Iona’s blog entry the other day, and I tried it with three of my blog entries.

It said I was a male for two of them, and the one with my dream in the other day was written by a female.
It reminded me of the spark gender test I did last year. It was over 80% sure I am a male.

So, my new theory is that my internet persona is a male. I’m pretty sure I’m not a male in real life given my penchant for dollies and skirts and pink and Chobits. (No wait…chobits doesn’t make me female…) So it must just be the internet thing.
And no-one is allowed to mention the many male role-playing characters I have. You can be quiet about that. My theory is good.

Last Unicorn.

I like this girl, I found her because she did Amalthea, from the Last Unicorn.

The Last unicorn was the anime I liked when I was a kid. They used to play it on TV at like midday on Sundays every so often. It’s a movie about the last unicorn, based on the book by Peter S. Beagle. Its very good, has a wizard who isn’t very good at magic, except when he lets it do whatever it wants through him. (His magic words end up being “Magic, do what you will!” which is cool.) It has the last unicorn who gets turned human and gets all wrapped up in a romance story and forgets everything else. It also has that crazy butterfly who sings random snippets like an ADHD pop idol.
I went from watching it endlessly as a kid to not seeing it for about ten years, then finding out my friend Sass still had a copy of it. Now it has been released on DVD and will someday soon be gracing my collection. After I’ve bought all the rest of Cowboy Bebop and started buying Angelic Layer.

I know all the words to the America Last Unicorn theme song.

Watch me be smug.

Hee hee hee. The official Disney, Pixar, Finding Nemo: the essential guide has proved me right!

The seagulls *do* in fact say “Mine! Mine! Mine!” Readers may remember this from my movie rants.
I revel in my astounding rightness.
…..and now I’m done.

In other news, the library has been very busy today, as if we’d been closed for a week rather than one day. On the up side, the day has passed very quickly.
Heee….how google really works….
The title of this entry brought to you by the letter D

River inside me

When I think “River inside me” I think: intestines. Oogie squishy intetrnal organs that flow with whatever I’ve consumed lately*.

Of course that’s completely revolting, and not a likely topic for blogging, since I know bugger all anatomy and I don’t like to think about that stuff anyway because it makes me squeam. (Hee! Squeam!)

The second thing I think if is periods. I’m not sure my readership (such as it is…) wants to hear about that either.
SO. I am left with a wiffly idea of my own creativity flowing inside me like the river that never runs dry. The reason it never runs dry is that I am craft-flighty. I a switch around so I never get bored. It’s a great ploy. Lee calls me “Attention span Jenni” I blame being allowed to watch as much TV as I liked as a child.
My other creativity secret is to draw inspiration from shopping. I do this: decide I need one thing. Go to the shop, buy up many beautiful things. Be excited, come home, do lots.

I also buy up things I have no use for *immediately*, but which have promise for some wondrous project in the future. It actually comes in really handy for scrapbooking.
Just at the moment I’m in a huge scrapbooking phase (as you know), but I am also, due to frequenting cosplaylab so much, constantly thinking of costumes I could make myself. The people who I talk to in real life know this. 🙂
Case in point: my changeling sketch book has mysteriously morphed into a cosplay possibilities sketchbook. I’m not obsessed. Really. Heh heh.

How’s that for a river of consiousness?
*Right now: mince and cheese pie, Crunchie flavoured milk and the lovely little rocket candies I love soooo much.

Russian Fairytale.

Here’s the first entry my friend Hix made on our recent Universalis game.

Obviously it’s brief and more about how the game worked than noting all the jokes, but still cool. It was a Russian Fairytale with many twists, ghosts and unrequited love, that we were constantly trying to make a comedy.
I started the first scene and based it on Cardcaptor Sakura. Here’s how: in the very first scene a teenage girl was sitting at the table being made breakfast by her older brother. I made sure the boy had the trait of “looks after his sister”.
Hee hee, no-one picked it, because no-one is a cardcaptor Sakura geek like me. Of course any likeness to Sakura and Touya soon went out the window with the whole Russian thing, but it still made me happy.

Last night I watched One Hour Photo and it was very well done I thought. Sy (Robin Williams) displayed all the signs that Dr Phil outlined for child molesters. It was very well designed too, with the extreme whiteness that surrounded Sy. I thought it was good in a very creepy way.

ball point pens. Yes, really.

I just found an orange one on the library front desk that someone’s written “retail” on in vivid/sharpie. I wonder how it got here.

I have pens I have no idea where they came from. I don’t ever remember stealing any pens, but somehow they find their way to my house. Or my pencil case.

Either I’m doing it without realising (unlikely since I carry my own pens), Lee is stealing them and framing me (not sure how likely this is, as have never noticed him stealing pens either. Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t happen.) OR there is a pen fairy who regularly moves pens from one place to another in order to create more chaos and strangeness in the world.
Sometimes I do remember where pens came from, here’s a list, because I am a big stationery geek….Great pens I have had:

Rangiruru Girl’s College Christchurch. I got the pen from a fellow poet in the Greg O’Brien poetry Vic course. I wanted it because of my best friend when I was 7, and sometime penfriend, who attended there. The other poet had been a teacher there and had many of them.

Wellington Convention Centre. We got heaps of them free at the library because they were overstocked, or changing the logo or something. How I love those pens.
Shiny beaded pen from Far Pavilions. Christmas gift from Svend a coupla years back. If only the bits of glass didn’t keep falling off.
Lizzy’s pen from Deka. I had it briefly. It was plastered with bits of paper saying “Lizzy’s, don’t touch” etc. I think she got it back in the end. Curses.

NZ Aquarium pen. Bought it for myself at the Aquarium in Napier. Yay!

PALL corporation pens. I have three of these from Giffy, she got heaps free from the NZ blood service when she was there. They are big and fat and blue and they write black. Excellent.

Starry Pen. Santa gave it to me last year and it was just a *really good pen*. It was pretty with stars on and it fit nice in my hand and the ink was a nice blue and I loved it. It has now run out. This makes me a sad panda.

home again home again

jiggety jig.
Auckland was great. I like it in Auckland. It’s pretty with all the oak trees and open spaces. It’s warm there, warm is good….Did lots of things. Here’s a summary:

Tuesday. Flew up there. I love planes. Watching the lift off takes my breath away. It’s so amazing that it works. I guess I just don’t fly that much, but it’s wonderful. I love the views you get from up there.
Wednesday. Navigated Auckland in automatic car. Me driving and Lee with the map. It was easier than I thought it would be, so that was a big relief.

We went to the Zoo, which was pretty cool although it seemed to be half under construction.

The giraffes weren’t on display because they were getting a new waterhole. However Hippos, elephants and flamingoes all good. Saw the red pandas be cute, liked the native NZ bird aviary and it was a gorgeous hot sunny day.
Then we went to Kelly Tarlton’s. It is lame (so I’m not linking there). It is not as good as the New Zealand Aquarium in Napier. It was good to the penguins and the bit with the fake Orca head really freaked me out (I knew it was coming, but I didn’t realise it’d be so BIG!) but the rest was a disappointment at $30 each.

Went to a wonderful cafe called Verona for dinner. I had chorizo sausage risotto, and a brownie. Yum.
Thursday: Rainbow’s End. Good fun. Went on everything but the roller coaster (closed for repairs), the fear fall (too scary) and the bumper boats (I was wearing a skirt and you had to sit with legs apart and hiked up….)

My favourite when I was a kid was the log flume. It has changed. The vaguely sinister moving goblins all burned down apparently and have been replaced with cutesy elves that don’t move at all. They also sang a song that I couldn’t make out the words to. Unnerving. The big drop at the end was still there and still good though.
My favourite ride was the Gold rush which is like a rollercoaster through a fakey mine. It was fast and scary and I screamed a lot. Went on that three times.

Thursday night watched lots of family guy = very funny.

Friday. Waiwera Hotpools. Perfect day for it, overcast and threatening to rain. Lovely hotness. Oh yes. I am too wussy for the hydroslides though. It was too dark. Like diving into a black hole. Very scary and I screamed the whole way so I swallowed lots of water. D’oh!
Friday night Janjo’s friends came over for games. I learned a card game called Beanie that was very fun, watched Princess Mononoke, and played a dice game called greed that I very nearly won. I never knew I had the devil’s luck but there you go.
Janjo’s friends are good people. They are roleplayers so I had heaps of common ground, and we told war stories and it was fun.

Saturday: Shopping! Oh yes. Went to a second hand shop called Just Plane Interesting and Lee bought a set of three decorative ninja swords. They are pretty cool. If only we had a mantlepiece.
Queen St is great. Went to the huge section of Switch at Farmers and bought cute gothy stuff. Found many little asian shops with insanely cheap clothes and went a bit mad.
Borders bookshop is wonderful. I bought the Sandman Companion *squeeee!* and a Nightwing trade paperback and the new Tamora Pierce book and an Edward Gorey book for Janjo. (The Doubtful Guest, my favourite and the most appropriate.)

Sunday. Auckland Museum, which is very cool and Parnell for the Chocolate Boutique. Hot chocolate so dense it was like chocolate pudding sauce. Lovely designer chocolates and a gorgeous atmosphere. Lee went mad as we left and bought a bundle. Yay!
Treasure Island Mini-golf by the airport is super-cool. Full on theme mini golf with a shark fin in the pond and a cannon that goes off every five minutes and fun fun greens. Plus I won the game so that doesn’t hurt. Tee hee.
Lee won the game if mini golf we played at rainbow’s end.

Then plane home last night with more gorgeous views. I saw a Mountain (Mt Taranaki?) which was very cool and the Milford Sounds as we came into land. Lovely.

Birthday rambling

I was thinking about how birthdays were when I was a kid. I used to wake up real early, all excited, and hop into Mum and Dad’s bed. Then I’d get presents and it would be very exciting.

Chocolate for breakfast most of the time. The school or whatever, but I’d be going around with this glow on. I love birthdays. The best ones would be when I’d get home from school and there’d be a present that has come in the mail for me. Bonus extra present! Rock.

Cake at dinner, usually got to say what I wanted for tea. Roast chicken I think was the normal choice. It was fun.

I am flying to Auckland tonight, back on Sunday evening. No blogging til after then. I might try to do some in Auckland, but that would probably entail buying internet cafe time and I just don’t know if I can do that.
Sooooo… that means I won’t be participating in the Friday theme, except I might, but late.
I have been offered a full time job at the library. I don’t want to work full time, but I have to. *sigh* I should call them and tell them I’ll take it.

On kissing eh?

I don’t really know what to say about kissing, so I’ll quote a Flight of the Conchords song:
A kiss is not a contract, but it’s very nice. Yes it’s very nice
Just because you’ve been exploring my mouth
doesn’t mean you get to take an expedition further South, no..
A kiss is not a contract, but it’s very nice. It’s very very nice

My pretty dress

I picked up my dress from the costume shop. Image has been removed, sorry…

Giffy and I picked up our dresses and immediately tried them on. Mine has a huge hooped petticoat, so Giffy’s looked all small in comparison. So we marched straight back (in full regalia), and Giffy got a big petticoat too. It was a bit of a mission both of us fitting in the lift with three other people, but these hoops are actually quite bendy.

I am excited about my party, I put up faerie lights and did lots of tidying. I also baked cupcakes, so I deserve lots of credit.