Brettaliser of Jermainiac?

AAaaahhh my eyes are all tired and dried out from comedy.

I was a little worried that with all new songs, Flight of the Conchords wouldn’t be as good. More fool me! Their new songs are just wonderful. They started out with “High on Folk” which is about the backlash they’ve suffered as a folk parody duo. Especially from Jermaine’s primary school teacher and Jason Donovan. Hah! Wonderful samples of “Durham Town” and “Scarborough Fair/Canticle”.

My other favourite of their new songs was the Hip-Hopopotamus vs the Rhymnoceros, which was gangsta rap folk. I had to close my eyes to catch all the lyrics, but it was well worth it.

Their banter was wonderful too, we got quite a lot of it because they weren’t mega practised on their new stuff, so they put some of it off quite a long time. In one song, a Western tall tale sort, they actually made quite a few mistakes and had to stop part way through. It all just added to the friendly comedy-club atmosphere though, and was pretty funny as well.
Brett: “Oh shall we keep it going then?”
Jermaine: ” Yes, because they haven’t seen it before…”
They took two requests for old songs, one during the show and one at the encore. They took one request for a banter topic. If I had had presence of mind I would have called out “Figwit!” and that would have been funny, as it was we got “cheeky darkies”. Ah well.
It was a great show, I got a sore throat from laughing and came away humming the songs. Esp. “Brett, you’ve got it going on” Heeee.
I’m a Brettaliser 🙂