Things I saw today

(In no particular order)
An ambulance on the back of a Kearney’s tow truck. At first I was like, “But Ambulances can park where they like, right?” Then I saw that the front was all smashed and crumpled. I hope they crashed *after* they saved whoever made them speed.

In a magazine shop in town there’s a section with all the different wedding magazines. NZ Bride and Groom, etc. On the two shelves under them all: baby magazines.

A guy crossing the road from the dairy with milk and a paper. Looking the wrong way and walking slowly. I slowed down in the car and quietly beeped him as I went by. Gave him a big fright.

A whole bunch of people on trains who didn’t see me even though I waved a large squeegee at them. People ought to look up more.

Smears on the window. I was up close and polishing off the Mr Muscle. It’s cool how you can see the surface of glass even though it’s made to be seen through. Once you find one smear there’s lots more.

A scrapbook page that I made and really liked. It’s so pretty. I’ve started an all-costuming one, and I have lots to catch up on for that. Today I did the photos from the “Choose-your-own-prom-theme” party I went to last year. I was Goth prom. Giffy was anime prom.

One clock on Lambton Quay that was not changed for daylight savings.