Here’s the thing

For a while I had the phrase “It’s just one of those things” stuck in my head. It would go around and around in there and I’d want to say it to everyone despite it being inappropriate, or non-sensical.
I ended up writing a really good poem using it, but it’s a roleplaying character poem. What am I supposed to do with the poetry I write as a male elf I ask you? It would be pretty cool to submit a folio of work under his name.
It’s actually quite tempting.
But then I get these paranoid fantasies that he’d become really famous and no-one would care about me. I mean, what if he got published, so I thought “Ok, I’m pretty good at this, I’ll submit my Jenni stuff as well” but no-one thought that was any good?
It’s a real problem!

I made a line! Rock.

I am amused by the way kids sing.
Today in the library there was a kid singing “bananas in pyjamas” but not the version you know. His version went “PAH-jamas, PAH-jamas…coming down the stairs, PAH-jamas, PAH-jamas…coming down the stairs, PAH-jamas, PAH-jamas…coming down the stairs” ad nauseum.
I kind of like this image of the pyjamas coming down the stairs. It’s a bit ominous, like that Dr Suess story with the pants and the shirt that float around at night and talk and stuff.
I also like the way kids don’t get bored of their songs. Even if the song is just “Bob the builder, Bob the builder, Bob the builder.”
Of course, I can’t talk about that. I did invent the stapler song.
It just goes “stapler stapler, stapler stapler” until I find the stapler. Works for rulers too. In fact anything you’re looking for. It has a tune and everything.

I have a lovely new cell phone and now I’m text mad. I love my phone.