ball point pens. Yes, really.

I just found an orange one on the library front desk that someone’s written “retail” on in vivid/sharpie. I wonder how it got here.

I have pens I have no idea where they came from. I don’t ever remember stealing any pens, but somehow they find their way to my house. Or my pencil case.

Either I’m doing it without realising (unlikely since I carry my own pens), Lee is stealing them and framing me (not sure how likely this is, as have never noticed him stealing pens either. Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t happen.) OR there is a pen fairy who regularly moves pens from one place to another in order to create more chaos and strangeness in the world.
Sometimes I do remember where pens came from, here’s a list, because I am a big stationery geek….Great pens I have had:

Rangiruru Girl’s College Christchurch. I got the pen from a fellow poet in the Greg O’Brien poetry Vic course. I wanted it because of my best friend when I was 7, and sometime penfriend, who attended there. The other poet had been a teacher there and had many of them.

Wellington Convention Centre. We got heaps of them free at the library because they were overstocked, or changing the logo or something. How I love those pens.
Shiny beaded pen from Far Pavilions. Christmas gift from Svend a coupla years back. If only the bits of glass didn’t keep falling off.
Lizzy’s pen from Deka. I had it briefly. It was plastered with bits of paper saying “Lizzy’s, don’t touch” etc. I think she got it back in the end. Curses.

NZ Aquarium pen. Bought it for myself at the Aquarium in Napier. Yay!

PALL corporation pens. I have three of these from Giffy, she got heaps free from the NZ blood service when she was there. They are big and fat and blue and they write black. Excellent.

Starry Pen. Santa gave it to me last year and it was just a *really good pen*. It was pretty with stars on and it fit nice in my hand and the ink was a nice blue and I loved it. It has now run out. This makes me a sad panda.