Russian Fairytale.

Here’s the first entry my friend Hix made on our recent Universalis game.

Obviously it’s brief and more about how the game worked than noting all the jokes, but still cool. It was a Russian Fairytale with many twists, ghosts and unrequited love, that we were constantly trying to make a comedy.
I started the first scene and based it on Cardcaptor Sakura. Here’s how: in the very first scene a teenage girl was sitting at the table being made breakfast by her older brother. I made sure the boy had the trait of “looks after his sister”.
Hee hee, no-one picked it, because no-one is a cardcaptor Sakura geek like me. Of course any likeness to Sakura and Touya soon went out the window with the whole Russian thing, but it still made me happy.

Last night I watched One Hour Photo and it was very well done I thought. Sy (Robin Williams) displayed all the signs that Dr Phil outlined for child molesters. It was very well designed too, with the extreme whiteness that surrounded Sy. I thought it was good in a very creepy way.