River inside me

When I think “River inside me” I think: intestines. Oogie squishy intetrnal organs that flow with whatever I’ve consumed lately*.

Of course that’s completely revolting, and not a likely topic for blogging, since I know bugger all anatomy and I don’t like to think about that stuff anyway because it makes me squeam. (Hee! Squeam!)

The second thing I think if is periods. I’m not sure my readership (such as it is…) wants to hear about that either.
SO. I am left with a wiffly idea of my own creativity flowing inside me like the river that never runs dry. The reason it never runs dry is that I am craft-flighty. I a switch around so I never get bored. It’s a great ploy. Lee calls me “Attention span Jenni” I blame being allowed to watch as much TV as I liked as a child.
My other creativity secret is to draw inspiration from shopping. I do this: decide I need one thing. Go to the shop, buy up many beautiful things. Be excited, come home, do lots.

I also buy up things I have no use for *immediately*, but which have promise for some wondrous project in the future. It actually comes in really handy for scrapbooking.
Just at the moment I’m in a huge scrapbooking phase (as you know), but I am also, due to frequenting cosplaylab so much, constantly thinking of costumes I could make myself. The people who I talk to in real life know this. 🙂
Case in point: my changeling sketch book has mysteriously morphed into a cosplay possibilities sketchbook. I’m not obsessed. Really. Heh heh.

How’s that for a river of consiousness?
*Right now: mince and cheese pie, Crunchie flavoured milk and the lovely little rocket candies I love soooo much.