new theory

I did the gender writing thing from Iona’s blog entry the other day, and I tried it with three of my blog entries.

It said I was a male for two of them, and the one with my dream in the other day was written by a female.
It reminded me of the spark gender test I did last year. It was over 80% sure I am a male.

So, my new theory is that my internet persona is a male. I’m pretty sure I’m not a male in real life given my penchant for dollies and skirts and pink and Chobits. (No wait…chobits doesn’t make me female…) So it must just be the internet thing.
And no-one is allowed to mention the many male role-playing characters I have. You can be quiet about that. My theory is good.


Last Unicorn.

I like this girl, I found her because she did Amalthea, from the Last Unicorn.

The Last unicorn was the anime I liked when I was a kid. They used to play it on TV at like midday on Sundays every so often. It’s a movie about the last unicorn, based on the book by Peter S. Beagle. Its very good, has a wizard who isn’t very good at magic, except when he lets it do whatever it wants through him. (His magic words end up being “Magic, do what you will!” which is cool.) It has the last unicorn who gets turned human and gets all wrapped up in a romance story and forgets everything else. It also has that crazy butterfly who sings random snippets like an ADHD pop idol.
I went from watching it endlessly as a kid to not seeing it for about ten years, then finding out my friend Sass still had a copy of it. Now it has been released on DVD and will someday soon be gracing my collection. After I’ve bought all the rest of Cowboy Bebop and started buying Angelic Layer.

I know all the words to the America Last Unicorn theme song.