Birthday rambling

I was thinking about how birthdays were when I was a kid. I used to wake up real early, all excited, and hop into Mum and Dad’s bed. Then I’d get presents and it would be very exciting.

Chocolate for breakfast most of the time. The school or whatever, but I’d be going around with this glow on. I love birthdays. The best ones would be when I’d get home from school and there’d be a present that has come in the mail for me. Bonus extra present! Rock.

Cake at dinner, usually got to say what I wanted for tea. Roast chicken I think was the normal choice. It was fun.

I am flying to Auckland tonight, back on Sunday evening. No blogging til after then. I might try to do some in Auckland, but that would probably entail buying internet cafe time and I just don’t know if I can do that.
Sooooo… that means I won’t be participating in the Friday theme, except I might, but late.
I have been offered a full time job at the library. I don’t want to work full time, but I have to. *sigh* I should call them and tell them I’ll take it.


On kissing eh?

I don’t really know what to say about kissing, so I’ll quote a Flight of the Conchords song:
A kiss is not a contract, but it’s very nice. Yes it’s very nice
Just because you’ve been exploring my mouth
doesn’t mean you get to take an expedition further South, no..
A kiss is not a contract, but it’s very nice. It’s very very nice

My pretty dress

I picked up my dress from the costume shop. Image has been removed, sorry…

Giffy and I picked up our dresses and immediately tried them on. Mine has a huge hooped petticoat, so Giffy’s looked all small in comparison. So we marched straight back (in full regalia), and Giffy got a big petticoat too. It was a bit of a mission both of us fitting in the lift with three other people, but these hoops are actually quite bendy.

I am excited about my party, I put up faerie lights and did lots of tidying. I also baked cupcakes, so I deserve lots of credit.

Here’s the thing

For a while I had the phrase “It’s just one of those things” stuck in my head. It would go around and around in there and I’d want to say it to everyone despite it being inappropriate, or non-sensical.
I ended up writing a really good poem using it, but it’s a roleplaying character poem. What am I supposed to do with the poetry I write as a male elf I ask you? It would be pretty cool to submit a folio of work under his name.
It’s actually quite tempting.
But then I get these paranoid fantasies that he’d become really famous and no-one would care about me. I mean, what if he got published, so I thought “Ok, I’m pretty good at this, I’ll submit my Jenni stuff as well” but no-one thought that was any good?
It’s a real problem!

I made a line! Rock.

I am amused by the way kids sing.
Today in the library there was a kid singing “bananas in pyjamas” but not the version you know. His version went “PAH-jamas, PAH-jamas…coming down the stairs, PAH-jamas, PAH-jamas…coming down the stairs, PAH-jamas, PAH-jamas…coming down the stairs” ad nauseum.
I kind of like this image of the pyjamas coming down the stairs. It’s a bit ominous, like that Dr Suess story with the pants and the shirt that float around at night and talk and stuff.
I also like the way kids don’t get bored of their songs. Even if the song is just “Bob the builder, Bob the builder, Bob the builder.”
Of course, I can’t talk about that. I did invent the stapler song.
It just goes “stapler stapler, stapler stapler” until I find the stapler. Works for rulers too. In fact anything you’re looking for. It has a tune and everything.

I have a lovely new cell phone and now I’m text mad. I love my phone.

Things I saw today

(In no particular order)
An ambulance on the back of a Kearney’s tow truck. At first I was like, “But Ambulances can park where they like, right?” Then I saw that the front was all smashed and crumpled. I hope they crashed *after* they saved whoever made them speed.

In a magazine shop in town there’s a section with all the different wedding magazines. NZ Bride and Groom, etc. On the two shelves under them all: baby magazines.

A guy crossing the road from the dairy with milk and a paper. Looking the wrong way and walking slowly. I slowed down in the car and quietly beeped him as I went by. Gave him a big fright.

A whole bunch of people on trains who didn’t see me even though I waved a large squeegee at them. People ought to look up more.

Smears on the window. I was up close and polishing off the Mr Muscle. It’s cool how you can see the surface of glass even though it’s made to be seen through. Once you find one smear there’s lots more.

A scrapbook page that I made and really liked. It’s so pretty. I’ve started an all-costuming one, and I have lots to catch up on for that. Today I did the photos from the “Choose-your-own-prom-theme” party I went to last year. I was Goth prom. Giffy was anime prom.

One clock on Lambton Quay that was not changed for daylight savings.

The Private opiate of Jenni’s mass

right now is cosplaying. I have been searching the net and I have found two personal costuming heroes.

Wayne is amazing! He cosplayed Wizard from Angelic Layer *and* Touya from Card Captor Sakura so he must be about the coolest boy around. (Apart from Lee, but Lee refuses to cosplay despite a resemblance to Spike from Cowboy Bebop. 😦 ) ….anyway, his site is pretty fun to read, especially the “powers gained” bits of his costumes. Might have to add that to my new costuming scrapbook.

Then there’s Chico, she’s super-cute and she’s cosplayed the girls from Cowboy bebop and heaps of other stuff… I just think she’s cool. She has a homepage of awesome beautifulness, and although she’s a bit l33t for me, I still find it all very impressive.

Opiate of the Masses

Television. It sucks your will to live. It eats your time while you sit passively, brain in neutral, mouth slack and just experience someone elses idea of what you like.

I really liked TV One’s ad campaign a while back that said “your brain is the most important instrument you own, be careful what you put in it.” (Or something like that, I don’t remember the exact wording.) I dislike TV on principal but I can sit and drool with the best of them.

For the main part I don’t watch TV. I don’t like the things that are on. (Fear Factor? Special Victims Unit? Crocodile HUnter? Ewwwww!) I feel morally superior for not watching TV. Even though this means there are conversations I can’t join in on, like ‘Have you seen that new ad…” and “Did you catch CSI last night?” I don’t feel like I’m missing out. On the contrary I am above such things.

Of course, there are TV programmes I am quite passionate about. Buffy is my religion practically. I like Father Ted, Scrubs, Simpsons, Cowboy Bebop.
So it’s all paradoxical.
I wonder what would happen after tea if no-one could turn on the TV. Would everyone be writing music, poetry, novels? Creating works of art?

I guess everyone who could would hop onto the internet. Then there’s reading, attending movies…
There’s heaps of other things people *could* be doing, but everyone just sits down and switches off for a few hours then goes to bed. Turn on, Tune out.

TV is oogie.
The End.