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It’s a lovely sunny day, and I’m stuck at work. When I’m finished I might go to the Gardens or Oriental Bay and enjoy the evening sun.

Since we finally have a working fridge again, and Lee’s sister is coming over for tea tomorrow, I’m going to do some grocery shopping tonight too. Then I’ll scrapbook a bit.

Until then I’m at work. A grumpy old lady just got me to turn off the music (Crowded House, Recurring Dream. Not offensive in the least, but there you have it.) I’m doing a class in about 40 minutes, we’re doing Sophisticated Picture Books at the moment, which means pop-ups and books without words and suchlike. It’s a good fun topic that the kids enjoy.

We have a very impressive dragon pop-up book on loan from Central library. That’s my favourite one, but it’s getting a bit old and worn out.

Round Trip by Ann Jonas is also a classic. It’s all in black and white, featuring a very straightforward story about a family’s day outing. The kicker comes when you reach the end of the book (high up a skyscraper in the city) turn the book around and follow the family back home. All the pictures upside down show the journey back. A marsh with big plants on the way in is a fireworks display on the way home. It’s an amazing book, and one that probably has to be seen to be believed.

I’m a librarian showing it to classes now, and I remember being at a class visit being shown it by a librarian. Talk about a round trip.


6 thoughts on “bloop bloop

  1. Speaking of childrens books – I just read the last Mog book where Mog dies!
    It was sooo sad.
    Actually death has been a reoccuring theme in the childrens section this week – Badgers Last Gifts mad most of us staff all teary eyed as well.

  2. Oooh excellent an expert audience.
    I’ve just started doing a monthly english story-telling session for littlies at the local library.
    Could anyone recommend some good books?
    Visual/interactive is defintely a winner.

  3. For the pop-up dragons book, go to Wellington Central library kid’s section and ask to see it. They keep it behind the desk so it doesn’t get damaged, but anyone can look at it if they ask 🙂
    About Mog dying, I was so surprised that she wrote that story. It made a lot of us teary too. Have you seen “Sunshine home”? It’s about leaving Granny in an old folks home. That one’ll make you cry.

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