Once again I am awake a little too early from excitement.

Today we are driving up to Lake Taupo for a holiday, we return on Saturday, so no blogging til then. You’ll just have to read the archives. Or you could read the other stonesoupers, they’re all interesting!

What’s the best thing to dream before a long drive? I dreamed that my car was stolen from a parking building. (Apparently my parents own a parking building…) I spent a long time checking each floor to make sure even though I knew in my heart that it had been stolen. Have to resist urge to run down to road and check car is still there in my nightie now that I’m awake.
On top of that I’ve had a song in my head all night. It’s Angels from the new Tori Amos album Tales of a Librarian. I managed to acquire two copies of it over christmas, so I’m going to use one as a lending out copy.

It’s a collection of older songs, which makes it very useful for lending since I can say “which songs do you like best? Well, here’s the album it’s from…” an insidious way of spreading Tori around.
“They’re trapping angels
by the potomac
but it’s not how you think
you’d be surprised
they liberate
your dreamscape
til you can’t remember to recall
where your wings have gone
tell me where they’ve gone”
See you later!

Latest installment of the sickness diaries/

I may have passed it on. Excellent,

Er, I mean, for all of you that have been reading this last week and getting the updates, I’m still sick!
I feel heaps better than I did last Sunday, but I’m still blowing my nose every so often. It’s kind of become like a cathartic evacuation of the nasal area. My throat is not sore as long as I keep it well lubricated, but it is also productive. My head feels weird, like I need to sleep for about 40 hours, but I was semi-awake from 4am to 7.40 when the alarm went off.
What’s that you say? Alarm on a Saturday? Yes, today I saw Return of the King with Lee. We went to the 9.15 session. I cried much more this time, mostly about Faramir. I still love that Legolas though. He rocks.

Today I had the last part of Christmas. We went to my brother’s place to exchange gifts. I got to see my niece, but not hold her, which is OK with me as I don’t want to pass this evil disease to a 6 week old.
Plan for tomorrow: pack for holiday, tidy house for aunt and uncle who are coming to stay. Try to sleep enough.
For tonight, scrapbooking.


So, I woke up at 6am yesterday, but decided that was just too much, so I slept til 7am. I went and opened the presents that friends had given me then I went on the net, I actually came onto stonesoup but my brain was fried so no entry.
I managed to convince Lee to get up and we were out of the house circa 8.20 to drive up the coast to my parent’s place.
My sister is staying with them while her boyfriend is away and she has a new kitten.

So I had happy christmas of the cute kitten. Tiny grey and mega-playful. I got lots of photos of people as well as the kitten, since Dad’s camera had no battery I was official “Family scrapbook photographer”. I got some cool presents: A gollum action figure that climbs a wall that he comes with, some scrapbook paper, lots of chocolate, long stripey pink socks. It was a bit of a cheap christmas with my family as my sister is saving for a house and Mum and Dad aren’t exactly rich. The presents I bought all went down well, so that’s lovely.

Ate turkey. I love turkey. Dessert was meringues, chocolate mousse and strawberries. Yum.
2.30 we headed back into town to Lee’s family. By this time of the day the sun was beating down and I got so hot in the car I had to change clothes before we went over. Since I had already got a *sewing machine* from Lee’s mum I wasn’t expecting to get anything else, but she gave me some cute little things and accessories to the sewing machine.
Lee’s sister gave us Lord of the Rings Risk, which I am uncertain about, having never played Risk. The set is very beautiful though, it comes with a one ring and lots of little orcses and elvses.

Then we ate turkey and crayfish. I love turkey and crayfish. Dessert was chocolate cake, raspberries and chocolate sauce. Yum.
Now waiting for Lee to get up so we can go shopping at the boxing day sales. Lee got a heap of whitcoulls vouchers he wants to spend. I want to get an exercise ball, and new underwear. I haven’t had any new underwear for ages.

Still a bit sick, but I took a box of aloe vera tissues with me wherever I went and made sure I had enough to drink. No problem!

Starting to feel

..a lot like Christmas, also feeling heaps better today.

Blew off Changeling last night as my brain was fluff and my nose wouldn’t stop running and then I started to cough some stuff up. It was oogie. So I blew it off and watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit instead. Then I had a bath and a sleep tea (simultaneous baby!) and gently went to bed and read my Buffy critique until my eyes were heavy.

The perfect night of sleep I desired was defeated by my needing to cough glurk up every so often, but it was a good night’s sleep anyway, and I felt heaps better this morning. Evidently felt better than I looked because I dropped a heap of overdue books and DVDs off at work and my workmates all said “You’re still not feeling well are you?”

Then I drove out to visit my parents. Scrapbooked with my Mum, watched Dr Phil (four in a row! Go Jenni!) had lunch, you know. It was fun, and I started to get excited about Christmas again. (Mostly just been feeling sick lately, as you know.)
Hoom, less than a week til I go away.
Looking forward to seeing friends tomorrow. Better go and do some baking now so I have something to feed ’em.

On the way home I saw no less than three cars stopped on the side of the motorway with their lights still on and no-one inside. I suspect a new, insidious type of body snatcher that allows you just enough time to pull safely off the motorway and yet not enough time to save your car’s batteries before it makes you disappear.
I was extra careful.

still here, still sick

Yup, over the weekend I moaned and coughed and blew my nose. I went out twice and regretted it both times, not because I didn’t have fun or whatever, but because I simply wasn’t up to it.

Things I have gotten done: Watched nearly all of Pride and Prejudice on DVD. I have two episodes to go, which I intend on viewing today.

Read most of a book of Literary criticism about Buffy. Some essays are better than others. Really enjoyed the Buffy as feminist icon one, and the one about forms of comedy used.
Got another Christmas Present early lucky me. It’s a one metrel long panoramic photo of Courtenay Place on December first: red carpet and fans. Best thing is I can see Margie, Giffy and me on it. More specifically you can see my hat, but it’s still me! Yay!

Got through a box of 200 tissues in a night and a day. honk.
Feeling fluffy headed now, and I keep making typos so that’s all for now.

Emotional. Legolas Hot. Then Sadako chases me.

I saw Return of the King yesterday, unlike Iona, I did see it with a virgin audience. I was part of an incredibly axcited audience that cheered and clapped when the movie was just too cool.
I got to see thanks to the Wellington City Council. They had a preview screening at the Embassy at 3.30 yesterday. Thank you Wellington City Council! I did Lord of the Rings related stuff at work, so I got invited. Wonderful.
I don’t believe in spoilers so I’ll just say what I said to Seraph, Hix and Wayne last night: It’s emotional. Also, Legolas is hot.

We has another session of Buffy game last night and again, it was super-cool. Seraph’s and my characters got turned into slayers at the end of the session last night, coinciding with the end of Buffy season 7. Cool.
On the downside I had a nightmare this morning about one of the bad guys Hix introduced. A woman based on Sadako from Ring. I dreamed this morning that she was relentlessly persuing me. I was running and running and using these glazed pottery mirrors to travel through space time. She was using them too, so that didn’t give me the edge it should have. I don’t know if I was travelling between dimensions or just to different rooms in this really big house, but I knew she was always just a couple of steps behind me.

I ended up getting out of the house and hiding in a ditch nearby. Just waiting for her to come after me….I woke myself up about then because it was too scary.

Chobits ramblings.

I really love chobits. (Chobits is a Japanese Anime and Manga. Made by CLAMP who also did Angelic Layer and Cradcaptor Sakura.)

I don’t imagine it’ll ever get on TV, so you’ll have to buy it on DVD if you want to see it.

Reasons it’ll never get on TV: Nakedness; main character (Hideki) obsessed with sex, buys porn magazines, has sexy dreams about female characters; Hideki first finds Chii naked and pseudo-tied up in the rubbish, she’s a computer and he has to find the button to ‘turn her on’. Guess where the button is?

It’s all very Japanese anyway, but it is immensely appealing. Chii is absolutely adorable. She’s not only cute, she is given cute things to wear and is immensely naive. At the beginning all she can say is “chii”. Later she learns more words, but she still behaves in a very childlike way.

So she’s very attractive, cute and sexy, but she’s also immensely innocent and childlike. I guess that’s another reason that it won’t get on TV around here. She’s not a lolita, because they never have sex, and she isn’t a temptress. That he has to look after her is a huge theme because she can’t do it herself. Case in point: she goes to find a job, gets one in a peep show. Hideki had told her to get a good job and of course the man whose club it was told her it was a good job….
Of course it isn’t just boys who like Chobits. On cosplaylab I’d wager that apart from Sailor Moon and the scouts, Chii is the most cosplayed character for girls. This is partly because the Manga of Chobits has Chii in lots of different frilly, lacy cutesy outfits that certain girls (like me) go “ooooohhh” over and want to make them. It makes them feel pretty you see, but it’s also a personality thing, taking back your innocence I guess.

I wish New Zealand had more adult animation. I just love the things coming out of Japan. Cowboy Bebop is much more high brow than Chobits of course.

Chobits is a naughty indulgence, and I love it, I want to know what happens.

Unfavourite things

For the Friday theme….Things I dislike:

  • Raw, fresh tomatoes. They’re all squishy and seedy. I don’t mind cucumber, because it has a firm shell holding in the squishy seedy, but tamarillos and passionfruit I won’t either.
  • People who are rude, tell me off, act like they know more than me. (By that I don’t mean teachers, I mean the people who say “NO. That’s wrong! You must do it *this* way…)
  • Having sore shoulders and neck. And knowing it’s because I slept all curled up in a silly fashion.
  • People who don’t learn from their mistakes, and keep on doing the same thing even though it doesn’t work.
  • When the pages of books stick together, sticky book covers due to spilled juice. When my book comes back from being on loan damaged.
  • Sexist Beer ads. In particular Speights ads. Who wants to emulate that?
  • Dandruff, flaky scalp. Also greasy hair. I can’t stand the feeling of a greasy neck.
  • Hayfever. Damn you pollen! Runny nose I’m kind of used to by now, it’s the tickling feeling I can’t stand.
  • Bad writing in movies. They spend all these millions of dollars and can’t even get a good script? What’s up with that?
  • Lowest Common Denominator. Specifically in movies. The fact Jackass exists offends me. I refuse to see it, because I don’t want to enjoy it. I want to despise what it represents. I want to be better than that.
  • Dog poo lying around in the footpath.

I think that should do me. Like Iona said, that was a bit too easy. Now, so you don’t think I’m old and grumpy go look at the cutesy photo of me I posted this morning.

More cosplayers

You’d thought I’d stopped looking on cosplaylab didn’t you?
Well, it’s true that I hadn’t spent an inordinate amount of time there lately. I was just checking on the newest cosplayers and seeing other people’s Illusen costumes.

Well, last night I had a nice long session on cosplaylab. They’re doing a spotlight on darkfirewolfe, she’s a roleplayer and she’s done Rainbow Brite. I love her to bits!
The there’s luciferette who mostly designs her own costumes and is rather gothy.

I like Jinx because she’s done Ukyo from Ranma 1/2 and doesn’t look lame like everyone else. I’m interested in doing Ukyo for next year sorta kinda so that’s how I found her. JInx’s other cotumes are OK, but it’s the Ukyo I like best.

“Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don’t know what your rights are, or who the person is you’re talking to. Then on the way out, slam the door.”