The scroll the scroll the button the button

I’m guessing I’ve had a hit from the US government because I’m linking to Michael Moore, but I’m not sure about the hit from Slovakia. I just don’t know how I got that one.

I’ve been watching a lot of Strong Bad emails from homestarrunner.
Strong bad emails are silly and funny, and I like them. My favourites are Trogdor and the Japanese anime one. But they’re all cool.

My car is booked for a Warrant of Fitness tomorrow, so let’s all keep our extremities crossed that it passes with no big repair jobs.

Other than that I don’t really have any news. There’s a nice new thread on RPG net about worst game ever, that’s pretty fun to read. It’s hot today, and I am at work. I cannot go to the beach right now. I have no ice-cream. *sigh*
I had a pear for afternoon tea. It is a new kind of pear with red skin. Tastes exactly like any other pear I’ve had. Why do all pears taste the same? What’s the point of making new breeds of fruit that all taste the same?
This has been a random Jenni entry. Keep up the good work.

Molvington House

Last night on the spur-of-the-moment caused by Elric not showing up to Tuesday roleplaying, hence being unable to play Buffy, I ran Wuthering Heights roleplaying. It was spectacularly silly/funny/fun. At least for me running it anyway.
The system is here, thanks to Evil House Monkey for showing it to me. Good monkey!

So, I got the guys to invent their characters, complete with Rage, Despair, something floating in the wind and of course, a problem. Or four in the case of poor Helena.
So, we had Theo Molvington, 43. A widower, who owns Molvington House. His problem: he is a rupublican, his coat floats in the wind.
Then his ward, Miss Helena, 17. She is very small. Also a republican and cursed with both a terribly rage and a desire to play the piano for at least an hour a day. Her hair bow floats in the wind.
Theo’s friend from London Eustace Chipping-Worthingdale, who is as ugly as a warthog and an MP as well. His red hair floats in the wind.

The story was…well…Theo had invited Eustace to Molvington House to stay and also set him up to marry his ward Helena. She was repulsed by his hideous visage at first. Theo was in the depths of despair as it was ten years to the day that his beautiful wife died, somewhat mysteriously.
Eustace seems entranced by Helena’s tutor Miss Thatchcoat, who is the very image of Theo’s dead love. He is of course, most distressed by her appearance.
He is also distressed by the myriad portraits of his dead wife in the house. He covers these up with black velvet curtains. There is a strange howling outside on the moors.
After a piano recital by Helena, the four take advantage of the ceasing of the rain to take a turn in the gardens. Helena walks uncomfortably with Eustace holding her elbow. Theo must walk with Miss Thatchcoat who is concerned that she has somehow offended him.

They turn a corner of the hedge maze and find the statue of Theo’s bride. Theo descends into a violent rage, hitting the statue with a stick and then running off into the maze, screaming.
Miss Thatchcoat faints dead away and is carried back into the house by Eustace, causing girlish flutterings in Helena’s heart. Eustace tends to the fainted lady, hoping to win her heart.
Milton, the butler goes out into the maze to retrieve Lord Molvington. He finds him sobbing the centre of the maze. As they return to the house, a carriage pulls up. An unexpected guest! Walter St Clare, poet from London.

Walter claims to have sent a letter announcing his arrival that morning, but Theo recalls no such letter. Walter enters the house, and Helena’s heart flutters still further, she has read his Romantic verse, he is extraordinarily good looking!
Over dinner Eustace insults the poet, who loses his temper and challenges him to a duel. Eustace names the time of the duel to be tomorrow on the moors, with two pistols each. Helena is quiet for the duration of the meal, plotting how to sabotage the duelling pistols. Theo is quiet, lamenting his lost wife, reminded by the Triptych of her that adorns the formal dining room.
In the night Theo is visited by her ghost, who says she was murdered, and he must avenge her and then join her. He vows to do so. Helena tries to sabotage the pistols but cannot tell which are the most “London” and “Fashionable” so refrains, unwilling to risk the lives of both men.
Eustace doses up on Opium.

In the morning, preparations are made for the duel, Theo loads his wedding-gift pistols for revenge, having been told that the howling is the dead wife’s messenger, and will point out who is reponsible for her death.
Eustace talks to Miss Thatchcoat who is unimpressed with him. She cites that her heart belongs to another and her name is not really Thatchcoat. Eustace is too deep in his own despair to follow up on either of these things.
Helena and Walter walk on the Moor together. They vow their love for each other, and Walter asks if she will marry him if he wins the duel. She accepts.
After brunch on the moor, the duel takes place. Walter gives his floating scarf to Helena. It looks grim for Walter, as he has nothing to float in the wind, but it is Eustace’s death day. They fire off their pistols, Walter’s hits, Eustace’s goes wide. Walter fires again, Eustace aims high on purpose and dies. There are many speeches regarding his death.
Walter stares at his own hands in horror and Helena says that her heart has changed since that morning, nothing indeed, is the same.

Suddenly a huge ravenous beast bounds up, howling. It sets upon the Butler Milton and tears him apart. Helena cannot bear the sight of it, Theo takes this to mean Milton was the murderer and watches him die. Then shoots himself to be with his love, shooting the beast as he dies so that the others may live. Walter goes mad with the shock and pain. The ghost of Eustace tells him to run away across the moor, and this he does, with Helena’s doll-like body tucked under his arm.
Helena (re the stool she needs to reach the piano keys) You need stools to gain power
Theo: I despair of these days when a woman needs a stool!
Eustace (conversation over tea): The farmers are the backbones of the economy. A pity we can’t break more backbones.
Jenni (to Theo, re his dogs): Their naive happiness leavens your woe temporarily.
Eustace (to Helena): Your Uncle is mad in the maze!
Eustace (to Miss Thatchcoat on his final morning on this Earth): Due to circumstances beyond my control i,e, I am a pompous ass, I may not be able to lunch with you today.
Eustace, dying: Bitter visogomy! Like a lemon not yet ripened, placed too soon into the tea!”
There was also a lot of despair and fretting from Theo.

It’s your funeral

Friday theme
as a teenager, I was not immune to angst. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone, really. I never cut myself (too scared of the pain and mess), I never attempted suicide (though I used to think of how I could do it), what I did do is write my will, on refill in ballpoint. Outlined how I’d like my funeral to be, how my worldy goods should be distributed, and what they should say in school assembly if I died.
I wish I’d kept one of these wills, as I can’t really remember very much about what I said. I know I bequeathed my teddy bears to my mother. I think I probably left my books to Regs. I can’t really remember what was more important to me than those things.
I also know that I didn’t want to school to be forced to sing Amazing Grace at my memorial assembly, because we had been made to sing it a couple of times, and I objected. It being a public school and that being a religious song. I think I requested a song be played instead, but I have no idea what song I would have chosen to represent me back then. Something cheerful and therefore ironic I suspect.

Anyhoo, I haven’t got a will now, so if I die, I want my funeral to be like Jim Henson’s. I read about it in a book called What a Way to Go by Adele Brown. He said that his funeral had to be happy, full of stories about him that were funny, and no-one was allowed to wear black. Any colour under the sun but not black. Carrol Finney attended in her Big Bird costume and sang “It’s not easy being green”.*
I’d like to be remembered that way, thanks.

*I don’t see how a bird that is clearly yellow would know, but there you are. It happened.

Catching the up.

Reading: Stupid White Men by Michael Moore, loving it, although it’s scaring me very much.
Song in my head: “I guess that’s whay they call it the blues” by Elton John. Reminds me of my childhood, singing along with it in the car and not knowing what the bit rolling like thunder under the covers really meant.

All my internet time spent: on RPG net. I can’t help myself, I have to post there, I can’t leave well enough alone. I must gain more dragon levels. (Achieved by posting messages…) Must share my opinion with the roleplayers of Wellington….Argh!

Also reading: The Amber Spyglass with Lee. It’s only my second time, and we just started it last night. I really like it but he does add a whole lot of extra characters for the last installment. I guess cause of all the killing off he also does. Hmm. Too much silly description though, he needs to learn when enough’s enough.

Plans for Weekend: Sass’s birthday bbq on Saturday and visit mum for scrapbooking on Sunday. Shopping Saturday morning, will NOT buy Hellsing, even though I want to, as my car needs it’s WOF.
Ate for lunch: sushi, very good.
Happy because: a regular library borrower said that with my hair long and brushed I look like Audrey Tatou from The Spanich Apartment and Amelie. *glow!*

Maisy mouse, RPGnet

This morning I read a book in storytime called Maisy’s Rainbow Dream. I believe I’ve mentioned Maisy Mouse before, as a rule I find the pictures cute and the stories bland.

Maisy’s rainbow dream on the other hand is fantastic. I like to call it “Maisy takes drugs” because the images in her dream strongly ressemble cartoons from the Beatle’s druggy Yellow Submarine era. Lots of striking colours and weird variations of the norm, like a teapot with legs, or a turtle whose shell is a slice of watermelon.

The other thing I’ve done today is join Central RPG net, after Morgue linked to me there. I have since been obsessively reading and posting there. It is extremely active right now in the Post kapcon excitement. I’m really enjoying it.
I have been inspired to run a couple of games after Kapcon. I want to run a Jane Austen type game where the characters all have the goal of “land a good, rich husband”. I also want to run an Engel game, but not before I’ve actually read the book!
I have vague ideas in my head, one based on a Studio Ghibli short I watched called “On your Mark”. It’s very beautiful and made me cry. Because I’m a big sook. Just lovely.

I also want to play in some of the games I missed out on at kapcon. RPG net is full of this! I especially want to play Tomb of Horrors and Donna’s Little Fears game. I like Little Fears. I might want to buy it.
I wish I didn’t want to buy things, it makes saving so hard!

Finished reading: The Other Madonna which is a fantastic Young woman novel, set in Australia where the main character is extremely human, emotional and irrational and seems to be able to heal with her hands when she wants to.
Very cool.

kapcon, the full report

Saturday, first thing I played “Time of your life” which was a Brit gangster game in the manner of Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels. It was pretty crazy fun, although I couldn’t get my accent right for it.

I played Lance Farrell, the driver. I managed to have the brilliant idea of sending two mooks that we’d interrogated to the mother of the Scottish gobshite we knew. Parcel post. Well, I didn’t think of posting them, I just came up with who to post them to.

Me- He’s a kung fu robot fucker!
Ian- I’ve got someone who deals with kung fu robot fuckers.

My second game was Little Fears, in which everyone is a kid. I played Jo who was the gentle, kind twin to Chris, who is tough and quite mean.
The game was called the Underbed, and was very fun. One of the things that came up were carnivorous rottweiler-eating monkies. They never actually showed up in the game, but we talked about them a lot.

Jo (to Chris) Look! Now you’re king of the dust bunnies!
*Marcus sneezes*
Chris- don’t sneeze on my bunnies!
Chris- don’t you know about Lord of the Rings? Didn’t they make a book of that?
Lindsay- The movie’s only just come out, they haven’t had time to make a book yet.

My third game on Saturday was a game of Nobilis, which is where everyone is a minor diety, the game was Butterfly Ball which was gorgeous, fantastically run. I played the incarnation of Mischief, as I have mentioned before.
I danced with the hooded one, the god of murder, and to match I made myself a hodded robe like his, but pink! And bunnies came out the back, and they hopped around the dance floor and there were lots of bunnies.
Then later I changed the bunnie to badgers and got them to interview people about the murder.
Oh yeah, the game was based around Cluedo. We had a cluedo board to show the house and we were each one of the pieces. It was cool fun. I kind of sort of solved the mystery and I was nearly killed at least three times. Excellent fun.

After that was the Live game, which was a high school ten year reunion. My only sadness about it was that Phoebe and I were so busy Doing Stuff that I didn’t get to mingle with all the weird and wonderful guests.

The special effects were amazing, expecially the Evil Power Point presentation from Gil Bates “What is happening? *click* I am going to kill you all. *click* what can you do about it? *click* Nothing! *click* Bwa ha ha!”
The other cool thing was the demon possession of Debbie Giltrap and the body rising up and guts coming out. It was very cool.

Naturally the Charmed ones saved the world, and the myriad other super people around helped us, and it was great.
Sunday morning I played in my brother’s game of Godlike “Last Orders”. Godlike is set in World War Two, in which a lot of people have manifested talents. i.e. super powers. I played the only woman in the team Captain Karen Taylor, who had the power to be completely undetectable, and super luck. It was very fun. I just love Godlike as long as I don’t have to make the plans.

Plus, my character survived the encounter with the intensely hard to kill mega Nazi Talent Fafnier, so that was all good.
We actually succeeded in our mission objectives too, which is more than happened to some other teams that have played that game.

Mike on a Russian officer trying to speak German, but very nearly failing: “You’re only just sure he’s not still speaking Russian.”

My final game for the weekend, but by no means the least was a Buffy game called Mumford Hall. I played Aleisha Smiler, who was more or less a poor little rich girl. This game was fantastic.
It was spooky and creepy and I got to scream rather a lot, and also to play a character that had little to no interest in finding out what all the supernatural stuff meant. I just wanted to survive!
I also got to make a bad judgement call in my terror.
Got a couple of quotes from this one, the first being the best I think:

Billy- “That guy is dead, I checked his pulse, there’s nothing. I got his room key by accident, let’s go and check it out.”
Maddy crying says “I’ll borrow one of Aleisha’s teddy bears”
Aleisha: “I’ll lend you Bradley, but I need to have him back eventually.”
There were a lot of undercurrents to the story that really made it cool. That and the exterminator called in to take care of the giant bug problem was the Crocodile Hunter. Excellent.
On top of all that fun, winning the prize has ensured that I will definitely return to Kapcon.


Yayyy! This evening I was awarded the prize for the Best Player at Kapcon, out of the whole convention, me!

Hee hee I am sooo happy! I think most of the nominations were from a game of Nobilis yesterday afternoon in which I played the diety of Mischief. I was insanely frenetic according to Evie, and made an awful lot of mischief. The guy who won Best Gamemaster for the convention is the guy who ran that Nobilis game, so that was pretty sweet, too.

For a prize I chose a lovely hardback gold coloured roleplaying game called “engel” in which you get to play warring angels. I can bet on at least one of my friends (Seraph…) wanting to play in it. Go figure.

Kapcon was cool fun. I mostly played in spooky games, that were really truly spooky. Matt Cowen’s Buffy game was very scary, revolving around giant bugs as it did.

So, I am pretty gamed out, but I didn’t manage to lose my voice at all, which is impressive, and I am not too tired. Unlike a lot of other people I didn’t stay up very late last night after the LARP*. I came home and went to bed. Brilliant. I am going to sleep in tomorrow morning though. That’ll be sweet.
*Live Action Role Playing.


I had a mental block re:substitutions, so I might tackle that one later.

Today is the first day of Kapcon and I just woke up from a dream where I couldn’t stop falling asleep. Hum.
Watched Citizen Kane last night, and got really bored. Mostly because I found it very hard to hear what they were saying, and thus follow the story, It had some bits that made me laugh, but I’m unconvinced about it being Best Movie Ever.
Lee got some more Azumanga Daioh for me, so I watched an episode of that and enjoyed it ten times as much. So Silly!

Movies, balance ball.

Everything new I hear about the film Mona Lisa Smile makes it sound better and better. I suspect it may be the coolest movie ever.

Reasons: It has Julia Stiles, Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Julia Roberts in main parts. I like all of them a lot. Well, Julia Roberts less, but I have a lot of respect for her all the same.
Then I heard that it was a kind of Dead Poets Society about girls, and I thought cool! I love Dead Poets!
Now I find out that not only does Tori Amos have two songs on the soundtrack, she actually appears in it! She’s a wedding singer, and looks rather fantastic.
I am so hanging out for when it opens.

Yesterday Lee and I saw Peter Pan. I thought it was really very well made. The kid who was Peter Pan was annoyingly cocky and endearing as he needed to be. It was such an amazing performance for a kid. All that emotion and power.

Hook was also fantastic, very debonair and actually quite sexy. No over the top red coat, which was good, and it was the same actor who played Wendy’s father which I thought was a great touch. The whole movie had subtle sexual overtones which I thought were right on. Nothing the kids will pick up on, but essential to the story, which is Wendy growing up, leaving behind childhood and becoming a woman.
I thought the ‘secret kiss in the corner of your mouth’ as metaphor for woman was pretty hokey and a bit bizarre, but there you go. The whole story is based around kisses anyway. Wendy gives one to Peter, and Tink gets angry….They changed Tiger Lily a bit and she gave John a kiss at one point.
The humour was very good.
All round, if you think you’ll enjoy Peter Pan told well, go and see it, but if it doesn’t appeal at all, don’t bother.

I did a beginners balance ball workout video this morning. The problem is that if it’s taken by a yoga/pilates expert, she’s always going to do things that beginners can’t.
It was good though and I’m all stretched.


Is how you could describe my costume for Evie’s live action roleplaying game. It was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer anime. I am a 16 year old witch.

I wore my black and pink pleated skirt, blue puffy sleeved top, brown waistcoat and a brown bob wig. I decided to go with matching socks in the end, the blue/white/pink ones.

The game was great fun too. Exceedingly funny, and I got to do quite a lot of magic. Including the “drawing power from the earth” rutual which involved a funny dance. Plus, when I used my wand for spells I shouted what I was doing. “Amazing Izumi Force Field!” Izumi was my character name you see.

Fun fun fun and Kapcon next week.