Aaaah summer

Or should that be “Aaaah Wellington…” this time last week I had just got up and my whole plan for the day was to go swimming, which I achieved. It was a blissfully sunny day, barely any wind. Gorgeous.
Today it is raining and dark and well, not cold exactly, but I am wearing long pants and a jersey. And my boots. So not hot either. This is supposed to be summer, dammit.
*moan moan, whinge whinge*

Across the Nightingale Floor is really cool. It’s got very exciting now, so I have to read it a whole lot. I’m coming up to the end, and then I’ll buy the second one and read that.
Oh and by the way, I’m still a bit sick! I’ve got gunk in my throat that won’t come out, so I have to clear my throat quite often, and last night I was unreasonably exhausted from work, so I’m blaming sickness on that too.
That and I got to sleep in all last week, so threw my body clock out a bit.
I’m taking berrocca and drinking lots of fluids, I’m just not eating very sensibly.