Yayyy! This evening I was awarded the prize for the Best Player at Kapcon, out of the whole convention, me!

Hee hee I am sooo happy! I think most of the nominations were from a game of Nobilis yesterday afternoon in which I played the diety of Mischief. I was insanely frenetic according to Evie, and made an awful lot of mischief. The guy who won Best Gamemaster for the convention is the guy who ran that Nobilis game, so that was pretty sweet, too.

For a prize I chose a lovely hardback gold coloured roleplaying game called “engel” in which you get to play warring angels. I can bet on at least one of my friends (Seraph…) wanting to play in it. Go figure.

Kapcon was cool fun. I mostly played in spooky games, that were really truly spooky. Matt Cowen’s Buffy game was very scary, revolving around giant bugs as it did.

So, I am pretty gamed out, but I didn’t manage to lose my voice at all, which is impressive, and I am not too tired. Unlike a lot of other people I didn’t stay up very late last night after the LARP*. I came home and went to bed. Brilliant. I am going to sleep in tomorrow morning though. That’ll be sweet.
*Live Action Role Playing.