kapcon, the full report

Saturday, first thing I played “Time of your life” which was a Brit gangster game in the manner of Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels. It was pretty crazy fun, although I couldn’t get my accent right for it.

I played Lance Farrell, the driver. I managed to have the brilliant idea of sending two mooks that we’d interrogated to the mother of the Scottish gobshite we knew. Parcel post. Well, I didn’t think of posting them, I just came up with who to post them to.

Me- He’s a kung fu robot fucker!
Ian- I’ve got someone who deals with kung fu robot fuckers.

My second game was Little Fears, in which everyone is a kid. I played Jo who was the gentle, kind twin to Chris, who is tough and quite mean.
The game was called the Underbed, and was very fun. One of the things that came up were carnivorous rottweiler-eating monkies. They never actually showed up in the game, but we talked about them a lot.

Jo (to Chris) Look! Now you’re king of the dust bunnies!
*Marcus sneezes*
Chris- don’t sneeze on my bunnies!
Chris- don’t you know about Lord of the Rings? Didn’t they make a book of that?
Lindsay- The movie’s only just come out, they haven’t had time to make a book yet.

My third game on Saturday was a game of Nobilis, which is where everyone is a minor diety, the game was Butterfly Ball which was gorgeous, fantastically run. I played the incarnation of Mischief, as I have mentioned before.
I danced with the hooded one, the god of murder, and to match I made myself a hodded robe like his, but pink! And bunnies came out the back, and they hopped around the dance floor and there were lots of bunnies.
Then later I changed the bunnie to badgers and got them to interview people about the murder.
Oh yeah, the game was based around Cluedo. We had a cluedo board to show the house and we were each one of the pieces. It was cool fun. I kind of sort of solved the mystery and I was nearly killed at least three times. Excellent fun.

After that was the Live game, which was a high school ten year reunion. My only sadness about it was that Phoebe and I were so busy Doing Stuff that I didn’t get to mingle with all the weird and wonderful guests.

The special effects were amazing, expecially the Evil Power Point presentation from Gil Bates “What is happening? *click* I am going to kill you all. *click* what can you do about it? *click* Nothing! *click* Bwa ha ha!”
The other cool thing was the demon possession of Debbie Giltrap and the body rising up and guts coming out. It was very cool.

Naturally the Charmed ones saved the world, and the myriad other super people around helped us, and it was great.
Sunday morning I played in my brother’s game of Godlike “Last Orders”. Godlike is set in World War Two, in which a lot of people have manifested talents. i.e. super powers. I played the only woman in the team Captain Karen Taylor, who had the power to be completely undetectable, and super luck. It was very fun. I just love Godlike as long as I don’t have to make the plans.

Plus, my character survived the encounter with the intensely hard to kill mega Nazi Talent Fafnier, so that was all good.
We actually succeeded in our mission objectives too, which is more than happened to some other teams that have played that game.

Mike on a Russian officer trying to speak German, but very nearly failing: “You’re only just sure he’s not still speaking Russian.”

My final game for the weekend, but by no means the least was a Buffy game called Mumford Hall. I played Aleisha Smiler, who was more or less a poor little rich girl. This game was fantastic.
It was spooky and creepy and I got to scream rather a lot, and also to play a character that had little to no interest in finding out what all the supernatural stuff meant. I just wanted to survive!
I also got to make a bad judgement call in my terror.
Got a couple of quotes from this one, the first being the best I think:

Billy- “That guy is dead, I checked his pulse, there’s nothing. I got his room key by accident, let’s go and check it out.”
Maddy crying says “I’ll borrow one of Aleisha’s teddy bears”
Aleisha: “I’ll lend you Bradley, but I need to have him back eventually.”
There were a lot of undercurrents to the story that really made it cool. That and the exterminator called in to take care of the giant bug problem was the Crocodile Hunter. Excellent.
On top of all that fun, winning the prize has ensured that I will definitely return to Kapcon.

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