Finding Me

So, last week the most popular search term that lead people to me was “Maisy Mouse”. I’m sorry if you came here looking for exciting information on your favourite little picture book mouse.
Next most popular was “googilism” and this comes up all the time. People just love reading baout other people’s adventures with googilism. Now I’ve said it heaps more times and more people will find me that way.
Other good ones include:
Chii naked
Whitcoulls stock digital camera
“a kiss is not a contract” poem
“russian fairytale” porn
Legolas hot
Tori Amos sneezing
Welly girls
Lord of the Rings plastic fake playful swords

7 thoughts on “Finding Me

  1. Can I help it if Chii is naked? Can I be blamed if I think Legolas is hot?

    I really don’t know about the russian fairytale porn though. That’s weird.

  2. After our conversation this evening, I got rather curious about this – you’re currently 4th on the 1st page of results at Google for Maisy Mouse. Second on the page for “Russian Fairytale” Porn. And you’re 3rd on the page for Googlism – ahead of the actual googlism page!
    This is funny. I think Google might be a wee tad broken in some sense though…

  3. So, just to maintain your Russian FairyTale porn ranking…
    What actually constitutes Russian FairyTale porn?
    Is it just Russian porn with a FairyTale quality caused by all those thin (read malnourished) waif-like Russian girls with no other means of support now that Glasnost has made them free to be exploited?
    Or is it porn based around Russian FairyTales, such as Baba Yaga’s Mobile Whorehouse?
    Or is it just FairyTale porn written by Russians,
    such as Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged Comrades Do Dallas?

  4. How I found your site: Googling ‘kiwifruit howling’. No, seriously. Why was I googling ‘kiwifruit howling’? Not even a little clue. I’m just that bored. Y’know what would be cool? Posting the rules for the card game you mentioned that you learnt in Auckland. On account of how I live in Auckland, and have never heard of it (okay, so Auckland’s a large place, but still…). Oh, and ten arbitrary points for living in Wellington. Much friendlier city than Auckland, plus the last time I was there I saw this many girls in skanky white pants: none. Bliss….

  5. You’re 2nd and 3rd in google now. I was surprised to see stone Soupd blogs us p there. And I still can’t find the googilim website. Argh. Do you think google has blocked it?

  6. huh?……..russian porn fairies wearing wellies whilst listening to Tori Amos?……and I got a match!!!………..where would one be without the net…… 🙂

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