Mooks everywhere

I’ve been very busy this week at work. We’re a tad understaffed, so I’ve been working very hard. This makes me tired when I get home. So I have no time to blog at work, and no desire to when I get home.
I have however, seen three movies this week, that I would like to share with you. The first was The Belleville Triplets, which I saw courtesy of Svend at Weta theatre. Thanks Svend!

It is an animated French film about a grandmother and her grandson who is a champion cyclist in the Tour de France. I liked this movie, but there were lots of things I didn’t like about it, and I won’t rush out to see it again in a hurry.
Primarily the style of animation was very grotesque, and this doesn’t normally bother me. I can watch people getting decapitated in anime and not think much of it, but there is a scene in Triplets where the main guy is eating. He was eating green goo, and we watched him chew and swallow and the sound effects were quite real and it just made me feel sick. I don’t think this bothered anyone else in the place, so don’t let me put you off, that’s just how I found it. Also, the eating of frogs was gross.
The music was very cool, though, and the main theme “Belleville Rendezvous” is ridiculously catchy.
The second movie of the week was The Last Samurai, which was…OK. Actually I quite liked it, although it could have used a bit of editing. I really liked quite a lot of this movie, all the Samurai warrior philosophy was very nice and the landscape is gorgeous. A nice epic. Not too Hollywood.

The movie I saw last night was a preview showing of Big Fish, which is Tim Burton’s latest and has Ewan Macgregor in it. I just love it when things come together like that. The film is about a teller of tall stories, and it was fantastically well done. Ewan is lovely in it, all smiles and Alabama accent, and Tim was restraining himself with the weirdness, so I think a lot of people will like this movie. It is not Monkeybone. I liked monkeybone, but I don’t think I know anyone else who did.
Big Fish is sort of like a boy version of Fried Green Tomatoes. It has a very cool huge catfish in it. It rocks.