Another offensive TV ad

Cool charm lets you keep you cool.

In this ad, it lets a dental nurse use her cleavage to get a patient to open his mouth wider. The dentist is saying “you’ll have to open wider…” Sexy nurse comes in and leans over in front of the young male patient, displaying her mostly unzipped skin tight mini-dress and then his jaw drops and the Dentist is happy.

Thanks cool charm for another sexist stereotype! At the end of the ad, she gives the patient a napkin and says “you’re drooling.”

Man, I wish I could use cool charm and trade on my looks that way. Oh wait, I *do* use cool charm. I suppose I have the power to use my looks in just the same way. Lucky me.

The reasons this ad bugs me as much as it does:

It shows traditional work stereotypes; the man is the dentist, the woman is the “lesser” and subservient dental nurse.
It pretends to give women power; use cool charm and get what you want. But the way you get the power is by trading on your looks and objectifying yourself. Making yourself an object to be oogled by men.
It’s freaking tacky!

Hard Questions.

Memory works in mysterious ways. During trivial pursuits the other day I was asked the question “Who was ‘Dorothy’ who lived with Wordsworth?” I cast my mind back to Romantic Literature with Evie and all I could remember about Wordsworth’s house was that he used to pace up and down outside it composing poetry at the top of his lungs. This annoyed the neighbours. Evie and I think that Wordsworth looks like Simeon so this was a very funny image.

As for Dorothy I knew he didn’t marry, so I guessed Mother. She was his sister.

I had a sleeping pill last night and lo! I slept through the whole night without waking up! My sleeping pill packet has a sleeping teddy bear insignia on it. It’s very cute. I think it may be the same kind that Phreq had a while back, the bear seems familiar.

I don’t think I dreamed but I was conjuring up weird images in my head before I went to sleep. Stuff I wouldn’t normally think of such as someone having their fingers cut off, or women in hoop skirts twirling down a rollercoaster track. How much is caused by the drug and how much by my anticipation that the drug will do weird things to me?

Why does Wordsworth looking like Simeon skate on frozen ponds with a red scarf on in my head? How much did I learn in that class and how much did Evie and I make up?

Lime in the coconut

Today I get some test results back. The doctor was very vague, but said it was unlikely that I have a glandular fever relapse, which I guess is pretty good really. I had to have a blood test. The anticipation is the worst thing. I hate needles, even though I know it’s not really that bad. But the dread is awful, the knowledge that they’re going to stick a needle in me. It doesn’t even hurt that much!

Dumb needles.

She gave me sleeping pills. I am happy about the sleeping pills. I took only half last night and didn’t notice much of a difference. I shall take an entire pill tonight and it will be grand.
Am nearly at the end of the series of Chobits. It is quite exciting and I want to know what happens, but I can’t watch it without Lee as he wants to know as well. I need to watch the rest of FLCL too. Lee doesn’t care about that so much so I can watch it without him. FLCL is cool. Anime anime anime.

Sad because Cosplaylab is down and it means I can’t see who has done cool outfits from Fruits Basket. *sigh*

I bet you took your drum to school too.

Fleshing out the Nobilis game: This is slightly expanded from the stuff I put on the game’s wiki, for all my readers who like roleplaying and/or reading about roleplaying.

About six months ago, Cole’s mother Nikky moved to New York with her boyfriend. She promised to call Cole after a week of settling in and pay for a bus ticket so that Cole could come and join them. Cole is still waiting for that call.
She managed to live on her savings for a few months, and had a garage sale or two of things from the dingy apartment she still lives in, but eventually the money ran out.

Cole’s best friend Candy told her about an easy way to make big money. Just go to the Mermaid bar all dressed up and wait for a guy to suggest something. Cole really didn’t want to but didn’t have very much choice. With no family that she knows of and no other way to earn rent money, Cole sold herself about four times before her and Candy got in the SUV with the wrong guys.

The wrong guys being the guys who kidnap girls and sacrifice them to Bloody Mary. Nasty. They were inches away from doing that very thing when a different mystic beasty showed up instead and saved Cole. She also killed the dudes who were being nasty…Ragtag soothed Cole and offered to take care of her, make her Ragtag’s child.
Desperate for love, acceptance and shelter Cole agreed to Ragtag’s offer quite readily. Cole became the demi-goddess Power of Loss.

It is only after you have lost everything that you can truly be *anything*

Scary stuff. Very emotional to play someone like that. Cole is based on Lilya from Lilya 4eva by the way. Just taking a different fork in the road, hopefully won’t have such an awful ending as the movie.


I’m suspicious about a lot of ads, I can see why they use the images they do and I don’t like a lot of the underlying messages I see in ads. But every so often I see an ad that is really truly worrying…I just saw one for some kind of flea treatment for dogs and cats. The vet is a beautifully made up young woman and the premise of the ad is all the crazy questions she gets asked and can’t answer until she says “Oh, that one I can answer, use this flea treatment.”

Except that one of the questions is “Is he old enough to be nuetered?” while she’s wrestling with a cat. I would really hope that vets do in fact know if a cat is old enough for that. I mean, it’s got to be one of the most common pieces of surgery cats receive right? You’d think she would have learnt it at some point.

I also saw one where a woman throws herself out of bed overnight in order to get away from her boyfriend because he didn’t use the toothpaste that keeps your breath fresh all night. Are people fooled by this? Does anyone care that much about morning breath?

This is one of the reasons I don’t watch TV now. Ads make me rant. Dr Phil is worth it though.

I watched The Others which is pretty good, well made, solid and very atmospheric. I guessed the twist pretty early on, but apart from that I thought it was very good. Great performance from Nicole and the ending was well done.
Seraph’s Nobilis game was freaky as. I’ll leave it at that for now. I want to give some of the images some time to fade away.

Maybe I wish

Home from work todays as I felt no better when I woke up than when I went to sleep. I am somewhat accustomed to healing overnight, so figured I’d better have some time out and take care of myself.
So far it’s going swimmingly.

I am reading Mad Maudlin which is a Mercedes Lackey book in the Bedlam’s Bard series. It’s based around the mythos the streetkids in Miami made up. Except it’s set in post 9/11 New York. Ah well. I’m reading it because I like Mercedes Lackey (although I find her a bit longwinded lately,) and because tonight Seraph is going to start a new game of Nobilis based around this very same premise. It’s already giving me good ideas and I’m only about 100 pages through it.

100 pages. I am so used to reading kid’s books, that would normally be half or a third of the way through…. Finished one this morning called Drop Dead Mad Dog Fred by Jonathan Harlen which is an exceedingly silly story. It’s essentially a Western but set in Australia, so the main character rides a kangaroo and lives on a wombat farm. Recommended for anyone who likes silly things or needs to get a 9 year old boy to read.

Tried to watch Hound of the Baskervilles last night, but found it very boring. Brought home Soylent Green but the picture on the front cover is too scary and now I don’t think I can handle watching it. We ended up watching Mallrats again instead.
Bring on Dr Phil time!
Yesterday’s disclaimer about typos still stands by the way. I’ve already corrected three, so there’s probably more I can’t see.

Just hate Mondays

I’m feeling pretty grotty today, still sick with a cold and today, perhaps due to daylight savings my brain did not wake up. I am so sleepy and I can’t think very clearly and even typing is hard. (That means, please excuse any typos.)
I bought plane tickets to Auckland yesterday and that’s my money for another two weeks ’til payday. I realised yesterday that I just don’t make enough money. Lee agreed, but the problem is I can’t think of a better job for me.
I am going to Auckland Armageddon! Cosplaying awaits, yay yay.

I finished the last published Alice book yesterday. Now I feel all hollow and strange. I feel like I’ve lost a friend, I can’t go over to her house any more or something. The next one is published in May. I am hanging out for it. I may have to go and join an online fan community.

Watched the first half of the 26 episode series Fruits Basket yesterday with Margie. It rocks. It’s cute and lovely and funny. I recommend it to people who like mecha-free, cutesy anime.

Errr that’s as far as I can think for blogging today. I just stared out at the street for about five minutes and no inspiration struck. I did see a car being towed away though.
Oh yeah, one last thing, thanks to the people who responded to my whiney Friday entry Re: Rpg central. You are all upstanding and intelligent people. Your words made me feel somewhat better, although I still have this durn cold.