Hard Questions.

Memory works in mysterious ways. During trivial pursuits the other day I was asked the question “Who was ‘Dorothy’ who lived with Wordsworth?” I cast my mind back to Romantic Literature with Evie and all I could remember about Wordsworth’s house was that he used to pace up and down outside it composing poetry at the top of his lungs. This annoyed the neighbours. Evie and I think that Wordsworth looks like Simeon so this was a very funny image.

As for Dorothy I knew he didn’t marry, so I guessed Mother. She was his sister.

I had a sleeping pill last night and lo! I slept through the whole night without waking up! My sleeping pill packet has a sleeping teddy bear insignia on it. It’s very cute. I think it may be the same kind that Phreq had a while back, the bear seems familiar.

I don’t think I dreamed but I was conjuring up weird images in my head before I went to sleep. Stuff I wouldn’t normally think of such as someone having their fingers cut off, or women in hoop skirts twirling down a rollercoaster track. How much is caused by the drug and how much by my anticipation that the drug will do weird things to me?

Why does Wordsworth looking like Simeon skate on frozen ponds with a red scarf on in my head? How much did I learn in that class and how much did Evie and I make up?


3 thoughts on “Hard Questions.

  1. It was only on reading the last sentence that I realised that the course was _Romantic Literature_, which you attended with Evie, and not the rather more compellingly titled _Romantic Literature with Evie_. Oh well.

  2. Heh. I approve – Romantic Literature with Evie will be accepting enrolments shortly.
    And, surely you remember Dorothy – she kept the journals that Wordsworth used as a source for his poetry, or, depending on who you ask, that he stole wholesale from. 😉

  3. Of course when you mention that I *do* remember her.
    Romantic Literature with Evie does seem like a fantastic course. I’d enrol!

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