Untrue things

I am the heir apparent to the Queen of the World.
Apple trees grow out of your ears if you swallow apple seeds.
I can fly to the moon on a duck.
Dogs can speak English, they just choose not to so we don’t make them do more work.
Everyone driving knows what everyone driving is thinking, rendering things like indicators useless.
Hollywood should make more lowest common denominator movies aimed at making fun of everyone.
Librarians are evil, they want to take all your money and destroy your will to read. And your child’s interest in reading. Librarians want to eradicate fun from the world.
Dreams come true if you dream them more than once.
Sleeping with your head touching someone else’s makes you dream the same thing.
It’s easy and fun to make clothing from fig leaves.
Two smaller pieces of cake are less than one big piece of cake.
Humans don’t need sunlight.


I was thinking about what I used to be scared of because of Giffy’s Little Fears entry. Then I was talking to my workmate about Steven King and I mentioned that I would never read It because I used to have a pathological fear of clowns.

Now that I’m mostly over my clown fear (or coulrophobia) I find it fun to look at people’s web galleries of scary clowns. Man, there’s a lot of people out there just like me who hate clowns.
I personally endorse the ‘am I scary or not’ page and the awesome merchandise. I must have one of those “can’t sleep clowns will eat me” hoodies.

I was also scared of Santa, but let’s face it, you don’t really want to encourage kids to sit on strange men’s laps, whisper things in their ears and accept candy off them, right?
There’s something creepy about tattered old animal costumes too.

Wiggly Jenni-Chan! Wiggly wiggly wiggly

work is busy as I do lots of datashow presentations to people about how to use our website.

Reading Dude, where’s my country? not really enjoying it as much as Stupid White Men but liking it all the same. Let’s see he made me laugh just now with a comment about making the bed. Like, are we hiding the sheets from something we don’t want them to see during the day? heh.

Watched some of Sleeping Beauty and some of Anita and Me. Wasn’t in the mood for either of them, so didn’t see the end of either. Anita and Me was full of really annoying extreme English accents. Not that funny, not very endearing although it did portray the hero-worship/best friend relationship quite well.

Svend came over to collect his masses of Tupperware and we had a lovely chat. I showed him a little bit of Fruits Basket that I was watching to cheer myself up after the two failed movie attempts.

It has been hard to wake up this week. It is so very dark in the morning and I just want to cling to my dreams. I had convention dreams last night, with lots of references to Auckland Armageddon, esp a certain winner of the cosplay awards. I don’t think very much actually happened in the dream, just wandering around various maze-like levels and seeing cool people. It was much more brightly coloured than the actual con too.

Yesterday morning I had waiting at the airport dreams. I was friends with Elizabeth from the Alice books I read a while ago. That was neat. I love when book characters appear in my dreams.

True things, 200th entry vol. 2

My nose is itchy
I don’t like it when my feet are cold
The sun is warm
Snow is cold
Fruit is harder to eat than chocolate. i.e. requires more preparation
Dreams are free
Clothes dry fastest on the line if the line is in the sun and wind
Scrapbooking is addictive
Flannel quilts are warm and soft
Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee
Which princess bride character are you? Is the most popular quiz to date on my blog.

Last entry for the day, I promise

I just remembered that while gushing like a fangirl at Brian Michael Bendis I mentioned that I had wanted to dress as Retro Girl to meet him, but I had run out of time. He said “Wow! That would have been sooo cool!” and meant it!

I realize it sounds like he was being sarcastic, but he wasn’t. He would have thought I was cool. Dammit.

Plinkety plinkety plink

No rabbits today unfortunately. I did receive a free book in the mail when I got home yesterday though. That was pretty cool. If you want a free book too, you should go to the bookcrossing website and register. Then you get “Wild Animus” when you fill in some details.

I am introducing bookcrossing to the libraries of Wellington. You join up, register your books and then release them into the wild for someone else to find. Then they tell the website they’ve done it and you get to watch your book travel around. It’s awesome fun to leave a book out in the wild and then get an email saying someone’s collected it. Also, it’s a great way of clearing shelf space!

I finished Why Girls are Weird last night. I really liked it, except that the message seemed to be ‘don’t have an online journal’. Which is weird, given that the author has an online journal. True, she did take it down for a while, but then she started it back up again. Then again, I doubt talula will ever get so popular as to become a problem like in the book. I have in fact had no scary stalker men, so it’s all good. No, that was not an invitation by the way.

I am now reading Dude, Where’s My Country so there may well be more Michael Moore rants in the future.
Quick revelation from the first chapter: The Bush family and the Bin Ladens are old family friends and business partners.

Watched Amon Saga the other day. It’s exactly like a crappy D&D movie but animated by the Japanese. All the monsters were two animals in one eg. owl-cat, cat-wolf. Scary stuff. Very poorly written too, not interesting at all and the lovely princess was called Leechia. Her name was the feminine version of Leech. How appealing.