I went to the physio this morning and she made me feel good. I mean *really good* meaning pain free. Then I came to stoopid work and I had to do stoopid things and now I have pain again. The dumbest thing is that the pain isn’t bad enough to make me feel like I should stay home. It just makes me want to a lot more. I can still do useful worky things, just not all the useful worky things.

Dumb pain.
Yesterday Giffy, Svend, Strongbad and me went up the Kapiti coast and did stuff. We went to Lindale and much alcohol was purchased. I bought Bee-nut butter which is honey and peanut butter spread and yummy. Plus they had the lip balm I like and am running out of so I got that too. Candies as well. I like the candy.
We briefly saw my parents, showed them physically that I am still alive. Giffy took more lavender from them. The cat did very silly things and made me laugh. Then we went to Matt and Debbie’s place for lots of cake and Buffy gaming. It was very funny and cool. I can’t remember any of the funny quotes now, but I will put them on the wiki later.
Then I came home to yummy chicken laksa made by SuperLee and we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in order to stave off my need to see the next film.
Must. See. Next. Harry Potter film.

Am still happy about Day After Tomorrow it was great if you don’t question anything. I liked the guy who believed Jake Gyllenhaal and stayed at the library and didn’t burn the Guttenberg bible.

Frightening noises from my vertebrae

I went to my doctor after getting so sore at work I had to go home. She said here’s some anti-inflammatories and get thee to a physio!

So, today I had my first ever physiotherapy. It was neat. My favourite bit was when she was massaging my neck, then I liked when she spread goo on my spine and ultra-sonicked my vertebrae. It was cool. She gave me some exercises to do: pull your chin back so that your whole head moves back over your neck. It makes my neck make alarming noises like maybe my bones were all out of whack before I did it. I’m supposed to do it ten times each hour. It makes me feel good.

Then I caught a train to work and was thrown all around and quite possibly undid all the good physio stuff.
I did my last Myth and Legend class visit today. Here’s a kid gem for you, difference between myth and legend: Myth is Greek and Roman, Legend is something else.

plinth the sleem

That is what Lee woke me up at 4am to tell me. Plinth the sleem. There was a whole lot more too, words that almost make sense but actually don’t. This last one sounded so funny that I laughed and that woke him up and he laughed too.
The insurance company won’t give us a rental car. They also logged the call wrong on Saturday by misspelling Lee’s last name, so it had to be re-logged yesterday.

I really hate waiting for buses. I don’t mind actually catching them, it’s the waiting that I hate. You’ve got this uncertainty. Maybe you’ve missed the bus. Maybe it’s not coming. Maybe it got cancelled and you didn’t know.
Maybe I should try catching the train instead.

Tried to watch Confessions of a Dangerous Mind last night. It’s too long and not good enough. The main problem being that you don’t like the main character. In Catch Me if you Can you were kind of rooting for Leo. In this one I just didn’t care about him at all. I wanted him to marry Drew Barrymore but he was too scared of commitment. I wanted him to stop whining but he wouldn’t. I even wanted him to look less dopey. He didn’t do that either. Plus there’s the whole ‘is this true or not?’ thing. But I am inclined to believe that he’s schizophrenic like the Beautiful Mind guy.
So, in conclusion, it was too long so we didn’t see how it ends.


Thanks to everyone who has said nice things in the wake of my nasty car accident. I’ve had phone calls from family too, which makes me feel loved.

Still haven’t heard about the insurance. Lee’s going to chase them up today and beg for a rental car (thanks for the suggestion Damon!). My shoulder is nearly all better since I stayed home from work yesterday and slept all morning and watched DVDs all afternoon.

Not sure about Italian for Beginners. It was all the rage of the film festival last year, and I would probably have quite liked it if I’d seen it then. As it was it was really really depressing. Don’t get me wrong, it has a happy ending and all but the first half is really upsetting and awful. Plus shot poorly on DV…I guess it must have had bugger all budget but I still can’t forgive the scene where the lighting was so poor one of the main characters looked like hair with a black void instead of a face. Not sure I’d recommend it as the people who love it seem to only remember the happy ending.

I also watched Annie: “The sun’ll come out tomorrow! So you gotta hang on til tomorrow! Come what may!”
Dead Poet’s Society: “Carpe Diem!” “Oh Captain my Captain!”
and Crazy/Beautiful: “That’s Ok just desert your best friend as she’s baring her soul…”
Then we watched Two Towers again and I knew most of the words: “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!” “Gandalf? Yes, that’s what they used to call me…Gandalf the Grey….” “It’s ours it is, and we wants it!”
I slept all night too and I dreamed I was taking French lessons. I blame the combination of school movies and learning a language movies I watched.

Big News: Bus to work

My Saturday was pretty good. I had sleeping in. I bought two new pairs of pants for $15 at Jeans West dressmart. I got KFC for lunch. I went to the costume shop with Svend and helped to get him a great Fruits-teenager outfit for the Japanese party.

Saw my friends in the afternoon, had Hell pizza for tea. There was a problem with the Hell pizza though in that instead of Satay sauce they had clearly used peanut butter. It was still edible but it just tasted like peanut butter on toast, not the chicken satay pizza that I had hoped for.

Evie came over before the party and I got into my Hikaru costume and we left got Giffy’s house. Then we were in a car accident. It was pretty scary. We were stopped at a red light, it turned green. Lee hill started (he was driving obviously) and moved across the intersection and then we were hit from the side by a car travelling at speed through a red light. We were really lucky actually because no-one got hurt and they hit the left front wheel not the passenger door where I was.
We slow motioned across the intersection, the driver of the other car right next to my window. Came to rest at an angle up against the corner. This was at Vivian St and Victoria St for those Wellingtonians interested. I couldn’t get out easily since the other car was nuzzled up to ours. So I stayed in the car a good long time. I called the police on my cell phone and the lady asked me lots of questions including where I live. Which seemed vaguely strange at the time, I remember being kind of distracted as other people tried to talk to me. I was feeling pretty shaken and I’d hit my leg on the door. I changed into the emergency pants and top I had packed. (Thank Goddess I packed emergency pants!)

A bunch of people offered to be witnesses to the whole thing, said it wasn’t our fault. A group of girls waited for the police to turn up so the one who had seen could give a statement, which was really awesome.

I took photos of the cars before they got towed. One from straight on showing the damage to the other car (front bumper hanging on a thread, lights smashed up and bonnet slightly crumpled) then another one from the side showing the damge to our car which was worse than I had thought before I saw it. (The car didn’t look damaged at all from where I was sitting inside!) In actuality there was quite a deep hole by the front left wheel. Left headlights were destroyed.
The police were very nice and offered us a ride home. We went to Lee’s parent’s place to call the insurance company after Lee had given his statement to the police. No one mentioned the giant bunny that fled the scene.

After a hot drink and a sit down by the heater, Jason came and picked me up and delivered me to the party. Lee stayed and watched rugby. I was out of my costume by this point with no desire to put it back on, which is pretty sad. Regs gave me a tshirt from Japan though so I put that on and Evie’s kitty ear hat and then I was kind of in theme.
We don’t know what’s going to happen to the car, but it’s bus to work for me tomorrow anyway. The guy who towed it thought it quite likely that it’d be written off. It depends on how much damage was done to the engine I guess. My shoulder hurts where the seatbelt caught me. My neck is stiff and hurts when I turn my head 90 degrees. Otherwise fine.
I feel much worse than that. I feel as if my life has been disrupted in a major way. It hasn’t of course, we just don’t have a car. It’s the shock I guess. I feel like I am still in shock from the accident. Evie and I talked about it quite a lot at the party and that helped. I guess she was feeling the same way. Lee is mostly just blaming the other driver.
I feel pretty shattered actually. I am going to take today very slowly.

Oooh baby that’s what I like

Our computer at home is now fixed. Yay for Lee!

I have a new favourite website. Thanks to a random Kate for putting me onto Occupation: Girl with her fantastically funny Troy and Van Hellsing in 15 minuteses. Read ’em and laugh. From there I’ve found a couple of other cool places to go, so I’m happy. (Including Eric who retells urban legends and gives them fresh endings.)

I quit changeling yesterday, which I feel both guilty for and glad I did. Paradoxical emotional states suit me best. (What?) I am very sorry if I have made my group unhappy by doing this but I don’t think I was giving my all to the game. I’d rather just hang out and chat and that’s not a good roleplaying frame of mind.

Anyway, it means more time with Lee and more time to do my crafts so that’s OK.
I have a party tomorrow night and a tupperware party on Sunday but nothing else planned for the weekend apart from sleeping in. That is how I like it.

I am spinning between books at the moment. I have Jennifer Government out from the library after reading lots of good things on Chinashop and from Zephfi. I haven’t started reading it yet though. I started a teen novel called the Opposite of Chocolate last night but I’m not far enough in yet to tell what it’s like.

I might do heaps of reading on the weekend. Or I might just stock up on my sunlight exposure hours to get me through the week. I’m concerned about being inside during all this sunny weather. I need that Vitamin D thing.


I want to stop doing anything.
I don’t want to work anymore (“This is a song we have heard from you more than once.” Guess the movie quote!)
I don’t want to go out when I’m expected to.
I don’t want to get up in the morning.
I don’t want to be home when people come over.
I want to stop doing stuff and sit at home and collect myself together and figure out what I do in fact want to do.
I applied for a job the other week that I really wanted. I started imagining how cool it would be if I got it, and how much fun it would be. Plus better pay and less hours.
I haven’t heard back from it, and it’s very cold in the mornings and I want to sleep and sleep and sleep.
I feel like I hardly see Lee. He plays sport on the nights I don’t have roleplaying. It doesn’t work well at all. Then our weekends get filled up with junk (which is fun junk that I enjoy but I’d also like nothing days.)
My fingers are cold. I am sleepy. I want out.