I found this neat Bestiary online. It told me that the Each Uisage is a variation of a kelpie. There was a freaky story about it in a book Lee gave me to read: the Ill Made Mute by Cecilia Dart-Thornton. I didn’t like the book very much, but the folktales are cool.
The Each Uisage is now one of my favourite kinds of mythic animals. Right up there with Griffens, Kraken, Chupacabra and of course faeries.

Each Uisages are very dangerous. They appear to men as very beautiful and docile horses. The man gets on and then the Each Uisage takes the rider down into a lake and devours him. They eat everything but the liver.

They appear to maidens as gorgeous young men and the only way you can recognise it’s an Each Uisage is the pond weed in his hair. Same deal with the devouring in the lake and everything but the liver.

Chupacabras are goat eating vampire beasties. They’re cool.
The mythic bestiary also has an awesome links page. Lots of reading for me.


Dark Faeries

The Folk Keeper is a wonderfully dark and slightly spooky book about European faeries. It’s by Franny Billingsley and is in the Young Adult collection at the library. I am nearly all the way through it. The main character has such useful powers, like being able to tell the time to the minute and having hair grow two inches a night.

I saw Kill Bill Vol 2 yesterday and I loved that. I’m not sure if I want to watch them back to back. It might be a bit too much hack and slash chop-socky gorey action for me. But in two parts I can handle it quite well thank you. There is a scene in the second one that I found very hard to deal with. I won’t mention what it is here because it’s quite a spoiler, but I was basically breathing deeply and saying to myself “It’s not real, it’s not real it’s not real. It’s not happening to me.” Of course, this scene is the one that QT felt needed to be long and drawn out so you really *felt* it.

I found the rest of the movie to be funny and enjoyable and touching.
On Saturday I spent lots of money on Tupperware, but still not as much as Svend, so it’s OK. Then a bunch of people came over for games. Doraemon killed Tweety in the library with a letter opener and then I won Trivial Pursuit. Hooray!