He always likes being the bearer of bad news.

It was raining when I drove to work today. Now, an hour and a half later it’s sunny. It will be dark when I leave for home. I must get out at lunchtime and enjoy the weather, whatever it might be then.

I watched Igby Goes Down last night, which is pretty good. It is terribly cool. It knows it’s terribly cool but despite this I still found it pretty enjoyable. I was even rooting for Igby despite the presence of Ryan Phillipe as one of the people he was trying to escape.

I was not shocked by any of the drug taking or sex. I guess because everything I had read about the movie mentioned the drugs and sex and none of it was groundbreaking or all that shocking. It was pretty much par for the course an inevitability.
The movie was funny. It kind of reminded me of a less kooky, less nasty, less boring Royal Tenenbaums. Kind of. Ryan Phillipe is lovely to look at and he does the rich boy bastard act very well. Clare Danes was rather good in it too, which was something of a surprise. I like her and all, but I never think of her as a good actor.

Also Lee and I are getting through Fruits Basket very fast. It is a good thing. Lee is laughing at the jokes. As soon as I can bear to be parted from my DVDs I will begin to lend out Fruits Basket.
To everyone I know.
I must spread the joy.
I must also make cute hats.