I dreamt about airports again. I think I didn’t spend enough time in Auckland and I want to go back.
I especially want to go to the Graphic Novel cafe and buy anime and manga and mechandise relating to anime and manga. I want to see the lovely people I met at Armageddon.

Alas, no money. Also, Auckland is just too far away to drive to.
I am making myself a cute little scrapbook. I am using some of my favourite photos in it, but I an’t find a good image to be used for the cover. The front cover has a little square window and you put a photo behind it. I can’t choose. I am drawn back to the photo of me on graduation day with my pink furry hood up over my head. I love that photo. I’ll need to get a reprint of it I think, since I keep using it other places and giving it away.
Nyaru nyaru nyaru.