Childish behaviour.

I was a rich Wadestown kid. Every day after school Mum would stop off at the dairy and buy me a 50c mixture. I remember the pastel coloured coin lollies. They were great. Pink elephants, white chocolate skulls with gooey raspberry centres. Why can’t you get those anymore?

Saturday mornings the whole family would go into town. I would whine and grizzle if I didn’t get a new toy, because I *always* got a new toy. My Little Ponies, playmobil, sylvanian families. Sylvanian families were great. Mum and my sister were both too old to properly play with them but they loved the dinky wee furniture so they’d buy it for me quite often.
I used to get a sesame bagel from the Dixon St deli for lunch. It was best when they were still warm. Sometimes Dad would go into the office on Saturday mornings and I’d get dumped with him so my Mum and sister could go shopping for clothes without me whining around the place.

Mum always wanted me to wear pretty dresses. I would unintentionally tease her by falling in love with dresses in shops and then hating them when I got them home. Dresses were awful uncomfortable things and I had a forceful/whiney enough personality that I was not forced to wear them. I preferred shorts and tshirts or tracksuits.

In 1989 my Dad’s company lost a lot of money in the stock market crash. They were an investment company and they got sued for recklessness. The courts took about 8 years to get to the case and in the meantime my Dad declared himself Bankrupt. I was too young to really understand what was going on. Suddenly we had to move to a different house, but I got lots of free paper and staplers and pens from Dad’s old office. My brother got an old typewriter.

My friends continued to get new things, but I didn’t. No-one really explained why until quite recently. I knew that things weren’t the same money-wise, but I didn’t see why that should stop me having what I wanted.
I remember really wanting a new denim jacket but Dad saying we couldn’t afford it. I must had really gone on about it because Mum bought it for me on the sly. She said I mustn’t wear it too much at first so that Dad didn’t notice and get angry. As a result I hardly wore it at all. Another frustration for my Mum. I did love the jacket mind, I was just scared to wear it.

This all makes me sad, I could have acted differently and made it easier for my Mum and Dad.
I really wish they still made those candy coins and skulls with raspberry goo. They were fantastic.