Whinge. Monday whinge.

I am in danger of becoming repetitive, but here it is anyway. I want my weekend to be longer!
Two days is not enough time. I want twice as much. I’ll take Monday and Tuesday as my extra two days thank you very much.

This weekend I visited my parents with Giffy, had Buffy game with Svend and others and then watched a v cool movie. It was cool. Sunday Zephfi came over and we watched Fruits Basket while other people saw Van Hellsing.
I used to want to see Van Hellsing but the more I found out about it the less I wanted to. For one Hugh Jackman doesn’t do anything for me. Plus he looks silly with long flowing hair. Then Kate Beckinsdale is in it and she was in Underworld. Seriously. Then it got terrible terrible reviews and I came to thinking “Hey, it’s $14 to see a movie now. $14 is actually quite a bit of money to throw away on something I don’t want to see. I will keep my $14.”

So Fruits Basket is great even the third time you watch it. Then after a game of Beanie with certain people who are very good at Beanie, Lee and I watched, uhm. Fruits Basket. But it was from later in the series, you know.
I also got some scrapbooking done and some quilting. Good Jenni.