Stats are up

I love to get my stats on a Monday, I feel quite sad if the freeware doesn’t pick up talula to analyze.
I love stats because watching the numbers grow is just like playing rockstargame again. I loved to play rockstargame. Then it went pay-for-play and I was very sad. My band was alternative rock legend Lenore Goldfish. It was a three piece band with a female lead singer. They released such wonderful songs as Bucket and Briar Rose. Their first album was called Sunshine Outside.

Anyhoo, your band had a popularity rating and touring around doing gigs raised your popularity. The better practised your band was the more people went to your concerts. You could charge more for tickets as you got more popular.
Lenore Goldfish were just breaking into the international market when it went pay for play.
Getting my stats each week is like finding out my band’s popularity rating. I like to see the numbers go up. My favourite stats are: Repeat visitors (92 last week)

Total hits (2699 last week) and most popular search term. You may remember that one from the weeks it was Maisy Mouse. She’s still in the top three, but lately the most popular is Fruits Basket Quiz.
some other fun search terms that people found me with:
dark faeries
my little pony avatars
wendy’s secret kiss
things that didn’t exist 10 years ago (I kinda want to blog about that one now)
jojoba pronounciation
Mary-Kate and Ashley updates on sickness
creme caramel
dad hat azumanga daioh picture.
great fun.



On Saturday after we saw Troy we came home and Lee tried to turn on the computer and it just *wouldn’t*. He tried fiddling with it on Sunday morning and the old power supply went Bang.
No computer at home for me.

Troy was alright. I put it on a level with the Last Samurai for goodness as an epic. Obviously Troy is better because Orlando Bloom isjust so pretty. I suspect I enjoyed it a little more than those members of the audience who have studied the Iliad. There was moaning at certain bits and audible laughter at the end when it said “Inspired by the Iliad by Homer”.

Still, it was fun and it looked lovely and Brad Pitt was wonderful, and Eric Bana was really good and Orlando Bloom, as I have mentioned, is very pretty. They do this eye liner thing to him that really suits. The girls were alright.
I really liked all the costuming in it and am inspired to have a Trojan party. We could turn the heaters up in our apartment and all the guys can wear hipster wrap skirts and crop tops and the girls will wear lovely Grecian flowy dresses. Maybe this’d only work if Orlando and Brad came…

We watched Election when we got home. Man, that was a weird movie. It was trying to hard to be a black comedy and it didn’t really make sense much of the time. I didn’t like it very much, but I did watch it all the way through, just to see what would happen next. Not recommended as I’ll never want to watch it again. Plus Reese Witherspoon’s voice is super-annoying in this movie. (More than normal.)