I have read the first three of five Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. They are very entertaining if short books about some kids who discover that faeries are real and nasty. I like the books a lot, I wish they were longer and more in depth. I suspect all five could have been published as one book. Humph.

Nobilis last night was very fun. By turns beautiful and grotesque. Highlights include being lent wings to get home, letting the wings do the work and finding they liked to go *very fast*. That and being told that I was doing a great portrayal of denial. Well, Cole found out last night that she is the power of Loss/Hope, so it’s a bit hard to deny now.
Looking forward to next session.

I want to see Troy again. I want more of the luscious eye-candy. Also, it was a bit like being on holiday to watch because of the lovely weather and landscape. Nice.