I want to stop doing anything.
I don’t want to work anymore (“This is a song we have heard from you more than once.” Guess the movie quote!)
I don’t want to go out when I’m expected to.
I don’t want to get up in the morning.
I don’t want to be home when people come over.
I want to stop doing stuff and sit at home and collect myself together and figure out what I do in fact want to do.
I applied for a job the other week that I really wanted. I started imagining how cool it would be if I got it, and how much fun it would be. Plus better pay and less hours.
I haven’t heard back from it, and it’s very cold in the mornings and I want to sleep and sleep and sleep.
I feel like I hardly see Lee. He plays sport on the nights I don’t have roleplaying. It doesn’t work well at all. Then our weekends get filled up with junk (which is fun junk that I enjoy but I’d also like nothing days.)
My fingers are cold. I am sleepy. I want out.