Oooh baby that’s what I like

Our computer at home is now fixed. Yay for Lee!

I have a new favourite website. Thanks to a random Kate for putting me onto Occupation: Girl with her fantastically funny Troy and Van Hellsing in 15 minuteses. Read ’em and laugh. From there I’ve found a couple of other cool places to go, so I’m happy. (Including Eric who retells urban legends and gives them fresh endings.)

I quit changeling yesterday, which I feel both guilty for and glad I did. Paradoxical emotional states suit me best. (What?) I am very sorry if I have made my group unhappy by doing this but I don’t think I was giving my all to the game. I’d rather just hang out and chat and that’s not a good roleplaying frame of mind.

Anyway, it means more time with Lee and more time to do my crafts so that’s OK.
I have a party tomorrow night and a tupperware party on Sunday but nothing else planned for the weekend apart from sleeping in. That is how I like it.

I am spinning between books at the moment. I have Jennifer Government out from the library after reading lots of good things on Chinashop and from Zephfi. I haven’t started reading it yet though. I started a teen novel called the Opposite of Chocolate last night but I’m not far enough in yet to tell what it’s like.

I might do heaps of reading on the weekend. Or I might just stock up on my sunlight exposure hours to get me through the week. I’m concerned about being inside during all this sunny weather. I need that Vitamin D thing.