Big News: Bus to work

My Saturday was pretty good. I had sleeping in. I bought two new pairs of pants for $15 at Jeans West dressmart. I got KFC for lunch. I went to the costume shop with Svend and helped to get him a great Fruits-teenager outfit for the Japanese party.

Saw my friends in the afternoon, had Hell pizza for tea. There was a problem with the Hell pizza though in that instead of Satay sauce they had clearly used peanut butter. It was still edible but it just tasted like peanut butter on toast, not the chicken satay pizza that I had hoped for.

Evie came over before the party and I got into my Hikaru costume and we left got Giffy’s house. Then we were in a car accident. It was pretty scary. We were stopped at a red light, it turned green. Lee hill started (he was driving obviously) and moved across the intersection and then we were hit from the side by a car travelling at speed through a red light. We were really lucky actually because no-one got hurt and they hit the left front wheel not the passenger door where I was.
We slow motioned across the intersection, the driver of the other car right next to my window. Came to rest at an angle up against the corner. This was at Vivian St and Victoria St for those Wellingtonians interested. I couldn’t get out easily since the other car was nuzzled up to ours. So I stayed in the car a good long time. I called the police on my cell phone and the lady asked me lots of questions including where I live. Which seemed vaguely strange at the time, I remember being kind of distracted as other people tried to talk to me. I was feeling pretty shaken and I’d hit my leg on the door. I changed into the emergency pants and top I had packed. (Thank Goddess I packed emergency pants!)

A bunch of people offered to be witnesses to the whole thing, said it wasn’t our fault. A group of girls waited for the police to turn up so the one who had seen could give a statement, which was really awesome.

I took photos of the cars before they got towed. One from straight on showing the damage to the other car (front bumper hanging on a thread, lights smashed up and bonnet slightly crumpled) then another one from the side showing the damge to our car which was worse than I had thought before I saw it. (The car didn’t look damaged at all from where I was sitting inside!) In actuality there was quite a deep hole by the front left wheel. Left headlights were destroyed.
The police were very nice and offered us a ride home. We went to Lee’s parent’s place to call the insurance company after Lee had given his statement to the police. No one mentioned the giant bunny that fled the scene.

After a hot drink and a sit down by the heater, Jason came and picked me up and delivered me to the party. Lee stayed and watched rugby. I was out of my costume by this point with no desire to put it back on, which is pretty sad. Regs gave me a tshirt from Japan though so I put that on and Evie’s kitty ear hat and then I was kind of in theme.
We don’t know what’s going to happen to the car, but it’s bus to work for me tomorrow anyway. The guy who towed it thought it quite likely that it’d be written off. It depends on how much damage was done to the engine I guess. My shoulder hurts where the seatbelt caught me. My neck is stiff and hurts when I turn my head 90 degrees. Otherwise fine.
I feel much worse than that. I feel as if my life has been disrupted in a major way. It hasn’t of course, we just don’t have a car. It’s the shock I guess. I feel like I am still in shock from the accident. Evie and I talked about it quite a lot at the party and that helped. I guess she was feeling the same way. Lee is mostly just blaming the other driver.
I feel pretty shattered actually. I am going to take today very slowly.


7 thoughts on “Big News: Bus to work

  1. eek, accidents are scarey buggers. No saying how one will react afterwards.
    Finger’s crossed for the car now.

  2. Good your all OK.
    If you feel any soreness, get it looked at, there is always a danger of acceleration-related injuries (i.e: whiplash, etc) in these cases.
    Shame it interrupted the costume party.
    Hugs, etc from those here.

  3. When I slowly drove into a barrier arm the damage was similar and the car got written off. It was a cheaper car tho. It wasn’t that the engine was damaged it was more that the car getting hit on the side caused the whole front of it to move slightly to the left and it would cost a lot to get it moved back, also there could have been damage to the internal structure, axles etc. It’s kinda frustrating cause soo many parts of it were ok. But you don’t get any money for them, unless you are a 2nd hand parts company. I still feel guilty about it. If I had been going slower I probably wouldn’t have lost control. But then I was going 60 in a 100k zone so I wasn’t to know how slow I actually needed to go. suck.

  4. Jenni, good to hear nobody was hurt. Accidents are freaky. I had plenty when I was a bike courier. By plenty I mean I got knocked off all the time and almost run over a lot, but I’ve witnessed some scary ones involvng cars.
    Also, not trying to be an ambulance chaser here or anything but if you need a replacement vehicle I can do you a really, really good deal through work. Check with the insurance company (yours and theirs) and see if they’ll pay for a replacement while it’s off the road.
    And don’t let this idiot stop you enjoying the joys and convenience of driving. šŸ™‚

  5. Oh sweetie, accidents are so scary. A huge big hug to you and Lee, I’m glad you’re both ok. Is your current physio being covered by ACC? Since you hurt your neck in the crash then it should be, hopefully – makes it a bit cheaper! Thinking of you both šŸ™‚ Jen

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