Thanks to everyone who has said nice things in the wake of my nasty car accident. I’ve had phone calls from family too, which makes me feel loved.

Still haven’t heard about the insurance. Lee’s going to chase them up today and beg for a rental car (thanks for the suggestion Damon!). My shoulder is nearly all better since I stayed home from work yesterday and slept all morning and watched DVDs all afternoon.

Not sure about Italian for Beginners. It was all the rage of the film festival last year, and I would probably have quite liked it if I’d seen it then. As it was it was really really depressing. Don’t get me wrong, it has a happy ending and all but the first half is really upsetting and awful. Plus shot poorly on DV…I guess it must have had bugger all budget but I still can’t forgive the scene where the lighting was so poor one of the main characters looked like hair with a black void instead of a face. Not sure I’d recommend it as the people who love it seem to only remember the happy ending.

I also watched Annie: “The sun’ll come out tomorrow! So you gotta hang on til tomorrow! Come what may!”
Dead Poet’s Society: “Carpe Diem!” “Oh Captain my Captain!”
and Crazy/Beautiful: “That’s Ok just desert your best friend as she’s baring her soul…”
Then we watched Two Towers again and I knew most of the words: “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!” “Gandalf? Yes, that’s what they used to call me…Gandalf the Grey….” “It’s ours it is, and we wants it!”
I slept all night too and I dreamed I was taking French lessons. I blame the combination of school movies and learning a language movies I watched.