plinth the sleem

That is what Lee woke me up at 4am to tell me. Plinth the sleem. There was a whole lot more too, words that almost make sense but actually don’t. This last one sounded so funny that I laughed and that woke him up and he laughed too.
The insurance company won’t give us a rental car. They also logged the call wrong on Saturday by misspelling Lee’s last name, so it had to be re-logged yesterday.

I really hate waiting for buses. I don’t mind actually catching them, it’s the waiting that I hate. You’ve got this uncertainty. Maybe you’ve missed the bus. Maybe it’s not coming. Maybe it got cancelled and you didn’t know.
Maybe I should try catching the train instead.

Tried to watch Confessions of a Dangerous Mind last night. It’s too long and not good enough. The main problem being that you don’t like the main character. In Catch Me if you Can you were kind of rooting for Leo. In this one I just didn’t care about him at all. I wanted him to marry Drew Barrymore but he was too scared of commitment. I wanted him to stop whining but he wouldn’t. I even wanted him to look less dopey. He didn’t do that either. Plus there’s the whole ‘is this true or not?’ thing. But I am inclined to believe that he’s schizophrenic like the Beautiful Mind guy.
So, in conclusion, it was too long so we didn’t see how it ends.

4 thoughts on “plinth the sleem

  1. i forgetted your email. is it a new one? have you heard from jen at all?
    i wrote long essay last night, then got up early to print it at varsity. groan. too early.
    glad your shoulder is better 🙂 dumb old insurance company. you should plinth their sleem real good!

  2. she strikes again… glad you like Van Helsing in 15 Minutes, most amusing, and that you are all okay after accident. (boy do I hate red-light-runners)
    Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind ends pretty crappily. So badly in fact I find it hard to remember what happened… roughly the ending follows. Spoilers ahead for all those who care:
    George turns up again, and he sits on the diving board of Chuck’s pool, dripping blood into the water (very dramatic). Obviously he has been shot by The Mole. And obviously Chuck is next. This is why Chuck goes Slightly Mental and hides in the hotel and has the awkward conversation with Drew through the door (I think that was at the start too?)
    Um. Okay then Chuck… calls Julia Roberts for some reason and goes to meet her in a different hotel for tea. Audience sees her putting poison in tea (gasp shock horror, Julia is The Mole). Audience sees Chuck swapping cups? (gets a little fuzzy here). Chuck drinks tea, starts talking funny, falls over, spasms. She drags him to the bathroom. She walks back down the hallways, falls over, spasms. Chuck gets off the floor and looks smug. Julia looks like “Oh No” and then we have a flash back to the whole tea-swapping scene where teas are swapped several times on the tray and where clearly Chuck is much smarter than Julia. Chuck sticks suicide note in Julia’s clenched sweaty palm.
    Then he writes his memoirs. And then he marries Drew. She laughs when he tells her he was a secret agent. The End.

  3. I liked it. I was impressed that by the end I sorta not-cared-about-exactly-but-maybe-empathised?-with Chuck, given how loathesome he was, and how much I usually loathe loathesome characters. But I saw it at the movies and that might have made a difference.

  4. Why won’t they give you a rental? i tend to find that going above to the manager and asking what your lifetime value to them as a customer is now, and what it will be if you go somewhere else after they are this unhelpful. i have found it unclenches managment tightarses when they realise that they might lose a customer 🙂
    Good luck.

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