Frightening noises from my vertebrae

I went to my doctor after getting so sore at work I had to go home. She said here’s some anti-inflammatories and get thee to a physio!

So, today I had my first ever physiotherapy. It was neat. My favourite bit was when she was massaging my neck, then I liked when she spread goo on my spine and ultra-sonicked my vertebrae. It was cool. She gave me some exercises to do: pull your chin back so that your whole head moves back over your neck. It makes my neck make alarming noises like maybe my bones were all out of whack before I did it. I’m supposed to do it ten times each hour. It makes me feel good.

Then I caught a train to work and was thrown all around and quite possibly undid all the good physio stuff.
I did my last Myth and Legend class visit today. Here’s a kid gem for you, difference between myth and legend: Myth is Greek and Roman, Legend is something else.