I went to the physio this morning and she made me feel good. I mean *really good* meaning pain free. Then I came to stoopid work and I had to do stoopid things and now I have pain again. The dumbest thing is that the pain isn’t bad enough to make me feel like I should stay home. It just makes me want to a lot more. I can still do useful worky things, just not all the useful worky things.

Dumb pain.
Yesterday Giffy, Svend, Strongbad and me went up the Kapiti coast and did stuff. We went to Lindale and much alcohol was purchased. I bought Bee-nut butter which is honey and peanut butter spread and yummy. Plus they had the lip balm I like and am running out of so I got that too. Candies as well. I like the candy.
We briefly saw my parents, showed them physically that I am still alive. Giffy took more lavender from them. The cat did very silly things and made me laugh. Then we went to Matt and Debbie’s place for lots of cake and Buffy gaming. It was very funny and cool. I can’t remember any of the funny quotes now, but I will put them on the wiki later.
Then I came home to yummy chicken laksa made by SuperLee and we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in order to stave off my need to see the next film.
Must. See. Next. Harry Potter film.

Am still happy about Day After Tomorrow it was great if you don’t question anything. I liked the guy who believed Jake Gyllenhaal and stayed at the library and didn’t burn the Guttenberg bible.