I have read the first three of five Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. They are very entertaining if short books about some kids who discover that faeries are real and nasty. I like the books a lot, I wish they were longer and more in depth. I suspect all five could have been published as one book. Humph.

Nobilis last night was very fun. By turns beautiful and grotesque. Highlights include being lent wings to get home, letting the wings do the work and finding they liked to go *very fast*. That and being told that I was doing a great portrayal of denial. Well, Cole found out last night that she is the power of Loss/Hope, so it’s a bit hard to deny now.
Looking forward to next session.

I want to see Troy again. I want more of the luscious eye-candy. Also, it was a bit like being on holiday to watch because of the lovely weather and landscape. Nice.


Stats are up

I love to get my stats on a Monday, I feel quite sad if the freeware doesn’t pick up talula to analyze.
I love stats because watching the numbers grow is just like playing rockstargame again. I loved to play rockstargame. Then it went pay-for-play and I was very sad. My band was alternative rock legend Lenore Goldfish. It was a three piece band with a female lead singer. They released such wonderful songs as Bucket and Briar Rose. Their first album was called Sunshine Outside.

Anyhoo, your band had a popularity rating and touring around doing gigs raised your popularity. The better practised your band was the more people went to your concerts. You could charge more for tickets as you got more popular.
Lenore Goldfish were just breaking into the international market when it went pay for play.
Getting my stats each week is like finding out my band’s popularity rating. I like to see the numbers go up. My favourite stats are: Repeat visitors (92 last week)

Total hits (2699 last week) and most popular search term. You may remember that one from the weeks it was Maisy Mouse. She’s still in the top three, but lately the most popular is Fruits Basket Quiz.
some other fun search terms that people found me with:
dark faeries
my little pony avatars
wendy’s secret kiss
things that didn’t exist 10 years ago (I kinda want to blog about that one now)
jojoba pronounciation
Mary-Kate and Ashley updates on sickness
creme caramel
dad hat azumanga daioh picture.
great fun.


On Saturday after we saw Troy we came home and Lee tried to turn on the computer and it just *wouldn’t*. He tried fiddling with it on Sunday morning and the old power supply went Bang.
No computer at home for me.

Troy was alright. I put it on a level with the Last Samurai for goodness as an epic. Obviously Troy is better because Orlando Bloom isjust so pretty. I suspect I enjoyed it a little more than those members of the audience who have studied the Iliad. There was moaning at certain bits and audible laughter at the end when it said “Inspired by the Iliad by Homer”.

Still, it was fun and it looked lovely and Brad Pitt was wonderful, and Eric Bana was really good and Orlando Bloom, as I have mentioned, is very pretty. They do this eye liner thing to him that really suits. The girls were alright.
I really liked all the costuming in it and am inspired to have a Trojan party. We could turn the heaters up in our apartment and all the guys can wear hipster wrap skirts and crop tops and the girls will wear lovely Grecian flowy dresses. Maybe this’d only work if Orlando and Brad came…

We watched Election when we got home. Man, that was a weird movie. It was trying to hard to be a black comedy and it didn’t really make sense much of the time. I didn’t like it very much, but I did watch it all the way through, just to see what would happen next. Not recommended as I’ll never want to watch it again. Plus Reese Witherspoon’s voice is super-annoying in this movie. (More than normal.)

dumb things

I hit myself in the eye with the corner of a tissue.
It really hurt.

Lee and I watched High Society last night. It is wonderful. Funny and cool, fast paced and spunky. I love Grace Kelly. I love the songs. I especially love the scenes where Grace acts all bizarre to scare off the lower class magazine people. I was roaring.

I made dinner last night including some garlic bread, that on reflection didn’t need 4 cloves of garlic.

Whinge. Monday whinge.

I am in danger of becoming repetitive, but here it is anyway. I want my weekend to be longer!
Two days is not enough time. I want twice as much. I’ll take Monday and Tuesday as my extra two days thank you very much.

This weekend I visited my parents with Giffy, had Buffy game with Svend and others and then watched a v cool movie. It was cool. Sunday Zephfi came over and we watched Fruits Basket while other people saw Van Hellsing.
I used to want to see Van Hellsing but the more I found out about it the less I wanted to. For one Hugh Jackman doesn’t do anything for me. Plus he looks silly with long flowing hair. Then Kate Beckinsdale is in it and she was in Underworld. Seriously. Then it got terrible terrible reviews and I came to thinking “Hey, it’s $14 to see a movie now. $14 is actually quite a bit of money to throw away on something I don’t want to see. I will keep my $14.”

So Fruits Basket is great even the third time you watch it. Then after a game of Beanie with certain people who are very good at Beanie, Lee and I watched, uhm. Fruits Basket. But it was from later in the series, you know.
I also got some scrapbooking done and some quilting. Good Jenni.

Childish behaviour.

I was a rich Wadestown kid. Every day after school Mum would stop off at the dairy and buy me a 50c mixture. I remember the pastel coloured coin lollies. They were great. Pink elephants, white chocolate skulls with gooey raspberry centres. Why can’t you get those anymore?

Saturday mornings the whole family would go into town. I would whine and grizzle if I didn’t get a new toy, because I *always* got a new toy. My Little Ponies, playmobil, sylvanian families. Sylvanian families were great. Mum and my sister were both too old to properly play with them but they loved the dinky wee furniture so they’d buy it for me quite often.
I used to get a sesame bagel from the Dixon St deli for lunch. It was best when they were still warm. Sometimes Dad would go into the office on Saturday mornings and I’d get dumped with him so my Mum and sister could go shopping for clothes without me whining around the place.

Mum always wanted me to wear pretty dresses. I would unintentionally tease her by falling in love with dresses in shops and then hating them when I got them home. Dresses were awful uncomfortable things and I had a forceful/whiney enough personality that I was not forced to wear them. I preferred shorts and tshirts or tracksuits.

In 1989 my Dad’s company lost a lot of money in the stock market crash. They were an investment company and they got sued for recklessness. The courts took about 8 years to get to the case and in the meantime my Dad declared himself Bankrupt. I was too young to really understand what was going on. Suddenly we had to move to a different house, but I got lots of free paper and staplers and pens from Dad’s old office. My brother got an old typewriter.

My friends continued to get new things, but I didn’t. No-one really explained why until quite recently. I knew that things weren’t the same money-wise, but I didn’t see why that should stop me having what I wanted.
I remember really wanting a new denim jacket but Dad saying we couldn’t afford it. I must had really gone on about it because Mum bought it for me on the sly. She said I mustn’t wear it too much at first so that Dad didn’t notice and get angry. As a result I hardly wore it at all. Another frustration for my Mum. I did love the jacket mind, I was just scared to wear it.

This all makes me sad, I could have acted differently and made it easier for my Mum and Dad.
I really wish they still made those candy coins and skulls with raspberry goo. They were fantastic.