Sudden rain

It wasn’t raining before, but it’s raining now.

Nobilis last night was super-cool. I saved my best friend from the mental hospital and helped to solve some of the mystery. Svend was a talking ferret.

I am reading the Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly and I know exactly how I want it to end, which is Mattie going to university like she should and not staying behind and working the farm for her Dad and marrying Royal who is very good looking. I’m pretty sure that *is* how it will end, so I’m not too motivated to read it. No mystery so far. There is a murder that happened and once Mattie starts reading the letters of the dead girl it will get more intriguey.
So I keep on, but at lunch time I mostly read the paper and the film festival guide instead of my book.
There are too many movies.

Cimematic roleplaying

I love when roleplaying gets so cinematic that I can see it clearly in my head. My main problem is usually casting..which isn’t a problem at all in Svend’s Buffy game where Laura is played by Reese Witherspoon.

The problem is Eavan. He is my best changeling character. For the gamers familiar with Changeling he is a Fiona sidhe wilder. For those who don’t know what that means he’s a Tolkein Elf, but without the foresty stuff.
The thing is that he is so incredibly good looking it’s surreal. How do you cast that? Obviously I have my vote in for Orlando Bloom or possibly Ewan Macgregor in Moulin Rouge (but blonde…go figure…) but it’s still not quite there.

Anyway the point of all this is that we had some fantastical cinematic moments in Changeling last night and I want you to imagine Eavan right. So, best looking guy you can think of and then better looking and blonde.

Eavan is wearing designer indigo jeans and an industrial influence designer tshirt. These clothes are new and nice looking. His friends have all gone into a tomb of glamour/energy sucking scariness. He has stayed out to mind the magic treasure and his fire drake, also to be a reserve of magickal energy since none of the others will have any magic when they come out.

They are in the cemetary of an inhospitable city and the sheriff plus two goons have just shown up. The other faerie who stayed out to be a magic reserve (a sluagh called Alexias) has gone into the tomb to warn the others. Eavan is trying very hard to hide, but it’s been snowing so there are easily followable tracks. The sheriff comes towards Eavan’s hiding place and says “I don’t believe you have announced yourself.”

Eavan steps out and there is a brief conversation in which the sheriff tries to force Eavan to accompany her straight away to the ruling Duke. Something that Eavan is definitely not interested in. He’s trying to think of a good excuse when Zoom! Out from the tomb comes Angel, another surreally beautiful blonde male sidhe, but glowing like a magnesium flare and flying straight up into the air on his gossamer wings.
While the sheriff is distracted Eavan runs for it.

The sheriff calls to her men to stop him and goes after Angel herself. The goons start to shoot at Eavan which is a big no-no with the faeries most of the time. Well, the honourable ones anyway. Eavan continues to run until one goon catches up with him and trips him. From his knees Eavan draws his sword and engages in a duel. Seeing the superior strength of his opponent he moves fast, catches him off balance and hamstrings him with a well placed blow.

Eavan’s fire drake (Lambeth) swoops down and lands on the fallen goon, mushing his face into the snow. Eavan leaps onto his drake’s back and they take off. The other goon has been taken care of by this time by Alexias so Eavan and Lambeth bear down on the sheriff, Lambeth breathes fire at her and she backs off swearing. Our heroes escape unharmed!

Bad blogging day

Tuesdays are no good. I am always disappointed to wake up and find it Tuesday. (With the notable recent exception of Garth Nix day.)

Tuesdays always drag and I am always in a nothing frame of mind, which is a very bad blogging frame of mind.
In conclusion Tuesdays suck and I wish I was in bed asleep.
later…cool images from last night’s changeling game.

Not bad for a Monday

My neck is stiff and annoying.
I have my car back and I drove to work.

The Secret Origin of Improv last night was disappointing. There were several moments when I honestly thought I could be doing better than the people they had up on stage. I was wishing for Ryan Styles and Colin Mochrie.
Also the guy who invented Theatresports didn’t do a great job of making sure the players knew how to play each game. Also a lot of the scenes he gave them were first date or blind date or coming home after a date, but he didn’t want the players to kiss or imply much sex at all, so he kept cutting the scenes short. Go figure.

On the upside I have watched all of firefly now and it was wonderful and I saw the easter egg with the guy who plays Jayne singing the Jayne song and I have that stuck in my head.

Our love for him now ain’t hard to explain
the hero of Canton the man they call….Jayne!”

48 hours

I want to enter the 48 hour film competition next year. I think I could do it, and I want to. So…now I have a year in which to obtain a camera.

The finalists we watched last night were of varying quality. Some were so professional that I would expect to see them in the Big Film Festival, before a film or in one of the short film collections. Some of them had a lot of trouble sticking to the genre they had picked…such as Flatmate Tree that was supposed to be Heartwarming Family Fare but started with a violent murder. Huh?

My personal favourites were: How to deal with the Situation an amazingly slick black and white educational film. Done as old fashioned as possible and very educational indeed. I am now well prepared to deal with the situation, should it arise.

Toy Boy which was a gay romance about a guy who was in love with an inflatable doll. The doll came to life when the guy’s partner wasn’t in the room. Awesome, and actually very well made and tender.

Nice and Easy a slick and smart detective film. Just professional looking, and cool.

The funniest one was definitely Heinous Crime which was Taika Cohen’s film. It was supposed to be Courtroom Drama. It was definitely set in a court room. It was extremely funny to watch but not a patch film-making-wise on a lot of the others. There were no special effects, no animation, no music…it was just two people being funny. They were (let me reiterate) very very funny. But I don’t think it should have won. It was the grand prize…trip to LA, flash computer with editing and scriptwriting software, etc.

Lee and I were both pretty disappointed. I mean if all those other people could put in huge efforts and come up with something professional and stylish and clever, why shouldn’t that kind of thing win? Not just two people doing the kind of silly funny video that Giffy and I might have made in high school. (If we were anywhere near as funny, which we weren’t, but the production values were the same.)

I wonder if I’ll get anyone bitching to me about this entry. Ah well. The competition is for film making, not best comedic effort. Taika Cohen doesn’t need the help to get started in film making that the groups that no one has heard of do and the genre was supposed to be courtroom *drama* anyway!

It was still a fun night. We tried to get into Shrek 2 at 4.45 but it was sold out. Came home and watched the rest of Firefly instead.
“I don’t care, I’m still free. You can’t take the sky from me”
-Joss Whedon

I got the tickets

Unfortunately Farenheit 9/11 is sold out. It will be played after the film festival though, so I’ll just have to cope with not being one of the first people in New Zealand to see it. *sigh*
I got all the other film festival tickets I wanted though, so I am very happy. I have so many the little paper wallet that holds the tickets won’t close.

*does happy film festival dance*
Watched the third DVD of Firefly last night. One to go. I love it a lot, but I don’t think it’s better than Buffy. Lee’s favourite girl is River and I think she is hella cool. I still think Kaylee is the best though.
Shrek 2 this afternoon and then the finals of the 48 hour film competition.
Fun fun fun.

Music in my head: Round round by Sugababes. It’s to drown out the Heal the World Michael Jackson badness.

Dancing in big black boots

Watched some more Firefly last night. My favourite characters are: Kaylee the insanely cheerful and cute mechanic and Simon the (mostly) straight laced doctor/older brother.

I also really like Jayne cause he gets some really funny lines, although I tend to forget what he looks like when he’s off screen. Even now I only have tall and buff to describe him.

Some of the scenes are really cool…especially watching River square dance with some random locals. She’s a great dancer and managed to make her big biker boots look kind of elegant.
Makes me want to dress all eclectic and weird.

Stealth bombers

I had two unrelated but equally vivid dreams this morning.

1. I am Donnie Darko. I have been kidnapped by the government where they have subjected me and other intelligent kids to experiments that give us strange psychic powers. I am breaking free with a bunch of other teenagers when I discover I have the power to control stealth bombers with my mind.
The stealth bombers are small, about the size of cars, but this power is so awesome that we get away no problem. Lots of great air fight sequences and a bit where a stealth bomber tilts at right angles to get between two trees and comes to land at my Donnie Darko feet. Coolness.

2. I am Jenni at a school ball afterparty. Lots of after ball weirdness involving duct tape and hilarity. Actually not that much happened in this dream it was just very vivid. I was wearing a black dress and my hair was swept up.

I watched the first episode of Firefly last night, so if any of the 1. dream up there seemed ripped off to you that’s why. I thought it was pretty cool. I will watch more.

I finished reading The Collector by John Fowles this morning. It is about a kidnapping which also relates directly to the aforementioned dreams. It was a very well written novel. Told first from the emotionally detatched kidnapper and then from the kidnapped girl’s point of view. I found it very compelling reading but I was extremely unhappy with the ending.
I say damn all authors writing for adults who don’t give us happy endings! Or rather…who give us endings without hope. I don’t need it to be a ridiculously happy ending. Just one that doesn’t leave me feeling desolate.
It is a sunny day and I am not at work. My neck and back have been sore and were sore when I woke up today. I thought I’d stay home and rest and do the physio excercises that I forgot to do yesterday.
I want soup.

Bitter librarian alert

Nasty vulture ladies in the library.

They swoop down onto the newly returned stock and just have to see what’s there. They have to know what other people have been reading. Not for them the casual browsing of shelves, oh no. For the nasty vulture ladies the shelves are a last resort. Not as interesting are the books that have been shelved. Those are cold. Dead.

What’s on the trolleys on the other hand is fresh meat. Still steaming with the life of the previous borrower. The fact that the previous borrower may not have liked it or even read it doesn’t matter. If it’s just been returned it must be popular.

The nasty vulture ladies also have children who need videos. The videos on the shelf are never good enough for annoying vulture children. They must have the videos that are so fresh back into the library that they haven’t even been returned. Those are the only videos that nasty vulture mothers will accept.

Happy Weekend

I had a good weekend. It was productive and interesting. On Friday night and Saturday morning I read the film festival guide. Lee and I tried to go to Shrek 2 on Friday night but it was sold out.
Saturday morning I moaned about having long annoying hair again so Lee cut it for me. Now it is jawline short and much esier to manage. I am very happy.

On Saturday afternoon we saw The Cooler with Svend. It was a fantastic film in which William H. Macy has really bad luck. Evil Alec Baldwin has him working in his casino, moving around the tables where people are winning so they get bad luck too. Then he falls in love and his luck changes. It was a great premise and very well done. It maybe got a bit too gritty for comfort in the portrayal of the corrupt Alec Baldwin but there you go.

After the movie we went to Warehouse stationery and got a desk, cabinet and bookshelf for $350. Lee picked them up Sunday morning with the help of a person with a car. The desk is a well accessorised computer desk with lots of little shelves and cubbies. It fits my scrapbooking stuff beautifully. Now our dining table can actually be used for dining! Or more to the point, playing board games.

Saturday night we went to Jason and Chelle’s place because the rugby was on. Chelle, Zeph and I played Beanie and talked during the rugby and then I got everyone to watch the first two episodes of Fruits Basket and everyone laughed in the right places and said it looked worth watching. Hooray!

I was sad we couldn’t go to Matt and Debbie’s for singstar but we did do that last week and Lee does love the rugby.
Sunday was mostly spent putting together the desk and cabinet. The instructions were diagram only and not very clear in some places, so it wasn’t the easiest job in the world. We got it done though and it looks great. I love my new desk.
We did take a break on Sunday afternoon to go to the food show over at the stadium. I was interested to go but the real clincher was reading this entry over on Beautiful Monsters.

It was $15 to get in but we got fed so many samples that it was a very good lunch. Yummy soups, cheese, kiwifruit juice and chocolate biscuits stand out in my memory. Also the guy selling the second soup I sampled called me “gorgeous lovely girl” which was kinda nice and kinda creepy. There was also a really good sundried tomato pesto but they had sold out of the baggies of it. Available at New World though, so not too worried.

Then last night I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service again and Lee finished going through which movies he wants to see so we can plan which days he’ll take off work and which movies we should book evening showings of.
Today I’m working the late night at the library so I get to start late. Physio this morning though.