Excitement and hunger

Both are growing in my belly.
Today I found out that the film festival website has listed some of the movies it’s going to play…Squeeeee!

I am already excited about some of the movies including Fahrenheit 9/11 and Coffee and Cigarettes. Reading through there are some others that look very cool, including A World without Women and Evil.
Film festival brochures aren’t out til June 22nd though, so no solid plans can yet be made.
Plans for the long weekend: Going to the craft fair with my sister tomorrow morning and a lot of sleeping and reading.
I am looking forward to it.

It was great to get such varied and impassioned responses to yesterday’s entry. You all have valid points of view and have made me think a bit deeper.
I love my readers!


9 thoughts on “Excitement and hunger

  1. Woohoo! Craft Show this weekend! Thanks for posting this or it would’ve passed me by. Have to go visit the pottery. šŸ™‚

  2. Ah poot, I think the Auckland one isn’t until November or something. Ah well. They usually don’t sell anything up here anymore for people wanting to make their own crafts.
    Yay for the film festival! I wonder when the Incredibly Strange Film Festival will happen….?

  3. Incredible film festival not happening any more. The guy who ran it got sick of it, and is now working for the International Film Festival. So….some of the cool foreign stuff he likes will get into the regualr film fest.
    Of course, I know all this from a friend so it may not be entirely reliable information.

  4. Yeah, I remember seeing something on Nightline about the Incredibly Strange Film Festival taking its last bow. Your friend is probably reliable (in this one case at least šŸ˜‰

  5. *looks shifty* I read the first two lines of this entry and, being both tired and literal-minded, thought you were about to announce that you were pregnant. *Ducks as Jenni throws things at her*

  6. oooooh!! a jenni-baby would b sooo cute and dressed in the cutest stuff!! and would b spoiled rotten by all those who would finally have a legitimate reason lurk in the barbie aisle. *heehee*

  7. I’ve seen some shorts for Coffee and Cigarettes and it looks really good in a strange fun way. Was hoping it was going to be released here.

  8. Oh they have Triplettes of Belville! This is a must see animated French movie. Me and Sam saw it in Canada and it is weird and cool. It was nominated for an Oscar.

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