wanting pizza

obviously, I want pizza….

Friday’s movies were Before Sunset and Shaun of the Dead. Both were excellent movies.
Before Sunset is, I think, better than Before Sunrise. Admittedly I’ve never had a huge thing for the movie, and I know a bunch of people do. We watched it the other day on DVD and I thought it was only romantic near the end. Before Sunset on the other hand was a much stronger movie all round: it was romantic, funnier and felt more real. My problem with the first movie was to do with the forced nature I felt their conversations had at times. The second movie flowed naturally and was wonderful…Bliss!

After that we went in search of pancakes. They were surprisingly hard to find. Lee and I walked to the Purple Onion from the Embassy and none of the places we checked in between had pancakes. I could have had waffles at the Krazy Lounge but the only table was right in front of the door…Anyway, once I had them the pancakes were great.

We went to Real Groovy and got some DVDs…Final Fantasy, Spellbound, Ripley’s Game and Tori Amos’ new concert DVD Welcome to Sunny California. Watched Ripley last night and liked it a lot, still. Must now lend it to people and share the happiness. Watched some Tori this morning and enjoyed that a lot too.
Backtrack…Shaun of the Dead is a funny/zombie/romantic movie. It was very very funny and there was only one bit that was too gross for me to look at. The director was there to answer questions after and he was funny too. Hix was there in the audience and asked two questions of the director and they were good questions.

This morning we saw Frodo is Great….Who Is That? which is another great doco. I love the docos, can you tell? It was really weird to see a movie all about a friend of a friend. It was very well made and they had a lot of access to the Lord of the Rings sets and everything. If it comes out, you should totally see it. It’s just over an hour long so won’t take up much of your time.

Then I went to the Girl Flat plus Svend to play Singstar and it was cool fun. Lee and some others went to see Chronicles of Riddick and Lee said after
“It wasn’t *that* bad….” which means I am glad I didn’t pay $14 to see it.
I am feeling scatty.
Music is Round Round by Sugababes because of Singstar.

more film festival films

Yesterday I spent the morning at home playing, you guessed it … Civ3. I watched Dr Phil and it was good. Then I went to a 40 minute movie at the City Gallery. It was called In the Dark and was a somewhat tragic documentary about a blind Russian man and his cat. I think my heart broke during the sequence when he is standing outside in the snow trying to give away the string bags he makes. Trying being the operative word, since no one wants them.

I went to Pandorro bakery after and bought myself a chocolate bread roll and that made me feel somewhat better. Coffee and Cigarettes cheered me right back up. It is a slick and silly film shot entirely in black and white. It features a bunch of famous people talking to each other in little vignettes about…stuff. Mostly coffee and cigarettes but also other stuff.
It’s really a very good movie and you should all see it when you have a chance. Watch In the Dark if you are feeling too cheerful.

Watched the commentary on the Love Actually dvd last night. It is very funny, nearly as funny as the movie itself. Hugh Grant spends a lot of time running down Colin Firth which is very funny and Bill Nighy moans whenever he’s on screen. Recommended.

I finished my Civ3 game this afternoon which is an official No-Movie Day. I went to visit my folks and tonight I’m seeing Madame Butterfly with Giffy. It’s the ballet of the opera, should be good.

For those interested, I have seen quite a bit of Svend. He is looking well although his dedication to not missing any films is a tad scary. We saw him last after the Five Obstructions which was his 60th movie. Eep.

no matter how closely you look at me, you will never see under the skin on the back of my hand.

In my Father’s Den is a new New Zealand movie based on an old Maurice Gee novel. It was very well crafted and well acted. The script was great and the mystery was very hard to guess. I liked the movie a lot but found I wasn’t connecting with the characters. It is very unusual for me not to cry when the lead character is crying, I am almost always there with them…swept up and weeping. Not so for this movie.
You should see it all the same. It is a very good NZ movie.

I am getting tired and yesterday I came home via the Kirk’s sale and then mooched for the afternoon. I had a nap when I had planned to see Real Man. I am glad I did. This is my holiday after all, and I shouldn’t exhaust myself just because I can.
After dinner we went to The Five Obstructions which I enjoyed a lot. It was a real insight into these two film makers. I really liked the films Jorgen came up with too…very well formed. (The premise is the master teaching the pupil. He had to remake the same movie five times, each time with various conditions on it.)

I have finished Ender’s Game and am now re-reading Patiently Alice, which you may remember is a young adult’s book by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Lee’s reading the Sheryll Jordan book I bought the night I met Garth Nix. He isne’t complaining about it so I guess it’s OK.

Donuts are good, but I should be eating less sugar.

Still haven’t seen King Arthur.

Hmm stonesoup was down this morning, so I had to wait til now to upate on the movies….

Toons for Tots was thoroughly delightful, as it always is. I had a little girl sitting next to me who was very onto it, but also very restless. Her father and her kept talking to each other..telling each other what was happening on screen. Annoying.
Sewing Table was awesome, and also Grey Avenue and The Three Sisters who fell into the mountain. Making two out of three of my favourites stop motion. Sewing Table featured a rescue guy made out of thread tracking down a red wool duck. Very cool.

Animation Now! was also very good. It was good to see Harvey Krumpet again and I also really liked Flux for being insane and hilarious and Riba for being a lovely looking story about a cat who wants to play the piano and the fish he meets. Instinct was cool, too. A kind of alternate creation story.

Today we went to The Corporation which I have to recommend as a great companion to Farenheit 9/11 and Super Size Me. You’ll be shocked if you see this though, I mean, who knew that a company in San Francisco owns the all fresh water in a city in Bolivia? Including rainwater?

It was really quite upsetting in subject matter but a very very well made doco.
I was pretty melancholy after that one but made it to Primer all the same. It was a no-budget movie about two scientists who make a thing. They don’t know what it does at first…I won’t spoil it because it’s a great movie, but a bit mind-fucky. I followed it pretty well up until the climax-esque scenes. Then it went whoosh! Over my head.
Never mind. I enjoyed it all the same.

This morning I had a dream that I was in a forest camp and a boy I haven’t seen for about 4 years wanted to date me. Giffy told me not to date him because he’d be a bad boyfriend, so I told him no. Lee was also in the dream but mostly wandering through the forest in his long black coat. In the background.


The Making of Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring was very entertaining. It had lots of people being very silly indeed. Sadly it seemed like the hobbits were the only ones really interested in talking to the documentary maker…except for a very funny bit with Craig Parker. I’m not sure if this movie will get released, so if you get a chance to see it you totally should.

Sadly we didn’t have time to stay and listen to the questions and answers because we had Festival Express right after.
More bad film festival behaviour from the two old ducks sitting next to Lee. I can’t figure out what they were thinking…Festival Express was a doco about a train tour of Canada in 1970 that had the Grateful Dead, the Band, Sha Na Na and Janis Joplin on board. These two women seemed to think they were actually at one of the concerts…they wooped at the end of songs, and clapped and stamped their feet. Someone should have told them that it was actually just a film and that some of those people were actually dead.

So the whole rest of the theatre is more or less silent and these two are talking to each other, loudly. In the quiet bits. I asked them to be quiet and they didn’t hear me, so Lee said “Would you shut up, please?” and after a minute of revovering one told him not to be rude. Oh the irony.

The movie itself wasn’t actually that great. It didn’t have much documentary stuff, it was a lot of footage of the bands playing…full songs worth so it was a bit like a long music video. Janis Joplin singing Cry Baby gave me goose pimples. I never knew I liked her, but now I think I need an album of hers. The other bands were kind of samey. Sha Na Na were pretty funny. Three guys dancing at the front of the stage in tight gold suits. Eeesh.

Then we went to a party and I talked to a lot of people about movies. Especially Farenheit 9/11 which a lot of people want to see and Super Size Me which I want all the people I know to see.

I do love Jake Gylenhaal but Orlando’s cuter.

Oh hey..I already blogged about yesterday’s movies.
Never mind 🙂
There is other stuff going on in my life, btw. Lots of my friends and their sisters have joined livejournal and my friends list is looking nice and long. Now I just have to get some time to read all their blogs….heh…
I am really enjoying rereading Enders Game and will lend it to anyone interested in reading it once I’m finished.

My name’s not Moimoi, it’s Michelangelo

Thursday was a hit and miss movie day. First up was The Return, a Russian film about two brothers whose father returns after a 12 year absence. He takes them fishing. The older one is desperate for his Father’s approval and fiercely loyal to his brother. The younger is cold towards his father and yet desperate for his approval. It was a wonderful film and said a lot about father/son relationships.
Of course, being neither a father nor a son I am not sure if the things it said were true, but I like to think so.

After that I saw the Python which had a promising premise about a snake loose in a school and the first half was very funny and silly but the second half kind of lost me. Too much was going on, too many characters and then it just got boring. Bits of it were very very good, on the whole I got bored.

Then I played some civ3 (yay yay) and went to Zephfi’s tupperware mini-partette which was very nice. I sat practically on the heater and had a good time chatting and drooling over the tuppergoodness.

At 10.30pm we went to Tamala 2010: Punk cat in space. I think the people in the audience (sudden urge to spell it ord-ee-ants) who were high really enjoyed this movie. I found it a bit poorly constructed. It was like watching a very long music video, which was OK for a while and some of the music was very very good. On the other hand it didn’t seem to want to be all serious or all funny. The funny stuff was very funny, but there was some pretty upsetting stuff too. Tamala was very cute. (See title quote.)

Friday, three great movies.

Zaitoichi is a fantastic old-school samurai movie that felt a bit like a musical heist film. Very very cool and funny and stylish. My favourite bits were the farmers making music while working in the fields…
Then we went to Farenheit 9/11 which is having preview screenings this weekend at the Rialto. Go and check it out, Wellingtonians. It was moving and very well made. Michael has figured out that he’s a better screen presence when he’s just a voice over and letting the interviewees speak for themselves.

I’ve never seen an old man cry before, but there was one crying in Farenheit. I was crying right from the very start when they showed Bush’s car being pelted with eggs by protesters on his inaugration day. How did he get away with it?
Yeah. I felt pretty melancholy after that so I went and put some Alias comics on layby. (That’s superhero drama written by Brian Michael Bendis not the annoying spy chick off TV.)

Then we saw the French film Intimate Strangers, which was also very good. It was a kind of almost-romance about a woman who mistakes a tax attorney for a shrink. The music was a bit ominous for the subject matter but it was otherwise beautifully shot. Crisp and charming.

monks and drunks. You can’t trust them.

Yesterday was a three movie day with much mooching in town in the afternoon.

First up I saw Travellers and Magicians (which is where the title of the entry comes from). Much recommended. I suspect it’ll show at Rialto or something since it’s got Weta digital stuff in it and is also really good. It was about a guy leaving his little village in Bhutan to go to America but he misses the bus to the city. On the road waiting for a lift he meets a bunch of people, one of them a Buddhist monk.

The monk starts telling a story about a man who has an incredible experience with magic and love. Both stories happen in paralell with the story being interrupted by the real world. I am aware that I’ve been using the world beautiful a lot, but this film was. It was lush and gorgeous and lovely.
I mooched around town for all afternoon and I had dumplings for lunch and I bought two books. One is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card because I wanted to read it again and the other is Teen Idol by Meg Cabot because I like her writing and this one is new.

Then I met my sister and we saw Rhythm is it! and it was another very well made and entertaining documentary. This one was about teached German kids to dance and getting an orchestra to work together. Thankfully it was more about the kids because the orchestra was really just the conductor being a bit insane and the orchestra doing what he said.
Then Lee met me and we saw the Last Life in the Universe which was much more melancholy than your average romcom and I am choosin to believe had a happy ending. Although really it didn’t. I really enjoyed it in a kind of dark, mean, Lost in Translation but in Thailand and with a Japanese guy kind of way.
But yeah, fooling myself so it had a happy ending.

Your very own devoted sattelite.

Note to self…reading other people’s blogs and then playing Civ3 is not the same as updating my own blog.

Yesterday I saw Porco Rosso which was a highly entertaining Studio Ghibli movie about a fighter plane pilot pig. It was really very well made and I liked it a lot. Really quite a classic story of love and loss but punctuated with silliness like the 15 five year old girls who were taken hostage by some unfortunate air pirates…then spent the whole time expolring the plane and peeking out the gun barrel and making a nuisnace of themselves. Awesome.

Then Lee, Svend and I hurried to the Embassy for De-Lovely. A fictionalised biography of Cole Porter in the form of a staged musical that gradually segues into movie. It was beautiful and well paced and entertaining. I really enjoyed it. There was nothing wrong with it except that perhaps Cole Porter wasn’t that nice a guy. I cried qute a lot towards the end.
Now I have to track down the soundtrack.

Yep, it was just two movies yesterday. Went to another quiz night last night and our team came fourth. Curses.

Good hit rate so far

Sooo…I was totally going to blog about yesterday’s movies this morning so they’d still be fresh in my mind, but instead I finished my Civ3 game. I came third. I suck. Then I went back to bed and it was warm.
Sunday was like this: Best of British Animation which was a bit hit and miss with the entertainment value. Highlights for me were the Aardman creatures comforts ‘update’ about cats and dogs although people were laughing so much you missed half the lines. Yes I just moaned about people laughing. I am the grumpmeister queen sometimes.
Errr I also liked Wedding Espresso which was about a woman fantasising her wedding plans and very slickly animated and Intolerance which is the third installment in Phil Mulloy’s fantasy political satire. Awesome and unsettling.
After that we chilled out at Lee’s parent’s place for a few hours. (Literally because it was a very cold day and we didn’t think to put on the heater…) and managed to see an incredibly good cartoon on the Disney network called Dave the Barbarian. It was really funny and silly and good.
At 6.15 we went to see Hero. It was breathtakingly beautiful. It had some of the most gorgeous saturated colour sequences I’ve ever seen. The CG was used seamlessly and the story was wonderful. Just so beautiful. *sigh*
Right after that was the Yes Men which was very entertaining and funny and yet left me kind of empty. It’s about these guys who run satirical websites of George Bush and the WTO and then get invited places to represent the WTO…they turn up and say the most outrageous things they can to try and raise questions about what the organisation really does. I was like, Ok but what are they *actually* achieving?

Monday (today)
I slept in and played Civ3 as mentioned above.
Went to see Man Made at the City Gallery and was much moved and impressed. It’s a well made doco following a gay couple going through the surrogacy process so they can have their own kid. Because surrogacy is illegal in Victoria they had to employ an agency in Chicago and travel there for the birth. It was a very sensitive film that didn’t throw it’s politics in your face but showed all the pitfalls and uhm, good hills you’d expect from that sort of situation. I fell in love with the name Junoa.
Then it was The Cat Returns, Studio Ghibli’s latest, which I loved to pieces. Soooooooo Cuuuuuuuute! *sigh*. Loved it. Cats are awesome, etc.
One Missed Call was a bit disappointing. A certain Elric had said it was scarier than Dark Water and Ringu but I found this to be untrue. Rather Lee, Regs and I found it to be so confused as to actually make no sense. The premise and first part were very scary indeed. But, it still had merit as a movie and I liked it. I just don’t really know what happened.
We debated all the way to Control Room, a documentary about the Al Jazeer channel in Iraq which I found to be much scarier than the scary cell phones. It was very hard to watch all the footage of bombing and hurt and dead civilians and soldiers, but at the same time I am glad that this channel and the movie about it exists. It was another very well made doco. I am having an exceptionally good hit rate with docos so far. Fingers crossed for me that it continues.
There’s a new empire mag out now so I’m going to bug Lee to install the Civ3 expansions and read that in the mean time.
Oh and it was the snogging couple from Friday we sat next to in Saddest Music. Virtual chocolate fish to Matt and Debbie for guessing right.