Mmmm.. lovely weekend

My weekend was full of nothing much. It was great. On Saturday I slept in and finished Xenocide. Seraph and his fiance interrupted my warring Civ3 with a lovely cookie delivery visit,
Then we went out to the scrapbooking shop, Real Groovy (bought Battle Royale, Volcano High and 10 things I hate about you) and food shopping and refilling the gas bottle for the heater.

Saturday night was Civ3 and watching DVDs. Sunday I finished my Civ3 game with a cultural victory. It was mostly because I decimated the French and took all their cities. My culture wasn’t that great but it was HUGE. heh.
I’m gonna go for space race victory next. Go me!

I had people over for storytime. I felt pretty weird about it. I had a lot of misgivings when it actually came down to reading to people and I felt much more nervous and weird than I ever have in front of the strangers who come to storytime in the library. I guess because I was reading to people I like and admire, I didn’t want to embarrass myself or come off as corny or a weirdo children’s librarian forcing things on her friends.

Once I was actually reading I felt better, although I think the funnier books went down better than Round Trip, which is just neat pictures, no real story or anything. I guess I’ll do it again, I mean, people seemed to enjoy it and Matt and Debbie said ‘Next time, we’ll bring books” so that seems positive.
There will be more Rosemary Wells next time!

A bunch of people left to see Bourne Supremacy but the ret of us stayed in the heated apartment and played Trivial Pursuit. Debbie won after a while. There was much hilarity and clue giving. Great game. I was only one pie piece behind.
Watched some Family Guy last night. Was funny. Back at work today. Feel stangely engergised and upbeat.

Thinking long and hard

Is not what has been happening in my head today.
I saw some rhythmic gymnastics this morning, man those gals are bendy! It’s like watching aliens freak out to music. heh. I love it a lot. I hope to watch the ribbon rounds tonight, that’s always been my favourite.
Do you think the tigers that mauled the guy in Wellington zoo last year got sick from the sudden change in meat, or do you think they now have a taste for human flesh and are just waiting for their next snack opportunity?

My war is continuing. I managed to make peace with America briefly, but then they attacked the Netherlands who are under my thumb. I mean, a tiny nation that I have befriended and then I had to be at war too. Darn mutual protection pacts. The problem is that all the cities I have that used to belong to America get sad that I’m at war with their mother country.
I am expanding out into France quite nicely. I love my elite infantry guys, they rock. Plus, now I have saltpepper and dye resources that I didn’t have before.

Even better, I just discovered flight. Tonight will be war and rythmic gymnastics. Who else can claim such a Friday night?
I am such a geek. I mean, man. Computer games and watching weird aliens dancing with ribbons. Some people go clubbing, but not me! I am too geeky.

Tomorrow I am going to try and buy Battle Royale for $20 on DVD. Oh yes, it shall be mine. I also have to go to the scrapbooking shop and swap the album pages I bought last week for some that actually fit into my album.
Roll on 5.30!


I was at war with the Americans for a long time. Then they got sick of losing their cities to me, and we made peace.
France was still at war with the Americans though, and since I own the land in between them I had a lot of agressive French troops moving through my land. I told the French to get out and they declared war on me. I figure that’s OK. I’ll send my armed infantry in and destroy their archers and that’s more cities for me.
Outside of Civ3 though, nothing much is happening. Pole vaulting last night was neat.
It’s sunny outside today.

I am getting through Xenocide slower than I want to because of the tempting Olympics which must be watched.
I am very sleepy but I heard on the news this morning that commercial surrogacy is being outlawed. What’s up with that?
It seems kind of unfair, I mean, if there are people willing to pay a lot of money for a baby and there’s a woman who is willing to be pregnant for financial gain what’s the problem?

I guess it would make it easier for gay couples to have babies and that’s all y’know, destroying the family unit. According to certain frightening extreme fundamentalists.

Monday Monday (da-da, da da da daaaa!)

My weekend was restful, and I am still sick. Poot.

On Saturday I visited my parents. I caught the train and it was really nice to just sit back and read. I am reading Xenocide because I really want to know what happens to my lovely Ender.

My parents are well and good. We went to the Bendon factory and I bought some ugly underwear. Funny how the pretty stuff is almost always flimsy and pointless, and the stuff that’s really useful and needed is just so ugly. For those who are curious as to the nature of my ugly underwear purchase it’s a brown padded bra which is particularly pointy and odd. Still, very useful for wearing under filmy clothes and costumes.

After that we went to the Brown Sugar Cafe and I had an awesome peanut butter and choc chip cookie. Yum for the Brown Sugar Cafe!
Then when I got back into Wellington I found out that we had been invited to Seraph’s house for board games. I play again the Princes of Florence! Unfortunately my cold-addled brain, the warm warm fire and some inspired playing by the others conspired to make me come last. With a score that is normally quite respectable. Must rethink my POF strategy. But later, when my brain works better.

Yukky rainy windy weather.
Sunday I slept in, watched silly TV, played Civ3, saw Macbeth, played Civ3, watched silly TV and went to sleep. A day of most noble achievement.

Macbeth was alright. We saw it at Circa and I had trouble understanding what Macbeth was saying. And Lady Macbeth’s costume was so long that she had to hold onto her surcoat the whole time so she didn’t trip on it. It was really annoying to watch her act really well with her face and voice but her hands were always gripping the surcoat. Annoying. She tripped on it once and caught herself so she didn’t fall, and at one point it got caught in a gap of the stage. Poorly designed costumes if you ask me.

….Actually I really liked the costumes, but the tripping and catching is poorly designed something. Production? Stage? I dunno.

The witches were very cool, although Lee thought one of them was overly RADA. Like, “I’m *acting* now! See me *act*!”
The fight choreography was pretty poor, and I nearly laughed out loud when the little boy playing Fleance gripped his father’s sword by the blade. I had to sort of snorfle to myself and I’m sure it was distracting to Seraph’s fiance.
Still, for the discounted price of $15 it was a grand production and since it’s the only time I’ve ever seen Macbeth performed I enjoyed it a lot. I especially liked the sleepwalking scene and Birnam wood coming to Dunsinane. Those are wonderful scenes and they were performed wonderfully.

Civ3 is going pretty well. I keep being at war with the Americans. (Ironically enough). I am aiming to win by being the largest Civ in the world. You have to get 60% of the world population and I’m at %42 or so…I could try and beat up my rivals but I get sick of losing units.

Did you know that Cavalry will win against a Crusader every time, but a Rifleman will only win against one, and then die?

home sick

from work today. Yesterday while at work I got a cold. I sneezed and I snozed and I blew my nose.
I went out at lunchtime for cookies (yesterday) and got the new Empire with has a free FHM with it. From August 2003. What’s up with that? I guess they had a bunch of stock lying around and figured that movie buffs like to look at girls in the buff.

I can’t really get over how the whole mag is so boy-centric. It’s the opposite/equivalent of Cleo. FHM is Cleo for boys. That’s my revelation for today.

I hardly slept last night because I kept sneezing and blowing my nose and I still couldn’t breathe. This is why I didn’t go to work. The cold itself is bad but not awful and probably if I’d had a normal sleep I’d feel OK.
As it is I got to watch Dr Phil and the gymnastic girls team rotation and that was fun. I’ve been playing Civ3 and not quite getting the energy to do anything useful. *sigh* I just want to sleep all afternoon but I think I have a better chance of sleeping tonight if I stay up.

Might do some housework or baking if I can bear to unwrap from my duvet of warm. I really want cookies so I might manage it. I can tell you’re breathless with the excitement of it all…..

What I did in my Film Fest vacation

Ok, so I didn’t blog about this at the time except to say that I went to the art gallery.

A few weeks ago I went to the art gallery by myself and I was freaked out by the art.
Normally art doesn’t scare me. I have quite a lot of experience with art history and doing art myself and studied it all through high school so I like to think I am past the point of being scared of it.
Not so. Installation art that you have to walk into is freaking scary stuff.

In particular there’s an installation upstairs in Wellington art gallery. It’s there *right now* although not for much longer since the exhibition is ending. I can’t remember what it’s called or the name of the artist, but it’s like a little wooden building that you have to walk into. Inside it is like a prison. On the left is a projected moving image of an idyllic landscape, on the right is a glass window that you can look into and see the artist lying on the floor. (It’s not literally the artist, but a realistic dummy wrapped in a blanket.)

Seeing the human form freaked me out. I steeled my nerves and went around the corner and there at a computer terminal was another “person”! This was a matronly prison guard reading messages from the artist. Basically I was waiting for the scary fake person to start moving and possibly kill me. There was a door to the main gallery just past her though, so I gingerly edged past and escaped out the back. I checked first that there were no more freaky fake people waiting just outside to freak me out more.
There weren’t.

and that’s my scary art story. God knows how I’d cope with a wax museum.

Freeeezing Tuesday

Last night was the last Changeling game. Jarratt summed it up nicely in his blog which you can read here. What is the opposite of disappointing? I guess, satisfying and climactic in this case.

My favourite bit was when my character’s elderform manifested and he turned into a drake midair. (Rescuing the woman who may be his one true love? Maybe? That’s a story for another time I feel.) I think he would have turned into a light drake, although the silver drake we met was way cool…and fire drake is clearly already taken.
Civ 3 continues to absorb my interest. My Celtic game is going pretty well. I have nearly got the largest civilisation and I’m being a bit of a bully about it too. I got a scientific leader dude yesterday and used him to complete Leonardo’s workshop way early. Awesome.

However, I have determined not to play it again tonight. Might go to a quiz night with Lee’s folks since my Gamer Boyz don’t seem to be coming over. (I feel just like a local God when I’m with the Boyz) Of course, my introducing Margiepuggle to the group last week I can’t really call ’em my Boyz anymore. Hum.

Birthday party planning has commenced. I am leaning toward the theme of ‘twisted fairytales’ but I am also tempted by ‘alternate reality’ and ‘story book characters’ and even ‘space cowboy’. Any thoughts? Bear in mind that I need a theme that allows me to dress in a big bouffy dress.