First day back not so bad

I met Tessa Duder today. It was an anti-climax since she arrived just before her scheduled talk, spent over an hour talking to the children and then left…no time for chit-chatting with gushy librarians…although she did tell me it was a great experience and that our library is a wonderful environment.
She didn’t spend any time under the freakishly buzzing light like I did. That buzzing light. It flickers on and off at will. Buzzing loudly and surprisingly.

I did however, have a very successful class visit in which the kids all wanted to read the books I recommended and the teacher simpered at me in the nicest possible way.
This put me into a good mood for the afternoon and enabled me to do shelving.

Today I read Best Friends the newest Jacqueline Wilson book. It is about two best friends who are separated when one moves away. I think of all the Jacquie Wilson books this is the one which most closely mirrors experiences that I have had. As such it was quite absorbing and I had to read all of it as fast as I could.
You see, when I was five a family moved in down the road from us. I became fast best friends with the blonde Penny and we went to the same school and were pretty much inseperable for four years. In 1989 she moved back down to Christchurch and we stayed in touch via letter writing.

Whenever I go to Christchurch I catch up with her, and when she’s in Wellington she looks me up and whenever we talk it’s the same. We have so much shared experience that we just click. It’s lovely. Thank goodness for old friends.
I should see if the email address I have for her still works.