Monday morning

I dreamed about work. Specifically I was doing class visits on the gorgeous beach right outside the library. I wish there really was a beach at my library, that’d be cool.

Saw Hellboy again on the weekend, and still love it. You gotta see something like that at the Embassy, they have their bass levels cranked so high it vibrates the floor and you really experience the booms and crashes.

I may be suffering from comic snobbiness but I put Hellboy in a different box in my head to Spiderman, X-Men and the dreaded Daredevil. Mostly other people seem to be grouping them together under ‘generic superhero/comix movie’. I’m all like nah, it’s totally different! Hellboy is printed by Image after all. It’s a different company people!

Yeah, it’s comic book geekery for sure.
Sat in the delightful sun in Fidel’s yesterday and met Matt who is going to take photos of Giffy and me for a costumey assignment. Should be fun!
Bah, have to go to work now.