Freeeezing Tuesday

Last night was the last Changeling game. Jarratt summed it up nicely in his blog which you can read here. What is the opposite of disappointing? I guess, satisfying and climactic in this case.

My favourite bit was when my character’s elderform manifested and he turned into a drake midair. (Rescuing the woman who may be his one true love? Maybe? That’s a story for another time I feel.) I think he would have turned into a light drake, although the silver drake we met was way cool…and fire drake is clearly already taken.
Civ 3 continues to absorb my interest. My Celtic game is going pretty well. I have nearly got the largest civilisation and I’m being a bit of a bully about it too. I got a scientific leader dude yesterday and used him to complete Leonardo’s workshop way early. Awesome.

However, I have determined not to play it again tonight. Might go to a quiz night with Lee’s folks since my Gamer Boyz don’t seem to be coming over. (I feel just like a local God when I’m with the Boyz) Of course, my introducing Margiepuggle to the group last week I can’t really call ’em my Boyz anymore. Hum.

Birthday party planning has commenced. I am leaning toward the theme of ‘twisted fairytales’ but I am also tempted by ‘alternate reality’ and ‘story book characters’ and even ‘space cowboy’. Any thoughts? Bear in mind that I need a theme that allows me to dress in a big bouffy dress.

5 thoughts on “Freeeezing Tuesday

  1. Ummm… Oh yeah. I want to make a kimono. If I could somehow make one to wear to your party that would be good. Also I was talking to Joy yesterday about doing sewing classes and said maybe I’d do a beginning one and she was like, No Way. Beginners is for people who have NEVER sewed before. So if you guys are thinking intermediate sewing, I might too, for next term.

  2. i’d go with fairy tales – cos justifiable cotton candy machine purchase that way!! plus i have cutesie feathery wings from Giffy somewhere that i’ve never had a chance to wear!
    altho, if u do story book characters, u can make anyone who doesn’t come in costume wear a sandwich board of their fav story (they did that to the kids @ my primary school who didn’t want – or couldn’t afford – to make costumes). evil shame.

  3. Well everyone got into the pirate theme last year but if you had a non-themed costume party then you could wear poffy dress, giffy could wear a kimono and people could wear what they wanted without thinking the theme was lame or too hard.
    Still coming as a person off the street is not dressing up.
    Maybe make it a dress-up party, like when we were kids. Not that you and I were ever kids together, I was just meaning the whole population and dressing up. It was everyone right, I’m not the only one who played dress up.

  4. We ARE the BOYZ dammit !
    Even if some of us is girls !
    ( sorry you didn’t know we were coming around, Viv would probably knife me if I went out for three Tuesdays in a row – especially when it was my turn to cook …! )

  5. Ain’t u supposed to be grrlz if ur boyz, Seraph?
    Anyway, only uz orkses can truly be BOYZ, and we don’t av seks like you ‘umies do!
    (Just to scare you off the “alternate reality” idea, Jenni, there’s the possbility of me and/or Dagger going as what we’d be in the Warhammer 40K alternate reality ! )

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