Monday Monday (da-da, da da da daaaa!)

My weekend was restful, and I am still sick. Poot.

On Saturday I visited my parents. I caught the train and it was really nice to just sit back and read. I am reading Xenocide because I really want to know what happens to my lovely Ender.

My parents are well and good. We went to the Bendon factory and I bought some ugly underwear. Funny how the pretty stuff is almost always flimsy and pointless, and the stuff that’s really useful and needed is just so ugly. For those who are curious as to the nature of my ugly underwear purchase it’s a brown padded bra which is particularly pointy and odd. Still, very useful for wearing under filmy clothes and costumes.

After that we went to the Brown Sugar Cafe and I had an awesome peanut butter and choc chip cookie. Yum for the Brown Sugar Cafe!
Then when I got back into Wellington I found out that we had been invited to Seraph’s house for board games. I play again the Princes of Florence! Unfortunately my cold-addled brain, the warm warm fire and some inspired playing by the others conspired to make me come last. With a score that is normally quite respectable. Must rethink my POF strategy. But later, when my brain works better.

Yukky rainy windy weather.
Sunday I slept in, watched silly TV, played Civ3, saw Macbeth, played Civ3, watched silly TV and went to sleep. A day of most noble achievement.

Macbeth was alright. We saw it at Circa and I had trouble understanding what Macbeth was saying. And Lady Macbeth’s costume was so long that she had to hold onto her surcoat the whole time so she didn’t trip on it. It was really annoying to watch her act really well with her face and voice but her hands were always gripping the surcoat. Annoying. She tripped on it once and caught herself so she didn’t fall, and at one point it got caught in a gap of the stage. Poorly designed costumes if you ask me.

….Actually I really liked the costumes, but the tripping and catching is poorly designed something. Production? Stage? I dunno.

The witches were very cool, although Lee thought one of them was overly RADA. Like, “I’m *acting* now! See me *act*!”
The fight choreography was pretty poor, and I nearly laughed out loud when the little boy playing Fleance gripped his father’s sword by the blade. I had to sort of snorfle to myself and I’m sure it was distracting to Seraph’s fiance.
Still, for the discounted price of $15 it was a grand production and since it’s the only time I’ve ever seen Macbeth performed I enjoyed it a lot. I especially liked the sleepwalking scene and Birnam wood coming to Dunsinane. Those are wonderful scenes and they were performed wonderfully.

Civ3 is going pretty well. I keep being at war with the Americans. (Ironically enough). I am aiming to win by being the largest Civ in the world. You have to get 60% of the world population and I’m at %42 or so…I could try and beat up my rivals but I get sick of losing units.

Did you know that Cavalry will win against a Crusader every time, but a Rifleman will only win against one, and then die?