I was at war with the Americans for a long time. Then they got sick of losing their cities to me, and we made peace.
France was still at war with the Americans though, and since I own the land in between them I had a lot of agressive French troops moving through my land. I told the French to get out and they declared war on me. I figure that’s OK. I’ll send my armed infantry in and destroy their archers and that’s more cities for me.
Outside of Civ3 though, nothing much is happening. Pole vaulting last night was neat.
It’s sunny outside today.

I am getting through Xenocide slower than I want to because of the tempting Olympics which must be watched.
I am very sleepy but I heard on the news this morning that commercial surrogacy is being outlawed. What’s up with that?
It seems kind of unfair, I mean, if there are people willing to pay a lot of money for a baby and there’s a woman who is willing to be pregnant for financial gain what’s the problem?

I guess it would make it easier for gay couples to have babies and that’s all y’know, destroying the family unit. According to certain frightening extreme fundamentalists.