Sudden thought!

OMG! Best thing ever = beef stew.
No wait. Best thing ever = coconut buns + Fruits Basket + red San Pellegrino drink + chocolate.

Yum Cha is awesome

My weekend wasn’t as empty as I had hoped…On Saturday I saw Lee’s niece and we made her laugh a lot by ‘flying’ her on her belly on my exercise ball. It was very cute.

Then we bought a tv to go into our bedroom so I can watch the Olympics. (Our VCR stopped working, so I can’t watch via the projector.) Lee hooked the playstation up to it as well so he can play on that when I have roleplaying.
Other stuff happened. Went to Chelle and Jase’s to play CSI board game which isn’t very well designed as it turns out. Had Hell pizza for tea and watched some Olympics and then Dark Water, which gets into the creepiness much sooner than I remembered.

Yesterday Lee and I went to Yum Cha with my sister and her friends, and it was completely awesome. I loved it, but I ate too much. My favourite things were bbq pork buns (steamed or baked) and coconut buns. Coconut buns are the best new thing I’ve had in a while. Giffy gave me one before we went to the ballet the other week and it was good, but dry and a bit hard. Fresh coconut buns are warm and the cocnut goo is squishy and the bun is sticky and soft. *drools*. I want more coconut buns.

Then PhotoMatt took Giffy and I too a studio and we posed for him in our Angelic Layer costumes. I am looking forward to getting the prints back…and I also need to get more ink for my printer. Hum. Not enough money, too many things to spend money on.
Had a quiet evening of Civ3 last night. I gave up my Japanese game as I was losing badly and started again as the Celts. I am being warlike and attacky. Let’s see how that works out for me.

302 entry! Woohoo!

I wonder if anyone will give me chocolate for having 302 blog entries?
Seems unlikely.

Elric did give me a gingerbread man on Tuesday and it had chocolate on it and sprinkles and pebbles for eyes. I had a cheerful one. Elric had a particularly angry looking one-eyed one.

My weekend is much desired. I am counting down the hours til the end of work. (Less than 4 now…) I have a brand new scrapbooking magazine at home for perusal, but I won’t get to it tonight. Chelle’s drinks are tonight. We gave her the awesomest present ever (for Chelle): a CSI board game. Oh the appropriateness.

Was talking to Seraph’s fiance, Zephfi and Chelle last night about shows like SVU. (Special Victims Unit.) I have ranted about this kind of thing before but I just don’t get why people want to watch shows that are based around sexual violence and child molestation. I’m like, that stuff is bad. By perpetuating it on TV and we almost kind of making it not so bad?
Ok, so the shows are about the people who track down and convict the sexual criminals and peadophiles, but still. Why have that premise? Why not make it a regular, run of the mill murder show?

The only murder mystery show I ever watched regularly was Jonathan Creek. What is it about English TV that is so much better that the American stuff? Plus, mostly the show was about how weirdly intuitive and clever Jonathan was…less about the murders that sometimes occurred, more about the way in which he’d solve it in about 20 minutes and then let Caroline puzzle it out with the viewers.
Aaaahhh I miss that show. I’d love to own it on DVD.
That was a disconnected rant. Thanks for joining us.

Wind makes kids crazy

Watched an episode of Teen Titans last night and loved it. Lee got bored after about five minutes but was told firmly to shoosh. After that we watched a very funny bit with that rude dog puppet off late night TV. He was making fun of the people queuing outside to see Star Wars episode two.

I feel guilty about laughing at other people’s geekiness, but then I know plenty of people laugh at *my* brand of geekiness. Also, when you are performing in costume on the street the scenes from Episode one while it plays on a TV nearby you are setting yourself up for a bit of ridicule.

Uhm. Might write up Metal Opera on the weekend, since Morgue is so keen. I can’t be bothered yet though. Nearly at the end of Speaker for the Dead. I know a bunch of the piggies’ secrets and I feel happy about that. (Just wish they were called something nicer than piggies.)
My throat feels sore, like I’m coming down with something. Giffy’s hayfever comment yesterday probably explains the sneezing though.

Extra-Lucky 300th entry!

Hey I got 300 entries! Woot!
I won Civ3 last night. I achieved a cultural victory, which means all my rivals love me because of my awesome culture. It had a picture of me (Isabella of Spain) wearing red with lipstick kisses all over her face, and all my rivals are surrounded by red love hearts and dreaming about me.

I think I have a cold. I can’t seem to stop sneezing. Bah. I am also very very sleepy.
Last night we played Metal Opera and it was crazy fun, like being at Mega-Roleplaying weekend. I laughed and screamed and lost my voice partially.
Since 300th entry is like a festival celebration I don’t need to write anything interesting. I’ll just bathe in the awesomeness of my cultural achievements.

livejournal entry

Over on the livejournal there’s been talk of silly things that scare us. Here’s mine. lj users, you’ve read this already:
Stick insects are the bane of me.
Basically I am scared of them because:
1.)They are creepy looking, like alien invaders.
2.) They can go from motionless to running *really fast* in no time at all.
3.) They might cling onto me.
This all started because when I was a rich kid my mum grew orchids. The orchids had there own hothouse which was seperate from the other glass plant-growing building in our garden. The two buildings had a gap of about a foot between them and in this space grew blackberries.

I looooove blackberries, so when they were ripe I’d go and stick my arm in the gap and pick ’em. One time when I was doing this I was looking at the blackberry plant and thinking about how I love the berries and picking them with one hand and then my vision shifted. Suddenly I saw that as well as the blackberry vine there were like, a billion stick insects.
It is very scary when you think you are alone with the blackberries and then it turns out there are a billion stick insects watching you. From 5 cms away. I was very very scared and I have hated stick insects ever since.

I even know why there a billion stick insects right there, right then. They were meeting so they could plot how to freak me out and eventually ruin my life. No doubt they elected some kind of leader and all the encounters I have had with stick insects since were outlined that day.
Still don’t think stick insects are evil? Talk to Seraph. He has the quintessential encounter with the stick insect of doom story.

chasing the clouds away, on my way to where the air is cleeeeeeeeear!

Oh won’t you tell me how to get, how to get to Something-or-other st?

Heh. Discussion about superhero movies cropped up on yesterday’s entry after Seraph said he didn’t like Hellboy. Some interesting stuff, but I think I mostly agree with Jarratt, all superhero movies are not the same, and should not be considered in the same way. Of course, that might not be what he meant when I think about it. I just know that he and I are about the only people who liked The Hulk so I’ll stick with that.

Today is sunny and yesterday was warm and I think spring might actually be on the way. It wasn’t pitch black when I drove home last night, I think the days might be getting longer again. Hooray!

I am getting to the end of my Civ3 game. I think I will win by score, as no matter how much I bribe the Mayans they hate me, so I can’t win by diplomacy. Also the Vikings dislike me cause of that war I had with them where I took five of their cities and heaps of slave workers. Yeah. I wanna finish the game but I won’t get a chance tonight since my gaming Boyz are coming around.

I am really enjoying Speaker for the Dead. I think it’s a really good extrapolation from Ender’s Game. I mean progression not extrapolation, really. Anyway. It’s cool. I like the way the most important things in the story are the people and the relationships and the mysteries, not the cool science. I especially like the bit where Ender does some faster-than-light travel and they explain it by saying that nobody knows how it works.
The thing that normally turns me off sci-fi is the excessive descriptions of made-up-science which is both boring and wanky. I can’t cope with the Anne Maccaffrey dragon books for a similar reason: far too much time spent describing how the Pern society works and the politics and everything. I can understand why she writes it. (She made up a whole world and it’s neat that she figured out all this stuff about it.) I can also understand why that would appeal to a bunch of people. (We think Pern is neat and we want to live there.) But for me it’s annoying and self-indulgent writing. I’d rather read something with a good story.

OK, I know I’m being harsh but the one Pern book I read really pissed me off. *shudders at the thought*.
J.K. Rowling invented a whole world and society that has heaps of detail but she doesn’t waffle on and on about it. You get hints of the level of detail through what people say and especially scenes like Harry visiting the ministry of magic. You can see that there’s other things going on but nothing is said that doesn’t need to be for the story.

Ok, please don’t scream at me if you’re an Anne Maccaffrey fan. This is just how *I* feel. It doesn’t really mean anything.