Wind makes kids crazy

Watched an episode of Teen Titans last night and loved it. Lee got bored after about five minutes but was told firmly to shoosh. After that we watched a very funny bit with that rude dog puppet off late night TV. He was making fun of the people queuing outside to see Star Wars episode two.

I feel guilty about laughing at other people’s geekiness, but then I know plenty of people laugh at *my* brand of geekiness. Also, when you are performing in costume on the street the scenes from Episode one while it plays on a TV nearby you are setting yourself up for a bit of ridicule.

Uhm. Might write up Metal Opera on the weekend, since Morgue is so keen. I can’t be bothered yet though. Nearly at the end of Speaker for the Dead. I know a bunch of the piggies’ secrets and I feel happy about that. (Just wish they were called something nicer than piggies.)
My throat feels sore, like I’m coming down with something. Giffy’s hayfever comment yesterday probably explains the sneezing though.

Extra-Lucky 300th entry!

Hey I got 300 entries! Woot!
I won Civ3 last night. I achieved a cultural victory, which means all my rivals love me because of my awesome culture. It had a picture of me (Isabella of Spain) wearing red with lipstick kisses all over her face, and all my rivals are surrounded by red love hearts and dreaming about me.

I think I have a cold. I can’t seem to stop sneezing. Bah. I am also very very sleepy.
Last night we played Metal Opera and it was crazy fun, like being at Mega-Roleplaying weekend. I laughed and screamed and lost my voice partially.
Since 300th entry is like a festival celebration I don’t need to write anything interesting. I’ll just bathe in the awesomeness of my cultural achievements.

livejournal entry

Over on the livejournal there’s been talk of silly things that scare us. Here’s mine. lj users, you’ve read this already:
Stick insects are the bane of me.
Basically I am scared of them because:
1.)They are creepy looking, like alien invaders.
2.) They can go from motionless to running *really fast* in no time at all.
3.) They might cling onto me.
This all started because when I was a rich kid my mum grew orchids. The orchids had there own hothouse which was seperate from the other glass plant-growing building in our garden. The two buildings had a gap of about a foot between them and in this space grew blackberries.

I looooove blackberries, so when they were ripe I’d go and stick my arm in the gap and pick ’em. One time when I was doing this I was looking at the blackberry plant and thinking about how I love the berries and picking them with one hand and then my vision shifted. Suddenly I saw that as well as the blackberry vine there were like, a billion stick insects.
It is very scary when you think you are alone with the blackberries and then it turns out there are a billion stick insects watching you. From 5 cms away. I was very very scared and I have hated stick insects ever since.

I even know why there a billion stick insects right there, right then. They were meeting so they could plot how to freak me out and eventually ruin my life. No doubt they elected some kind of leader and all the encounters I have had with stick insects since were outlined that day.
Still don’t think stick insects are evil? Talk to Seraph. He has the quintessential encounter with the stick insect of doom story.

chasing the clouds away, on my way to where the air is cleeeeeeeeear!

Oh won’t you tell me how to get, how to get to Something-or-other st?

Heh. Discussion about superhero movies cropped up on yesterday’s entry after Seraph said he didn’t like Hellboy. Some interesting stuff, but I think I mostly agree with Jarratt, all superhero movies are not the same, and should not be considered in the same way. Of course, that might not be what he meant when I think about it. I just know that he and I are about the only people who liked The Hulk so I’ll stick with that.

Today is sunny and yesterday was warm and I think spring might actually be on the way. It wasn’t pitch black when I drove home last night, I think the days might be getting longer again. Hooray!

I am getting to the end of my Civ3 game. I think I will win by score, as no matter how much I bribe the Mayans they hate me, so I can’t win by diplomacy. Also the Vikings dislike me cause of that war I had with them where I took five of their cities and heaps of slave workers. Yeah. I wanna finish the game but I won’t get a chance tonight since my gaming Boyz are coming around.

I am really enjoying Speaker for the Dead. I think it’s a really good extrapolation from Ender’s Game. I mean progression not extrapolation, really. Anyway. It’s cool. I like the way the most important things in the story are the people and the relationships and the mysteries, not the cool science. I especially like the bit where Ender does some faster-than-light travel and they explain it by saying that nobody knows how it works.
The thing that normally turns me off sci-fi is the excessive descriptions of made-up-science which is both boring and wanky. I can’t cope with the Anne Maccaffrey dragon books for a similar reason: far too much time spent describing how the Pern society works and the politics and everything. I can understand why she writes it. (She made up a whole world and it’s neat that she figured out all this stuff about it.) I can also understand why that would appeal to a bunch of people. (We think Pern is neat and we want to live there.) But for me it’s annoying and self-indulgent writing. I’d rather read something with a good story.

OK, I know I’m being harsh but the one Pern book I read really pissed me off. *shudders at the thought*.
J.K. Rowling invented a whole world and society that has heaps of detail but she doesn’t waffle on and on about it. You get hints of the level of detail through what people say and especially scenes like Harry visiting the ministry of magic. You can see that there’s other things going on but nothing is said that doesn’t need to be for the story.

Ok, please don’t scream at me if you’re an Anne Maccaffrey fan. This is just how *I* feel. It doesn’t really mean anything.

Monday morning

I dreamed about work. Specifically I was doing class visits on the gorgeous beach right outside the library. I wish there really was a beach at my library, that’d be cool.

Saw Hellboy again on the weekend, and still love it. You gotta see something like that at the Embassy, they have their bass levels cranked so high it vibrates the floor and you really experience the booms and crashes.

I may be suffering from comic snobbiness but I put Hellboy in a different box in my head to Spiderman, X-Men and the dreaded Daredevil. Mostly other people seem to be grouping them together under ‘generic superhero/comix movie’. I’m all like nah, it’s totally different! Hellboy is printed by Image after all. It’s a different company people!

Yeah, it’s comic book geekery for sure.
Sat in the delightful sun in Fidel’s yesterday and met Matt who is going to take photos of Giffy and me for a costumey assignment. Should be fun!
Bah, have to go to work now.

Glad I crashed the wedding

Giffy mentioned singstar again and now I have various songs from it stuck in my head. I’ve found that Daniel Bedingfield always segues into Wind Beneath my Wings in my head. Not sure if it could in real life since I don’t know about writing music or bridges or anything, but that’s how it is in my head.

I rather like being sent to Tauranga by work. I went on three planes and they were all different sizes. The smallest was yesterday evening Tauranga to Auckland. We were on this needlenosed 18 seater with no overhead lockers..there was a seat on either side of the centre aisle and you could look ahead into the cockpit and see through the windscreen. It was very exciting and since none of us were rockstars we didn’t crash!

After that we went on a 737 to Wellington and it seemed ridiculously large and luxurious. It had little video screens that whir down out of the ceiling and show you Aire New Zealand ads and the safety stuff. Cute!
Tauranga reminded me of Napier and Taupo. I was only there a day and a bit though, so that’s a generalisation. I bought five books. Once of them is a second hand hardback copy of Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. I started reading it on the planes yesterday.

The children’s librarian conference was great. Lots of lovely catering.
Lee keeps coming in and talking about undies. How helpful.

totoro totoro

My Neighbour Totoro is a lovely movie.

I am a bit like Dubbya Bush, I am in the middle of an interesting war in Civ3, but I have stopped for now. I can play some more in the morning after packing for Tauranga.

I am flying out midday. Do you think they’ll give me lunch on the plane? I need some candies to suck on while I’m flying so my ears don’t freak out too much.
I get paid at midnight yay!
Blah blah blah.

I want to be somebody famous, and I want to be somebody great.

If Chelle had been a physio like she wanted to when she was a teenager, I could be getting mates rates. Hmmm. I wonder if my mocking her about only wanting to be a physio so she could alleviate cute cricketer’s groin strain had anything to do with her change of plans?

Sometimes I think I could be doing something more worthwhile, but then I get to supply a bandaid to a paper-cut victim 4 year old and stop his crying with stamps, and then I think maybe it’s OK. I guess if I’m helping kids to read that’s worthwhile right?

Of course some days it’s all issuing videos and giving stamps to demanding kids. *sigh* I need a vocation.
….and another vacation.

My neck is nearly better, but it’s not all fixed yet. I can’t get over how long it takes to heal something that is not even a direct injury. By direct I mean no-one whacked me in the neck with a plank or anything.
Lee is reading Lemony Snicket and enjoying the humour. I love Lemony Snicket, so I am pleased. Those of you who haven’t read it ought to. Some adults I know find it an annoying style to read because he is forever using long words and then defining them. I find this very funny because the definitions are humourous.

First day back not so bad

I met Tessa Duder today. It was an anti-climax since she arrived just before her scheduled talk, spent over an hour talking to the children and then left…no time for chit-chatting with gushy librarians…although she did tell me it was a great experience and that our library is a wonderful environment.
She didn’t spend any time under the freakishly buzzing light like I did. That buzzing light. It flickers on and off at will. Buzzing loudly and surprisingly.

I did however, have a very successful class visit in which the kids all wanted to read the books I recommended and the teacher simpered at me in the nicest possible way.
This put me into a good mood for the afternoon and enabled me to do shelving.

Today I read Best Friends the newest Jacqueline Wilson book. It is about two best friends who are separated when one moves away. I think of all the Jacquie Wilson books this is the one which most closely mirrors experiences that I have had. As such it was quite absorbing and I had to read all of it as fast as I could.
You see, when I was five a family moved in down the road from us. I became fast best friends with the blonde Penny and we went to the same school and were pretty much inseperable for four years. In 1989 she moved back down to Christchurch and we stayed in touch via letter writing.

Whenever I go to Christchurch I catch up with her, and when she’s in Wellington she looks me up and whenever we talk it’s the same. We have so much shared experience that we just click. It’s lovely. Thank goodness for old friends.
I should see if the email address I have for her still works.

Last day of the holidays

*sigh* back to work tomorrow…
Last night we saw Ong-Bak which is a Thai martial arts movie. It is very well made and funny with a lead actor who can jump over cars and make it look effortless. That’s right, cars. Cars aren’t small but he just leaps over ’em.
No wires, so SFX, just an awesome athlete. If you like martial arts movies (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then you have to seek this one out. If it comes on at the rialto or something I’ll tell you.

Sunday slept in. Had nervous dreams about going back to work and finding systems changed and bizarre. Library had hired an 8 year old to do the shelving, etc. I am going to not have those dreams again tonight, it’s too annoying.

Last movie of the festival was Tongan Ninja. Interesting counterpoint to Ong-Bak but had more in common with Shaun of the Dead. It was pretty good but not great. I thought it was funny in places, but dragged too long. Great performance from Jermaine Clement as the bad guy…great dialogue. Lee thought there were too many NZ in-jokes but I still think it’s have a viable audience overseas. We’ll see what happens to it I guess.

I am feeling pretty melancholy about going back to work tomorrow. I know I am lucky to be able to take time off work to see all these movies, and I am happy about that…I just wish I could do it all year.
Livejournal has gone crazy with friends blogging. Go click the link on the right that says livejournal buddies and you’ll see what I mean. Yay the bloggers!

Oh and Svend was at the movie last night. He seemed to have lost a bit of cognitive ability, but was cheerful all the same. No change in his personality and he looked and smelled fine.
Tomorrow: back to our regularly scheduled programme.