Sunny shiney day

I have yum cha to look forward to. I am happy.

Yesterday I watched some episodes of Azumanga Daioh, Angelic Layer and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. I am a little sad about Azumanga Daioh because I think the fansub was funnier. Hmmm. Abenobashi is good though, definately not for kids, but very funny. I wasn’t surprised that it’s the same studio that did FLCL.
I also watched most of In the Cut which I found pretty but boring. Meg Ryan looks like Nic Kidman when she has long straight red hair. Suspect they are clones from the Hollywood factory. I didn’t watch the end since I was an hour and 20 minutes through and nothing much had happened.

I also watched some Nick Cave videos. Kylie is very pretty in the Wild Roses video. Flicked through Waking Life so as to see the bit with Jesse and Seline from Before Sunrise/Sunset and found that was all I needed to watch from it.
I saw Dr Phil. He was great. I will not spend money on things I don’t need any more. Except that I only have the first DVDs of Abenobashi and Azumanga, and I have the boxes for the rest of the sets, so I need those things. DVDs don’t count right? Right?

My sister called to demonstrate that she is home, alive and well. We are having yum cha on Saturday morning and I will recieve my new digital camera then. Hooray!
I finished the Family From One-End Street and it was like reading Enid Blyton except it was about a poor family. Amusing, but not ‘essential classic’ children’s literature. I am now reading Alice, I think which is reminding me a lot of Stargirl except it’s better. From the misfit girl’s point of view not some guy what likes her. Yay for teen novels.

pics for the curious

There’s some teen girl squad pics up on my lj…
Here is an awesome entry from Matt chronicling the whole cosplay experience, from one who has never done it before. Here’s an equally awesome entry from Debz, who was Cheerleader and is very complimentary.

I’m home from work because I went to work and then got dizzy and my stomach cramped up and I think I’m coming down with something. I’m gonna have a biiiiig sleep and hopefully that will help. I also have lots of lovely DVDs to watch which ought to put me in a good frame of mind.

Oooh Svend took me to Princess Diaries 2 last night and it is full on fanservice for tween age girls! Gratuitous shots of pretty jewellery, cats, horses and a slumber party for princesses with mattress surfing down the staircase. Giffy and I were laughing all through it but Sass and Bean thought it was the best thing ever.
The first one was better. The books are better still.

so yeah, weird.

I guess the universe wanted to make it up to me for disappointing me so badly on Thursday. We won the costume competition at Armageddon yesterday.

Giffy talks about it here, and I totally agree with waht she says. The fact is, our costumes weren’t the most elaborate or pretty or *made with the most skill* but we did have a skit of awesomeness and we did stay in character *A LOT*.

Still, the judging was a huge surprise and I didn’t recognise our names when they were called out. Then I squealed a lot.
I bought lovely anime DVDs of happiness with my prize money. I got Angelic Layer volumes 4 and 5, Azumanga Daioh number 1 plus box (Ewwww! English dub is gross. Chiyo-chan’s voice is sooooo annoying. Osaka’s southern accent is kinda cute though.) And Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi number 1 plus box. Kewl.
Also on the weekend I went to the Girl flat + Svend’s party which I had a lot of fun at. Lee turned into a pumpkin though, so we left earlier than I would have liked.

Also Lee bought the box set of original Star Wars trilogy on Saturday and I went into Lush for presents for Svend and saw lots of nummy new products. Mmm Lush things.
Last night I watched Laurel Canyon which is a movie set in Hollywood and very good. Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsdale aren’t as cute a couple as you might think. I wouldn’t think this movie would appeal to everyone but it was neat. Sort of cool and laid back and Almost Famous-esque, kinda.

I also read a book called I know what you did last Wednesday by Anthony Horowitz which is a very funny and scary kid’s book about the Diamond Brothers. The elder Tim, is very stupid. The books are from younger brother Nick’s point of view and he is very sarcastic. As you can guess the book was set out like a horror movie.

Fried Day

Thanks to everyone for kind words yesterday, s’lovely.

I still feel a bit sad…like disappointed but I realise that I do have things to be happy about still and it’s really not the end of the world. I slept badly last night. Kept waking up and dreaming odd things. Would love to just stay in bed but must work.
Tomorrow I am sleeping in.

I got my photos back from Seraph’s wedding, and I must never again take photos while wearing my fluffy coat. The coat fluff found it’s way into a bunch of photos, giving them a weird quality that at first I thought was light refracting in funky ways. Nah, it’s just sleeve fluff.
More later maybe.


I didn’t get the job.
I got my hopes up even though I knew I shouldn’t, and now they have been dashed.
I feel like I have no stomach, just a kind of greyness in my midriff.

I don’t know what to do with my life, I feel I have no enthusiasm left. None of this is helped by the grey drizzley day.

Inpectres Quotes for those interested

So we had three new “Night Shift” characters. Kayd is a flakey new-age spazz, Baz is a slacker stoner and Dr Mackay is…secretive. They also have a ghost camera that takes pictures of supernatural occurrences in other locations instead of what you point the camera at.

Baz is Petrova’s sister. Petrova is my insanely impatient and scary character from the first game.
Baz, slacker, moaning about his new job and his big sister:
“Petrova says ‘it’s just like your old job, with less driving’ BUT her ex-boyfriend never, well he used to call me there, but he never grabbed me from behind and was all psycho at Luigi’s.”

Hix: You only have the one shot to net the dog
Jenni: Nothing but dog!

Dr Mackay becomes enmeshed in possessed metal coat hangers:
Baz: Hey Kayd! Dy Mackay’s totally wired!

Hix: You framed the poltergeist.
Mackay: The reason I don’t eat Macdonald’s is that it just doesn’t taste good.
Kayd: That’s right, that’s just what I was saying, The bitter tang of murdered animals.

Kayd on her new position of leader of the night shift:
K: I think being in this position of power has made me a bad person.
Mackay: Because power corrupts, right?
K: and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Kayd’s interaction with an inscreasingly suspicious Inpectres ‘victim’:
Dr Featherston: Do you do this much? I mean, have you been here before?
Kayd: Are you asking me out?
Dr Featherston: Can I have those photos?
K: No they’re evidence.

Baz texts Kayd after they have a phone conversation that is cut off by static and interference:
Text reads: Gzzzzjhr! (Interference noise spelled phonetically.)
Kayd: Are you a witch doctor?
Dr F: We prefer the term “supernatural surgeon”

Small world ness

My Mum called me this morning because she had just had an email from my sister. My sister is in Korea for two weeks and guess who she ran into?
Just guess….you’ll never guess. It’s completely silly and impossible.

Tia’s supposed to be in Japan but happened to be taking a two day holiday in Korea and happened to be at the same temple my sister was visiting.
Weird coincidences.

I finished Lucky Man by Michael J Fox last night. It is a very good book. Speaking as someone who used to have a huge crush on MJF and someone who has a vested interest in Parkinson’s Disease I enjoyed it a lot. (Why do we say vested interest? What about jacketed interest? Polarfleeced interest?)
Inpectres last night was a bit less raucous and a bit more focussed, which is fine and dandy. I enjoyed it a lot, but I think the lack of Seraph was felt. Plus Hix was being hella mean with the stress checks…which is fair enough given the rate at which we obtained the franchise dice, so is OK, but unhappy for me when my character had just one point left out of four skill bases.
I like my new character but am finding her harder to figure out than Petrova. I am looking forward to next time when Petrova can deal with her ex-boyfriend-now-stalker.

However, I have resolved to write up my Jane Austen game and run that next time, so if there’s anyone who wants to be involved in the playtest let me know! (It’ll be Tuesday evening in two weeks).
I moved a link to my birthday present list up to the side bar there, so you can find it easier. Hee hee. It’s fun to have a present list, I am now waiting for things to disappear off it.

Tompkins, how do you be so short?

*dancing and singing* Inspectres! Inspectres! Tonight I play Inspectres!
Yeah, so I am so into the idea of playing Inspectres tonight that I dreamed about it last night:
I dreamed that instead of meeting at my house the player Boyz and I meet at an American style diner. We try to get one of the booths, and when we do get one we are happy. Other people are eating meals but I go over to the candy bar (just like the drinks bar but only sells yummy lollies) and buy some stuff. Marshmallow twists, raspberry licorice, y’know. Healthy dinner stuff.

Two girls sit at our table. We don’t know them but they have heard of Inspectres and they want to join in. I am vaguely annoyed but don’t try and deprive them of Inspectres. Also, Gino doesn’t turn up so it’s good to have other players.
Uhhhh yeah. Then I woke up at 6am since that’s what I did yesterday and even though I told my body that my aunt wasn’t in fact in the next room coughing and I could go back to sleep it was all “Nahhh, we need to be all awake and stuff. The sun’s shining, it’s daytime now. You might need to do something.” Also my arms are all sore and the shoulders too. I did heaps of book returning last week so that’s prolly why. Overuse.

Ride on shooting star

Yep. It’s stuck in my head all right.
It’s a sunny sunny day like it might be summer soon.
I’m a hopin’ it’ll be a good one
not like last year with the rain and the cold
I thought global warming would result
in warmer weather
not more storms and wetness
Yesterday was talk like a pirate day
I didn’t talk like a pirate at all
But I did roast chicken.

Must stop the poetry entry format.
My sanitary pads are lying to me. It’s true! A few months ago Libra decided to print ‘odd spot’ facts on the paper that you peel off the back of their pads to reveal the sticky. Some of these are true facts like “An ostriches eye is bigger than it’s brain” but some of them are just urban legends. The one I read and immediately doubted yesterday was “only female ducks can quack”.

I kicked Lee off his computer and checked with google. There I found which has entries on whether duck’s quack’s echo and it clearly said that both male and female duck’s quacks echo.
I’ll be in touch if I read anything else unlikely on my sanitary pad. I’m not sure about the whole “over your life time you will eat 70 insects while sleeping and 8 spiders”.

a wedding and a birthday

Seraph’s wedding was wonderful. Now, you know me… I love weddings a lot but this one was just lovely. The bride radiant in her simple white dress, groom nervous and happy….it was in the begonia house so the lovely surroundings added to it all and the weather came through in the end with some rays of sunshine.

They wrote their own vows and that’s what made me cry. I guess it’s something about hearing people speak from the heart. You don’t get that very much, especially public declarations of love. So I went sob sob sob and tried to get a tissue out of my bag with minimum fuss and noise.

The reception was great fun too. I met some lovely people, and our odds-and-ends table eight had a great time over the delicious dinner. Say it with me “You can’t go wrong with thai fish cakes!”
I wore my long purple Annah S skirt with the black ruffles and the flamenco longness on one side and my old Glassons blue mesh long sleeve top with black butterfly on the front. I did my hair in three funny buns, two on top and one in back for all the short bits. It looked pretty messy but OK. I also wore my pink tights with black fuzzy fishnet pattern and my flat black mary-janes so I was warm and comfortable all night. Go me!

I forgot my blog birthday. I was reminded about it by Chinashop and I realised that mine is past. I started blogging on the 4th of September last year. I have been blogging for more than a year and now I have the livejournal as well.

So. Thanks to y’all for reading what I have to say here, it’s nice to know that people think I’m interesting.
Thanks to y’all who comment on what I have to say. I love to have feedback and discussions and rebuttal. I do not write into a void. Hooray!

…and thanks to y’all who lurk and don’t make yourselves known. I know you’re there ’cause my user stats say you’re there. Thanks for lurking!
No thanks at all to the evil spammers. You suck.
Happy belated birthday Talula.